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Latest Wine News

Warm Weather, Fun Bubbles

 Hey Wine Drinkers, 


 With a string of great weather here in Sydney, the whole Oak Barrel's wine team has happily slurping down a range of great sparkling wines. This week we've hand picked 6 of our favourite new arrivals to the shop from Aussie soils and beyond. 

From Australia we've welcomed the 2018 Delinquente Tuff Nut and Weeping Juan Pet Nats, and brand new 2018 Yetti and the Kokonut pet nat also. All tasting stunning and great to see our Aussie producers knocking it out of the park.

From further abroad Claus Preisinger's, one of Austria's top biodynamic producers, St Laurent Ancestral has returned alongside Alessandro Viola's (Sicily) spectacular Blanc de Blanc cuvee and Spanish natural winemaking icon Mariano Taberner's delicious 'Enjoy Ancestral'

Enjoy Ancestral Cueva by Mariano 17

Get ready because the next cuvee of creative brilliance from Valencian super star Mariano Taberner is ready to go.
The second wine we're releasing from Mariano's outstanding set of 2017s is the Enjoy Ancestral and it's tasting like a supple, fruity dream.

Mariano adores making new cuvees each year from his limestone dominated vineyards around the village of La Portera, just west of Valencia, and in 2017 he has made 'Enjoy' and 'Enjoy' Ancestral.

Both cuvees are made with white grapes, Macabeo and Tardana, and then with a small addition of Bobal lees. The white fruit is slowly pressed, extracting just a little colour and then the additon of the deeply coloured red lees makes a wine that is pure peach.

The 2017 Enjoy Ancestral was blended before being run to bottle where it finished fermentation, prior to being disgorged. It's now a round, fruity and perfectly summery diamond.

I keep talking about this, but I'm just so deeply fascinated by the effect of these incredible, young limestone soils on finished wines - they really do make for more-ish drinking and have been doing so for almost two thousand years. This D.O. Utiel-Requena is based on some of the earliest recognised terroir in Europe!

- Notes from Campbell Burton

Delinquente Weeping Juan Pet Nat 2018

Naturally sparkling, it's unfiltered but light, delicious, and so much fun. Spritzy and yeasty, with bracing acidity bouncing off sweet dark plums and berries, this ragtag blend of grapes from the Riverland is sure to bless your palate but maybe it'll get you into some trouble too.

Delinquente Tuff Nutt Pet Nat 2018

From the winery: Originally from Puglia, the boot heel of Italy, Bianco d'Alessano has made its new home on the sun drenched banks of the River Murray and is the only planting of the variety in Australia! Easy drinking, packed with tropical fruits - and a little spritz to make you smile - pop the top and embrace the weirdness.

Claus Preisinger St Laurent Ancestral 2016

A highly aromatic dark skinned grape variety that draws similarity to Pinot, Claus' interpretation is meaty and raw, juicy and wild. Think black tea meets forest fruit. While St Laurent is absolutely everywhere in Austria, it remains a highly underrepresented grape variety here in Australia. We're proud to bring in one of the best examples we've come across in some time, made with patience and minimal sulphur.

Very light rosé touch, on the nose with white currant, some peach and mango, discreet and charming, a light green spice comes to some coriander, cool and fresh. On the palate very creamy and subtle perlage, fine and light, with a juicy acidity, again peach, mint and lychee, fresh fruit dominates the palate, a fine sparkling wine without yeasts and with a lot of drinking flow!

Alessandro Viola Blanc de Blanc Metodo Classico 

Alessandro Viola was fascinated in wine from an early age. His father was a grape grower and after a few vintages of self-teaching he decided to get a formal education and study oenology. The idea that nothing needed to be added or taken away from the wine if the grapes, soil and winemaking was exact and done well. After his university degree he worked in the north of Italy and then for a larger winemaker on Mt Etna, however he never forgot the wines he had made before, without anything added and made by hand. He cultivates 7 hectares of organic vines in the north-western part of Sicily near Alcamo. We are delighted to be bringing Alessandro’s hand made wines to Australia. His style is unique and his commitment to organic practices and no additions is something to behold.

