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VHS Chapter 1 Life 2017

VHS Chapter 1 Life 2017



Chapter 1: Life
Slankamena Bela sourced from a block (Barmera) about 5 kilometres from where my mum was born and spent the first few years of her life. (Literally in a caravan on the side of the road in Berri, Riverland, SA). My grandparents migrated to Australia in the mid 50's, from Greece, and grew Mandarins in the Sunraysia district of Victoria for almost half a century.

My decision to use Slanka Bela was essentially the fact that it's almost unheard of and a very unknown varietal in this country. Much the same as Australia was a completely foreign idea to my Yia yia and Pappou prior to them landing here on a ship. Slanka is also a very drought tolerant and all round resilient variety much in the same way that mandarins grow in warmer parts of the country.

The old man salt bush is an ode to the salt bush that lined the banks of the Murray where my grandparents farm was located. It too is an incredibly hardy and resilient plant and is a representation of the tumultuous life that my grand parents and mum lived. Humble but wholesome. The pineapple sage was a perfect choice for an infusion botanical as it bolsters the primary fruit as well as adding an interesting savoury sage component. Sage is used almost religiously in Greek Cooking. The wine is an incredible food match.

The wine as a whole represents my mum and her family and in so doing represents, in many ways, the start of my life.


Variety: Slankamanka Bela Pet Nat
Origin: Serbia. The Balkan States
Vineyard: Ricca Terra, Barmera


-100% whole bunch, partially handcrushed.
- After 48 hours stems were removed from ferment and dried for 2 weeks before being reintroduced into ferment.
- 2 months skin-contact
- Free run juice then gravity drained through a sieve containing Old Man Salt Bush, Nori, Pineapple Sage, and Passionfruit Marigold.
- Seasoned AP John American Oak smoked with dehydrated Pineapple Sage, Passion fruit Marigold and Applewood using Polyscience Smoking Gun
- Full MLF with battonage once a week on full solids.
- 3 month barrel maturation before racking to stainless.
- Dehydrated Salt bush, Passion fruit Marigold and Pineapple Sage vaporised and bubbled through finished wine, at 4 degrees, before bottling.
- 2 month bottle maturation before release.

There are a many more steps in the process but this is just a brief summary of vinification methods.

- Samuel Smith, Winemaker

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Slankamena Bela






Adelaide Hills


750 mls





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