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Wildflower Amber (Blend 4) 5%

Wildflower Amber (Blend 4) 5%



Gold is a blended, barrel aged Australian Wild Ale. Blend #4 is a blend of two barrels, 1601 and 1714. The beer in 1601 was from our first ever batch of Gold, and 1601 was actually the first barrel we ever racked into here at Wildflower, so how about that, it spent over 5 months in oak. At blending, this barrel was showing the creamy, moreish, savoury barrel character signs I wanted as a background for Gold. The acid levels were pretty subdued and it had a nice subtle roundness. 1714 was from our third batch of Gold brewed on Feb 2, 2017. At blending, this barrel had a firm, herbal bitterness that I hadn't seen before. I really wanted it in the this blend to see what happened with the acidity. It had awesome, fresh, funky aromas as well... The smell of the blend is mostly from this barrel. This blend of Gold is probably my favourite yet. It's interesting, without any of the elements rearing their head higher than any other. It evolves beautifully while it breathes and changes temperature. Its fresh, bitter, hoppy, creamy, tart, funky, and a little weird.


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Sour/Wild Ale


750 mls



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