Yetti and the Kokonut Pet Nat 2018

2018 started with a heat wave in early January and all the vines in South Australia felt it. We bank on this vineyard in the southern Barossa as our first pick of the season and a good guide for what to expect that vintage. We have picked it this year on 28th of January and were very happy when the fruit came off. Like last year, this Pet Nat is 50% pinot blanc, 50% pinot meunier picked from the same vineyard on the same day. The pinot meunier is always a touch riper then the pinot blanc.

Definitely less explosive then last year!!! Very happy with result.
Fruit upfront, very pretty first and second palette, driven by red fruit like blue berry, black berry and white over hanging flowers characters. Best to be enjoyed on a sunny day in the park with your best friends


Posted: 19/09/2018
Chardonnay Showdown! Australia vs The Rest of the World

With over half of Australia’s wine production dedicated to this noble grape, it is clear that Chardonnay holds a special place for wine drinkers in Australia and across the globe.

This resilient grape flourishes in a vast range of conditions from the warm, dry vineyards of the Margaret river to the long, frosty winters of Chablis in Northern Burgundy.

First introduced into Australia by James Busby in the 1830’s alongside a range of grapes, it wasn’t until the mid 1900’s that it began to take off, cementing it’s status in the Hunter Valley and across Australia. Popularity exploded in the 1980’s and 1990’s both locally and in exportation with Australian Chardonnay in massive demand.

Because of Chardonnay’s ability to grow in this range of regions, we are spoiled with choice for wine styles to choose from. Whether it be the rich, full bodied with a strong influence of oak or steely minerality with a focus on acidity, there is almost certainly a style of Chardonnay suited to any wine drinker.

On the 9th of October join us in the Oak Barrel Cellar Room as we explore, taste, and discuss the rich history of Chardonnay from both the old and new world and put 8 unique and different styles of winemaking from this iconic varietal to the test.

Wines to be announced

WHAT: Chardonnay Showdown! Australia vs The Rest of the World
WHERE: The Oak Barrel, 152 Elizabeth St, Sydney 2000
WHEN: Tuesday 9th October, 6.15pm for a 6.30pm start
PRICE: Members $35/ Non-Members $45
TICKETS: [Members] [Guests]

Posted: 14/09/2018
Peregrine Wines (NZ): A Tasting with Head Winemaker Nadine Cross

It’s no secret that Central Otago is home to some of the best Pinot Noir in the southern hemisphere. Peregrine is at the forefront of both red and white wines in this iconic region.

This family run since their first vintage in 1998, the team at Peregrine is passionate about producing only the finest wines to come out of New Zealand with a focus towards cool climate Pinot Noir.

With a focus towards organic farming, Peregrine strives to create naturally healthy vineyards in order to increase sustainability for the future vintages. Surrounded by picturesque snow capped mountains in a truly scenic part of the world. This is the furthest south winemaking location in the world.

Fruit is all hand picked and orgnically farmed from 3 different sites, Bendigo, Pisa, and Gibbston, ensuring that only the highest quality of fruit is used in the winemaking.

We welcome Peregrine head winemaker, Nadine Cross, during her visit to Aussie shores to the Oak Barrel Cellar room for one special night. We’ll explore the Peregrine range of wines, highlighting series of vintages of their trademark Pinot Noir along with several others.

Tickets are extremely limited and this is limited to one night only.

WHAT: Peregrine Wines (NZ): A Tasting with Head Winemaker Nadine Cross
WHERE: The Oak Barrel, 152 Elizabeth St, Sydney
WHEN: Thursday 18 October, doors open 6pm for a 6.30pm start
PRICE: Members $30 / Guest $40

Posted: 14/09/2018
2016 Vintage Marius Wines from McLaren Vale!

