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Brash Higgins Wines – McLaren Vale

photo courtesy of Brash Higgins Wines

The exciting range of Brash Higgins Wines

NEW ARTICLE: Tuesday May 22, The Age – Melbourne

“In 1989 a young man left chicago to make the world his wilderness. Across distant lands he travelled, enquired, lived and learned and then stayed for awhile to choose magical wines for New York kings. Brash Higgins is an idea, an alias, a ticket to ride, a place to hide. For the love of an Aussie lady and a place in the vineyard. In darkness lurks a chance”.

Brash Higgins is Brad Hickey’s wine label. In 2007 Brad, a New York City sommelier, swapped his wine knife for a pair of secateurs and came to work vintage in McLaren Vale. In true Aussie tradition, his name was summarily changed to ‘Brash’ which provided a ready alias to work under the radar – Brash Higgins.

After tasting the NDV at local restaurant, Fix St James, it was love at first sight. We’ve only got a small quantity, and we’re offering them to you at great prices. Seven hectares, sustainably farmed, with shiraz, cabernet sauvignon and the Sicilian variety nero d’avola.

The wines are a joy to drink, the latest in cooland we’ve only got a case of each left