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Westland Distillery Peat Week Single Malt

Westland Distillery Peat Week Single Malt



The third annual limited edition release from ‘Peat Week’, the whisky-fuelled party thrown by Washington’s Westland Distillery each year.

A newcomer to the Australian market, Westland has established themselves as an American single malt leader in just a matter of years. The Peat Week festival was held 10-16 October in 2016 and featured parties, panels and peated whiskies.

The 2016 commemorative bottling was married from eight “fantastically peaty casks in a most marvelous display of graceful, tangled and dashing peatism.”

In their own carnivalesque tones: “Round and round, the brash and precocious casks chase the veterans in a daring and delicious dance of smoke. Don’t let the expected first approach – mossy and earthy and filled with iodine – fool you. Move in closer.

“The smoke juggles funky green peat and medicinal cherry notes. Still closer. Now soot and ash with circling tropical fruits. Not too bitter. Instead a great depth of peat flavor. What a performance!”

Very limited stocks in Australia.

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Single Malt


United States of America




700 mls



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