Hey Wine Loves, 

This week we received a very limited allocation of the highly revered Marius release. Simpatico, Symphony, and Symposium are the 3 wines that make up the 2016 range, with 2 single vineyard Shiraz from Mclaren Vale. These spectacular wines are crafting from vineyards with a high level of care and respect for the vines. Everything is done by hand, picking, pruning, and weeding, and the vineyards don't see any herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides. 

The Marius vineyard is in a pristine growing postion and climate, affected by the maritime climate and cool wine in the gully. 

ideally positioned to take advantage of both the maritime climatic influence and the cooling gully breezes on summer evenings, crafting wines of power and elegance. 

The 2016 Marius release shows impeccable aging potential well into it's decades but also incredible drink now capability with an hour in the decanter allowing the wines to show it's full range of flavour 

Marius Simpatico Shiraz 2016


Marius Simpatico is produced from the 'home block', a carefully nutured four-acre vineyard situated on rising ground to the south-east of Mclaren Vale township.

The fruit is sequentially hand-picked and fermented in small open fermenters. It is then gently basket pressed and transferred to French and American hogshead where it undergoes malolactic fermentation. The wine is then matured in oak for 21 months before bottling.

Recommended decanting an hour before serving

$49.95 or $40.46 in a members mixed 6

Marius Symphony Shiraz 2016


Marius Symphony is produced in extremely limited quantities from a very special section of the four acre 'home block'vineyard. The fruit for Symphony is hand picked, fermented in in small open fermenters and gently basket pressed. the wine is then transferred into tight-grained French, new and second-use, oak barrels which have been carefully selected to complement the character and stucture of this fine wine which is then barrel aged for 21 months.

Recommended decanting an hour before serving

$64.95 or $52.16 in a members mixed 6

Marius Symposium Shiraz Mourvedre 2016


Marius Symposium is a blend of approximately 50% Shiraz from the Marius vineyard and 50% Mourvedre from the Paeroa vineyard at Willunga.

All of the fruit for Marius Symposium is hand picked and fermented in small open fermenters. It is the gently basket pressed and transferred to French and American hogsheads where it undergoes malolactic fermentation. The wine is then matured in oak for 14 months before bottling.

Recommended decanting an hour before serving

$57.95 or $47.66 in a members mixed 6

Posted: 05/09/2018
Rare Back Vintage Dalwhinnie Release

Hey Wine Lovers, 


This week we were lucky enough to get our hands on some stunning aged expressions of Dalwhinnie from the late 1990's and early 2000's. Grown in the Pyreneeds in Victoria, Dalwhinnie is one of the pioneering vineyards in the cool climate region, starting in 1976. Shiraz and Cabernet were the first vines planted to the estate and fast became standouts among the Australian wine scene. 

Today Dalwhinnie is one of Australia's oldest family run vineyards and is consistently held in high regard by critics all around the world. Due to the Dalwhinnie vineyards unique terroir, it is set in a natural ampitheatre 595m above sea level. This means the site is frost free and allows the fruit to achieve optimum ripeness. 

These museum releases from Dalwhinnie are a true indication of the premium quality wines produced from this iconic Australian vineyard. These wines are all in very limited quantity from this release.

Dalwhinnie Moonambel Cabernet 1996

Dalwhinnie Moonambel Cabernet 1998

Dalwhinnie Moonambel Cabernet 2001

Dalwhinnie Moonambel Shiraz 2000

Posted: 23/08/2018
Exploring the Rhone Valley: A Tasting at The Oak Barrel

The wines and history of the Rhone Valley is quite simply, astonishing. The first vines were planted in 600BC with many different suggestions of how Syrah and Viognier arrived. These varietals helped shape the French wine industry from the beginning. Loved throughout the ages by Kings and Popes, wine production in the Rhone flourished.

Today, with over 250 communes from north to south of the valley, the wines show immense diversity as the terroir shifts and changes along the course Rhone river. Changing from elegant, soft blends to bold and powerful Syrah based wines, the Rhone Valley is a wine lovers dream.

