Upcoming Whisky Appreciation Classes

Want to learn more about whisky? The Oak Barrel has you covered in our series of whisky appreciation classes. The monthly sessions are designed to take you down through the rabbit hole into the world of whisky… or help push an existing obsession along the path.

Hosted by the Oak Barrel’s own whisky and spirits specialist, we’ll go through six (or seven) different expressions exhibiting a range of flavour profiles and from around the world. It’s a fun and intimate night out (or in?). (One of the top four tastings in Sydney according to Time Out.)

We like to keep the exact line-up of whiskies close to our chest in the lead up to the events to make sure we can taste bottles that relevant and interesting on the night. That said, you can usually expect a fair bit of scotch (from a few different regions), something from Japan or Australia (or maybe even somewhere like India?) and a blend.


Wednesday 25 January - SOLD OUT

Tuesday 21 February - SOLD OUT

Wednesday 22 MarchSOLD OUT

Tuesday 18 April - SOLD OUT

Wednesday 17 May - SOLD OUT

Tuesday 13 June - SOLD OUT

Wednesday 12 July - SOLD OUT

No Whisky Appreciation August due to Sydney Whisky Fair

Thursday 7 September - [MEMBERS] / [GUEST]

Tuesday 10 October - Coming Soon

Wednesday 15 November - Coming Soon

Tuesday 5 December - Coming Soon