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Whisky & Spirits

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  • $110.00
    Manly Spirits Barrel Aged Gin

    Manly Spirits Barrel Aged Gin

    A limited release barrel-aged gin from Sydney’s Manly Spirits company.

    Here Manly’s Dry Gin has been matured in an oak cask that recently held Tasmanian whisky and then stout and porter beers.

    Mellowing the coastal-inspired vibrancy of the gin, this is a smoother, more complex amalgamation of flavours that lends itself to sipping straight.

    Just 200 bottles in the run at 46%.

    Manly Spirits is an urban distillery in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, launched by David Whittaker and Vanessa Wilton in April 2017. While releasing a selection of gin and vodka expressions, they are also laying down new make spirit in barrels for eventual whisky. 

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  • $449.00
    Fuenteseca Reserva Extra Anejo 9-Year-Old Tequila

    Fuenteseca Reserva Extra Anejo 9-Year-Old Tequila

    An ultra-premium tequila from the Fuenteseca family, who have released some of the oldest tequilas ever.

    This 2003 vintage nine-year-old was distilled November of that year by Enrique Fonseca, with 80 percent distilled through copper double-column stills and 20 percent in alembic copper pot stills.

    Married together for 15 days, 85 percent was matured in ex-Californian red wine casks and 15 percent in French oak. They were stored in Tequila on a cool-climate storeroom at an elevation of 3,800 feet.

    Bottled at 43% after nine years, this is rich and oily with tropical fruits and gentle spices on the palate. Agave is present throughout as the sweet oak emerges.

    As with all spirits of this quality and complexity, it continues to evolve with time and patience.

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  • $115.00
    Don Fulano Blanco Tequila

    Don Fulano Blanco Tequila

    A delicious unaged blanco tequila from the lauded Don Fulano house.

    Full of citrus (lime, soft lemon), it’s fresh and minerally with a healthy agave note. Fantastic just neat.

    Don Fulano was founded in 2000 by Enrique Fonesca and Sergio Mendoza. Coming from good stocks (the Fonseca family have farmed agave for five generations and have released some of the oldest tequilas known), the duo bought the 85-year-old La Tequileña distillery (NOM1146).

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  • $165.00
    Don Fulano Anejo Tequila

    Don Fulano Anejo Tequila

    A premium aged anejo tequila from the lauded Don Fulano house.

    Aged 30 months, this is a dryer, spicier tequila with less oak sweetness than its contemporaries.

    It also showcases mixed dried fruits, mocha and a nuttiness.

    Don Fulano was founded in 2000 by Enrique Fonesca and Sergio Mendoza. Coming from good stocks (the Fonseca family have farmed agave for five generations and have released some of the oldest tequilas known), the duo bought the 85-year-old La Tequileña distillery (NOM1146).

    They age stocks in 200 litre casks, both new and used, coopered from French Limousin, Nevers and Slovak.

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  • $79.00
    Calle 23 Blanco Tequila

    Calle 23 Blanco Tequila

    Fantastic value blanco tequila that showcases fantastic craft and approachability.

    Highland tequila Calle 23 was created by Sophie Decobecq, a French-born biochemist.

    Each of her styles are distilled separately, so this blaco is designed to bring out flavours without aging.

    It has prominent agave notes on the nose, with fresh fruit and cut green apples. Palate is equally as fresh, with spice on the finish.

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  • $189.00
    Hazelburn 2003 Oloroso Cask 13-Year-Old Single Malt

    Hazelburn 2003 Oloroso Cask 13-Year-Old Single Malt

    An oloroso sherry cask matured whisky from Hazelburn, a brand of Campbeltown’s Springbank distillery.

    Hazelburn’s is Springbank’s triple distilled, unpeated lines and as such often takes on great character from the cask influence.

    Both first-fill and refill sherry casks were used in the maturation, which began in October 2003 and finished with bottling in March 2017. 12,000 bottles worldwide.

    Official tasting notes:

    Nose: Initially raisins, marzipan, Demerara sugar followed by treacle, sticky toffee and wood shavings.