With a series of complex laws and winemaking techniques, differentiating between just a few kilometres in certain regions, the Rhone Valley can be a daunting region to try and understand, I.e. 13 grape varietals can be grown in the south whilst only 4 are allowed in the north!

On Wednesday 3rd October, we’ll be sitting down in the Oak Barrel Cellar Room to taste, discuss, and enjoy 8 different wines from all across the Rhone Valley, including Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Cotie Rotie, and Cornas.

Wines to be tasted on the night:
Domaine du Tunnel Cornas 2014
Rene Rostaing Cote Rotie Ampodium 2016
Dauvergne Ranvier Cote Rotie 2009
Francois Arnaud Chateauneuf du Pape 2015
Chateau St Maurice Cote du Rhone Rouge 2015
Domaine Gramenon Poignee De Raisins 2017
Aurelien St Joseph Blanc 2016
Chateau St Maurice Cote du Rhone Blanc 2016

Please note wines are subject to change due to availability

WHAT: Exploring the Rhone Valley at The Oak Barrel

WHERE: The Oak Barrel, 152 Elizabeth St, Sydney 2000

WHEN: Wednesday 3rd October, 6.15pm for a 6.30pm start

PRICE: Members $40 / Non-Members $50

TICKETS: [Members] [Guests]

Posted: 22/08/2018
Bring on Les Fruits

Hey Wine Lovers,

We've welcomed 7 new wines to the shop this week from Les Fruits. 

Les Fruits is a winemaking project by Tim Stock, passionately using only naturally and biodynamically farmed fruit from South Australia's Adelaide Hills and Barossa Valley.

When tasting these wines with Tim, his approach to winemaking is a simple one. The quality grapes sourced are able to express fully their sense of place and farming methods. By only using old french oak, it ensures that no flavour is dampened. It was evident that Les Fruits is driven by passion and importance of small production, superb wines. 

Next to no additives are used in the winemaking with certain cuvees seeing touches of sulphur just before bottling. 

Here at The Oak Barrel we are excited have the range from Les Fruits in store and are looking forward to what they're going to do in the future. 

Les Fruits Atmosphere Pinot Noir 2017



 Expressive, light Pinot with ripe cherry, raspberry, and strawberry notes. Undertones of fresh thyme, basil and other herbal notes add to this complex yet easily drinkable Pinot. 

Subtle tannins provide great length. 

$42.95 single or $34.16 in a members mixed 6

Les Fruits Big Bones Pinot Grigio 2017



Grigio but not as we know it. Aromatic with bunches of white pear, green apple, and ripe tropical fruit. Dry on the palate with great texture. Full bodied Pinot Grigio ready to go with all types of seafood.  

$36.95 single or $28.76 in any members mixed 6 

Les Fruits Blackout Red Blend 2016



Intruiging meaty characteristics on this one. Levels of ripe dark fruit allude to smoked meats and tobacco. This wine is well structured, developing as it carries along the palate. Drink one now and then another in a few years. 

 $42.95 single or $34.16 in any members mixed 6

Les Fruits Gonzo Cinsault Grenache 2017



All sorts of carbonic fun. Juicy, crunchy, smashable. Bright red and blue fruits bounce out of the glass, alongside great overripe orange and tangerine. Great, easy drinking wine.  

$36.95 single or $28.76 in any members mixed 6  

Les Fruits Loraine Sauvignon Blanc 2016



 This wine might single-handedly bring back my love for Sauvignon Blanc. Super ripe green fruit, pears and apples galore. This Sauvignon is eccentric in aroma, begging to be drunk. 

 $32.95 single or $25.16 in any members mixed 6

Les Fruits Occitan Red Blend 2017



 Languedoc inspired blend of Carignan, Syrah, Mouvedre, and Grenache. Easy drinking whilst also showing lots of complexity. Light with black fruits playing a starring role, great savoury undertones also. 

 $32.95 single or $25.16 in any members mixed 6 

Les Fruits Peu de Peau Sauvignon Blanc 2017



Tropical fruit party! Where to start? Pineapple, mango, paw paw, banana, melon, nectarine, guava. There's probably more. Drink it, pour it on your cereal, count it towards your 5 a day, this is aweosme! 

 $36.95 single or $28.76 in any members mixed 6 


Posted: 09/08/2018
Historic Australia Winemaking Estate: Chateau Tanunda

Hey Wine Lovers,


This week we are excited to welcome the Australia Classic Chateau Tanunda to our shelves.

Founded in the late 1880's, Chateau Tanunda owns some of the earliest vines to ever be planted in the Barossa, it is Australia's oldest Chateau to date. 

Chateau Tanunda holds it claim to some of the most iconic winemakers Australia has seen, names such as Bill Seppelt, Jeff Mann, Robert O'Callaghan, Geoff Merrill, Craig Stansborough, and Kevin Glastonbury have all made wine at this historic Chateau. In 1998 John Geber bought the estate and took upon the responsibility of restoring this significant name in Australian winemaking. 

Tasting the wines of Chateau Tanunda with Senior Winemaker Neville Row, it is clear to see the passion and respect for Australian winemaking that is shown across this range. The wines show great structure, fruit character, and represent the terroir and farming that is implemented at Chateau Tanunda. Whilst delicious young, it's a certainty that the old vine expressions are going to age magnificently. 

Chateau Tanunda 50 Year Old Vines Cabernet Sauvignon 2016


Deep magenta in colour with a vibrant nose of dark fruit, chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon aromas. An exotic and full-bodied palate driven by flavours of fruits of the forest, blackcurrant and a hint of savoury spice bound together by succulent fine-grained tannins. A wine of great length which will reward many years in the cellar.

The grapes are destemmed, but not crushed, and spend seven days on their skins in open fermenters with twice daily hand-plunging and pumping over of the cap to more gently extract colour, flavours and tannins.This is followed by careful basket pressing and malolactic fermentation in a combination of new and seasoned French barriques prior to 18 months maturation in our cellars.

In keeping with our non-interventionalist winemaking style we neither fine nor filter this wine.

Chateau Tanunda 100 Year Old Vines Shiraz 2015


From some of the oldest ungrafted Shiraz vines in the world, all of at least 100 years of age.
The wine delivers classical regional characters of dense, spicy blueberry fruit and savoury pan jus. Next come hints of liquorice, plum, and all-spice all delicately interwoven.
A fine grained tannin structure and depth of flavour all show that this wine is made to last the distance in the cellar. A long balanced finish with persistence.

The hand-picked grapes were destemmed, but not crushed, and spent seven days on their skins in open fermenters with daily hand-plunging and pumping over of the cap to more gently extract colour, flavours and tannins. This was followed by careful basket pressing followed 22 months' maturation in our cellars in a combination of French and American oak (20% New).

In keeping with the non-interventionist winemaking style we have neither fined nor filtered this wine.

Chateau Tanunda Terroirs of the Barossa Shiraz 2016


The wine reflects the slate and granite soils with strong mineral notes, and fruit flavours of blackberry, Morello cherry. Complex deeper notes of earth and cured meats bring the palate to a long and evenly weighted finish.

To ensure the unique character of this sub region is exemplified in the wine, small open fermenters and our basket press were employed to gently extract the wine.

Aging in the finest quality oak and selection of the truest barrels has created a wine that respects and expresses its place of origin

The Eden Valley with its altitude and ancient soils creates a range of Shiraz flavours that are taut and more edgy than the valley floor.

Soil: red-grey loams with slate and granite

Altitude: 400m

Chateau Tanunda Grand Barossa Shiraz 2016


Grand Barossa Shiraz epitomises the premium international reputation for Shiraz which has made the Barossa Valley famous.

Lifted aromas of blackberry, plum and black pepper are accompanied by spicy, dark berry fruits on the palate.