    Palate: Homemade strawberry jam, sugary and filled with cream, orange zest, brandy snaps and a white chocolate creme brûlée.

    Finish: Chocolate orange, creamy coffee liqueur, buttered popcorn, cocoa beans and mocha coffee with a delicate finish of sweet orange marmalade.

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  • $249.00
    Springbank Local Barley 11-Year-Old Single Malt

    Springbank Local Barley 11-Year-Old Single Malt

    The second release of Springbank’s Local Barley series, distilled with barley grown on the Kintyre Peninsula.

    Springbank is one of the last independent distilleries to survive from the Victorian era and one of the last to do all their malting and maturing on site.

    This was distilled February 2006 with Bere barley grown at Aros Farm. It was bottled February 2017 at cask strength 53.1%, with 9,000 bottles worldwide.

    This first Local Barley release was a 16-year-old.

    Tasting notes from Serge at

    Nose: It’s not that it’s shy, not at all, but I don’t think its got the high impact of the 16, this one’s rather kind-of-gentle, rather mineral (wet limestone) and of course rather coastal and lemony. A plate of oysters with a few lemon rinds and quite some kelp. With water: the usual old damp tweed jacked and our beloved wet dogs (we’ll build you a memorial, dogs). Coffee.

    Mouth: Very good, a little tequila-ish and bizarrely aquavity (yeah I know), with a lot of lemon, salt, and yes, agave. Really, it’s got a mezcaly side. The base is creamy and sligthly syrupy, but that only adds texture, no dumb vanillaness. At all. With water: artisan tequila from Campbeltown, now that’s interesting.

    Finish: Rather long, and a tad more petroly. Salty/tarry aftertaste.

    Comments: More a Springbank to sip than a Springbank to nose, but I guess that’s the whole point. Mi piace molto.

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  • $179.00
    Springbank 12-Year-Old Cask Strength Batch 14

    Springbank 12-Year-Old Cask Strength Batch 14

    Batch 14 of Springbank’s Cask Strength 12-Year-Old series.

    A highly regarded and sought-after expression, Batch 14 was bottled in January 2017, arriving in Australia in October. Rich and creamy, a dash of water will open up the complexity.

    Springbank is one of the last independent distilleries to survive from the Victorian era and one of the last to do all their malting and maturing on site.

    This release is one of the first to arrive in the country with the distillery’s ‘new’ packaging.

    Official tasting notes:

    Nose: It's reminiscent of walking in an autumn forest full of pine and chestnut trees, before returning home to the iodine of a Campbeltown malt and ending with a delicate hint of peat.

    Palate: A gorgeous richness on the palate which is balanced between citrus marmalade on toast and caramelised toasted marshmallows, not forgetting flavours of vanilla and pepper. It’s a lip licking meaty dram.

    Finish: A delicious, viscous, smooth liquid with a salty edge. It brings back memories of a ham joint which has been marinated in a rich honey sauce and slow baked in the oven.

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  • $219.00
    Longrow Red Malbec Cask 13-Year-Old Single Malt

    Longrow Red Malbec Cask 13-Year-Old Single Malt

    The Longrow Red peated single malt finished in malbec wine casks from South Africa.

    This spent 12 years in ex-bourbon casks, before a 15-month finish in the barrels sourced from the De Toren Private Cellar in South Africa’s Stellenbosch. It is a limited release of 9,000 bottles worldwide. The wine cask influence is prominent, resulting in a pretty crazy peated release that has already sold out around the world before its arrival in Australia.

    Longrow is the double-distilled, peated expression from Campbeltown’s Springbank distillery. The Red series are whiskies matured in wine casks sourced from around the world.

    Official tasting notes:

    Nose: A very coastal beginning; sea salt with a fresh breeze, then becomes fruity; sweet cocktail cherries, blackberries and red currants. A faint and subtle note of cigar boxes and tobacco comes through.

    Palate: The fruitiness continues with rhubarb crumble, stewed apples and juicy plums. Cured ham follows with a very soft and delicate touch of peat with more coastal sea salt notes.