All of the grapes are fermented in small batches to retain their sub-regional characters. After destemming, the wine ferments for 7 days on skins at 26°C in small open fermenters and is hand plunged twice daily.

This encourages maximum extraction yet retaining the dense, spicy fruit flavours which Shiraz is renowned for.

The wine is gently pressed before spending up to 18 months in a combination new and seasoned French and American oak barrels in our cellars.

Chateau Tanunda Grand Barossa Chardonnay 2016


Aromas of citrus fruits, melon and white peach lead to bright tropical fruit flavours on the palate with a refreshing acidity. On the finish hints of vanilla and cashew nut are derived from partial new French oak barrel maturation.

Grand Barossa Chardonnay displays all the delicacy, elegance and finesse that can be achieved from this noble variety.

The grapes were picked early to retain freshness and acidity. A small portion of the Chardonnay was fermented in seasoned French oak so as not to overpower the fruit but add depth, complexity and structure to the wine finish.

Posted: 02/08/2018
Brand New Gramenon and Tasty Jura Numbers!

Hey Wine Lovers, 

This week we've got brand new wines from the marvelled biodynamic Rhone Valley producer, Domaine Gramenon. 

Domaine Gramenon began in 1978 on just 12 hectares and a small barn under the ownership of Philippe Laurent and Michele Aubery Laurent. They began by producing historic cuvees showcasing elegancy, great length, and exceptional aromas in the wines. 

Domaine Gramenon has been passionately farming biodynamically since the mid 1980s' and certified by Demeter since 2009. They are true believers in maintaing healthy, sustainable soils and vines, this is expressed in their exceptional wines.

Everything is fermented with yeasts indigenous to the estate and very minimal intervention is made to the wines. It's due to this care and wine-making talent that Domaine Gramenon has developed a mythical status in the natural wine scene across the world. 

We are lucky enough to see a tiny amount reach Australian shores and it forever continues to remain an Oak Barrel favourite. 

This week we also received 3 new wines from Tony Bornard, based in Jura, however no stranger to Australian vineyards having a bunch of wine making experience on our soils. Tony returned to Jura to make wines that suit the terroir in his beloved Jura and managed to secured a site next to the Hollywood sign of the Arbois-Pupillin appelation of Jura.

Tony focuses on small batch, single grape cuvees based on Chardonnay, Ploussard, and Pinot Noir. The wines are designed to be opened and enjoyed instantly, with fresh, juicy styles of Pinot Noir alongside deliciously rich and fruity Chardonnay. Native to Jura is Ploussard, which Tony makes to be vibrant and fun, a bouquet of red fruits perfect for drinking year round. 

Domaine Gramenon il fait soif Grenache 2017


Maxime-François Laurent is produced in a similar fashion to the ‘Poignée de Raisins’ above but is from Maxime's uncle’s vineyard in nearby Valréas and is composed of Grenache and Syrah.

It is another success in 2017 with all the freshness and finesse you would expect from a wine made at Gramenon. This wine is dangerously delicious, as you might expect from a wine christened – “it’s thirsty time”.

- Notes from Andrew Guard

Domaine Gramenon Poignee de Raisins Grenache 2017


One of my absolute favorite wines to drink! the name translates to 'a fistful of grapes' and is produced from Grenache and a tiny touch of Cinsault from the younger vines on the Gramenon estate.

Here we have a red Côtes du Rhône that is refreshing, invigorating and very sensual. It packs quite a lot of flavour yet remains silky, lithe and most of all, delicious. Most importantly it makes you smile ! S

o many try to make this style of wine and yet there is nothing like this; we never get as much as we want of this very popular wine so be quick !

- Notes from Andrew Guard

Domaine Gramenon Sierra Du Sud Syrah 2017


My dream of Syrah; this is produced entirely from old (60 year old) vines from the Gramenon estate and delivers pure, billowing aromas of blackberry, black raspberry, violet, lightly seared meat and gravel. Plush and velvety in the mouth, it has sensual tannins and lively acidity that give it a super definition, shape and long finish.

This is one of my favorite wines of all every single year and we have another absolute beauty in 2017.

- Notes from Andrew Guard

Tony Bornard Le Chardo Gai Chardonnay 2016


We tasted Tony's wines in Pupillin when we visited him in September last year. We loved the wines even though they were then very young. We therefore were waiting with some anticipation to see how they would be after another nine months in the bottle!

After one sip of the Chardonnay we were delighted! This is a stunning, quaffable, exciting wine that we have now tried a number of times because we just can't stop drinking it.

We have tried it with a duck and pork cassoulet and we also tried it at Dark Mofo with Marty Boetz's deeply-flavoured pork neck curry. It was perfect with both. It is also fresh and lively enough to be drunk as an aperitif.

This is a very, very good wine from a winemaker with lots of experience in the trade. The 2016 vintage reflects the summer that they had in the Jura.

- Notes from Living Wines

Tony Bornard le Pinot Noir 2016

This is another Pinot Noir from Tony Bornard. It is useful to remember that Tony's vineyards are only an hour's drive from the centre of Burgundy, so it is not surprising that Pinot is grown here.

This is a more serious Pinot Noir than his early drinking Le Pinot Ctambule 2015, which we received last October and were showing at Rootstock 2016. The vines are about 25-30 years old growing in black and red marl in a parcel just near the famous Pupillin sign you can see as you drive along the N83 from Poligny to Arbois.

During maceration Le Pinot had a little pigeage and pump-over so it is slightly more extracted than Le Pinot Ctambule. This wine was aged in a single 400 litre barrel and was bottled in June 2016.

- Notes from Living Wines

Tony Bornard le Vin de Ploussard 2016

The Tony Bornard Ploussard is a light, juicy red wine that is perfect for drinking at almost any time of day. It is light in alcohol like many red wines from the Jura region, but it has the characteristic deep flavour derived from the complex marl soils that are a feature of this area. Tony thinks that drinking this wine will "open your mind" (ouvre L'esprit).

Ploussard is a grape variety that is native to the Jura region and particularly thrives on the soils around the village of Pupillin which is where both Tony and his father Philippe live.

This is a very interesting and exciting wine.

- Notes from Living Wines

Thanks, Joe 

Posted: 25/07/2018
A Night of Blind Tasting Wines at The Oak Barrel

Here at the Oak Barrel we have the chance to see and taste a vast range of wines from all across the world and become accustomed to different labels and how they are written to give an indication of what’s inside the bottle.

But what about when the label is taken away? 

The skill of blind tasting wines is revered among wine enthusiasts worldwide. The ability to locate the grape varietal, country and area of origin, and age of a specific wine seems nearly impossible, yet how are some able to pull it off? 

By tasting wine and searching for different flavours, colours, and textures in the glass, each can tell you a little bit more about what has gone into making the wine, is it from a warm or cool climate, does it taste vibrant and fresh, or soft and subtle, is the wine cloudy or clear? Perhaps this wines aroma or palate reminds you of a wine you’ve had before? 

Testing your nose and palate is not only great fun but also a fantastic way to learn the world of wine, and why certain wines taste the way they do. It doesn’t take a talented sense of smell or taste to be a great wine taster, but rather the ability to deconstruct the wine into it’s parts and reach a conclusion. 

On the 8th of August we’ll be sitting down here in the Oak Barrel’s tasting room to blind taste 8 wines, 4 whites and 4 reds, from across the world and deconstructing them to reach possible conclusions on what each one could be. 

As with all of our Oak Barrel events, this is relaxed and fun way to enjoy a range of wines and put your nose and palate to the test. No wine knowledge is assumed.

WHAT: A Night of Blind Tasting Wines at The Oak Barrel
WHERE: The Oak Barrel, 152 Elizabeth St, Sydney 2000
WHEN: Wednesday 29th August, 6.15pm for a 6.30pm start
PRICE: Members $20 / Non-Members $30
TICKETS: [Members] [Guests]



Posted: 24/07/2018