    Finish: Red wine tannins dominate, combined with smouldering campfire smoke and the ever present fresh fruit notes of prunes and cherries.

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  • $399.00
    Heartwood Heart Of Darkness Single Cask (Lark)

    Heartwood Heart Of Darkness Single Cask (Lark)

    A single cask, sherry cask Lark bottled by Tasmanian independent bottler, Heartwood.

    This whisky was distilled in August 2009, with a peat of peat influence, and matured in oloroso sherry cask LD 567. Bottled September 2017 at cask strength 67.1%, it yielded 260 bottles.

    Already an archive bottling before it reached The Oak Barrel, Heartwood’s Tim Duckett said:

    “It has beauty. It has grace. It is dark. It is sensual. It is a temptress. You will be swept away by its presence. Too much of a good thing though and it may smack you in the back of the head. True darkness of the soul. A black widow. An alluring assassin. Everything in moderation.

    “On a lighter note. It has also passed the ‘hand it around the office test’. Standard Heartwood procedure.”

    Australia's best known and highest regarded independent bottler, Heartwood's Tim Duckett creates expressions from a library of Tasmanian whisky barrels he’s sourced and filled from local distilleries. These remarkable – sometimes crazy – expressions are always released in their purest form and at true Australian cask strength.

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  • $195.00
    Black Gate Port Cask BG021 Single Malt

    Black Gate Port Cask BG021 Single Malt

    Black Gate BG021 is the first whisky release from the country New South Wales distillery in 12 months, and their first ever port cask matured whisky.

    A single cask expression, this was matured in a 100 litre ex-port cask. Bottled at 49.3% it yielded 213 individually numbered bottles.

    This release carries all the sweetness and treacle of the distillery’s house style, but initial impressions are finding it a bit smoother that their previous sherry releases, with a little less spice as well.

    Limited quantities.

    Located in Mendooran, not far from Dubbo in New South Wales' Greater West, Black Gate have earned themselves cult status amongst drinkers with their single malt and rum expressions.

    Often single cask, Brian and Genise Hollingworth are currently managing to fill just 15 casks a year - that's well up on the original three-or-so they were managing – hence the demand for their releases.

    The small town of about 300 people has a unique climate for whisky and wide temperature variations ensure lots of interaction between the whisky and the cask. That intensity is matched by Black Gate's heavy spirits which is achieved by late spirits cuts. The inspiration comes from the Hollingworth's penchant for big, smoky Scottish whiskies and Black Gate's releases have so far been on the heavier side of the Australian whisky spectrum.

    See all Black Gate releases here.

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  • $1100.00
    Glendronach Kingsman Edition 1991 Vintage

    Glendronach Kingsman Edition 1991 Vintage

    A much-hyped 1991 vintage from the GlenDronach distillery, released in conjunction with the Kingsman film.

    The GlenDronach distillery is synonymous with sherry cask maturations and are one of the few distilleries that have delivered consistently brilliant sherried expression in the past decade.

    This expression, which comes in their Grandeur packaging with an upscaled presentation box, is no different, having been matured exclusively in sherry casks.

    The 25-year-old is offered at cask strength 48.2%, with 2,137 bottles worldwide.

    Tasting notes by’s Dave Broom.

    Nose: A so-wrong-it’s-right stinky funk is the first element to be triggered – leather, cheese rind, then gravy browning and ’dronach’s sweet, warm turned earth. Things are given an added twist as dried raspberries/tayberries emerge in the autumnal woods. Heavy, yes, but there’s always rich sweet fruits tinged with this animalic element. A drop of water brings out more cheese rind and heavy velvet drapes.

    Palate: Slow and relaxed, showing pretty classy restraint. Everything is suddenly glossy and polished, the tannins are soft, there’s added marmalade and molasses. Water softens things still further and brings out clootie dumpling/spotted dick (take your pick).

    Finish: Complex and richly fruited. Scented peels and incense. Long.

    Comment: A powerful, elegant Glendronach. 

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