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  • $149.00
    Craoi Na Mona 10-Year-Old Irish Single Malt

    Craoi Na Mona 10-Year-Old Irish Single Malt

    A fresh and slightly smoky Irish single malt bottled for Berry Brothers & Rudd.

    Craoi Na Mona translates to “heart of peat” and after aging in ex-bourbon American oak casks for ten years it was finished in ex-Laphroaig casks to impart a sweet smoke.

    Bottled in 2016 to much fanfare, it has reached Australia in early 2017. There have been previous editions of Craoi Na Mona from Berry’s, the most recent of which was released in 2012.

    Released at 46%, un-chill filtered with natural colour.

    Official tasting notes:

    Nose: Good hint of peat. Charred wood and some burnt grassy notes- flowers, bracken and ferns. A little yellow fruit- lemon meringue, sugared almonds and some rhubarb.

    Palate: Very smooth with some sweetness building to control the peat-smoke and medicinal notes. Peaches and cream, orange citrus and rosehip.

    Finish: Quite long, smooth and moreish.

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  • $259.00
    Berrys' Own North British 1996 Single Grain

    Berrys' Own North British 1996 Single Grain

    A single grain single sherry cask from the North British distillery in Edinburgh.

    Founded in 1885, it is one of Scotland’s biggest distilleries and is currently joint owned by Diageo and the Edrington Group who use much of the spirit for their various blends.

    There has never been an official bottling from North British, but it has appeared on the odd occasion through independents.

    This 18-year-old expression has been released by the historic Berry Brothers & Rudd under their Berry’s Own label.

    Distilled in 1996, this was aged for18 years in cask #224766 – an ex-oloroso sherry butt.

    Bottled unfiltered and uncoloured at 56.8%.

    With all the classic soft, buttery notes of North British the sherry cask adds dimensions of marmalade, dried fruits and toffee. Coffee grounds and cracked pepper on the finish – a fantastic showcase of what single grains can do.

    The previous North British expression brought in by Berrys was snapped up completely by bars around Canberra before it had a chance to be showcased anywhere else, so this release is in demand.

    Berry Brothers & Rudd has operated out of the same shop in London since 1698, making it Britain’s oldest wine and spirit merchant. The brand also holds warrants for both HM The Queen and HRH The Price Of Wales, to further cement their prestige. 

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  • $235.00
    Bakery Hill 'A Wisp Of Smoke' Single Cask

    Bakery Hill 'A Wisp Of Smoke' Single Cask

    A rare single cask from the Bakery Hill distillery in Melbourne’s greater eastern suburbs.

    Dubbed ‘A Wisp Of Smoke’, it was distilled in 2008. The malt was very lightly peated – to approximately 5ppm – using New Zealand-sourced peat.

    It was matured in ex-bourbon barrel #0106.

    A complex Australian whisky, this is pretty classic Bakery Hill – honeyed, malty – with an enveloping tobacco smoke at the finish.

    The honeyed not is there early, before things get slightly dusty – almost that stately church pews aroma you get with old whiskies. Then a hint of rubber, overripe fruit, oak char. The finish showcases mint, fresh herbs, slight salinity.

    Official tasting notes:

    Nose: Rich pipe tobacco, soft leather, dried raisins, apricots, green apple, anise, vanilla spice, linseed oil, dried peach

    Palate: Salted caramel, sweet melon, steeped raisins, dried apple rings, woody vanilla, tobacco leaf, blue cheese.

    Finish: Immensely complex, fresh, salty, just pleads for another sip. Long waxy legs wrapping themselves around the glass.

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  • $195.00
    Berrys' Own Bunnahabhain 2005 Single Cask

    Berrys' Own Bunnahabhain 2005 Single Cask

    A peated cask strength single cask from Islay’s Bunnahabhain distillery.

    Bunnahabhain's standard releases are un-peated and although there are a few instances of peated whisky being bottled officially, peated Bunnahabhain is mostly available via indie bottlers. Casks of peated whisky from the distillery are referred to as 'Moine' casks.

    This was distilled in 2005 and bottled in 2016 as an 11-year-old. It matured in cask #9000058.

    Offered without added colouring or chill-filtration.

    Berry Brothers & Rudd has operated out of the same shop in London since 1698, making it Britain’s oldest wine and spirit merchant. The brand also holds warrants for both HM The Queen and HRH The Price Of Wales, to further cement their prestige. 

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  • $169.00
    Berry's Own Dailuaine 2000 Single Cask

    Berry's Own Dailuaine 2000 Single Cask

    A single cask 2000 vintage from the Speyside Dailuaine distillery, bottled by Berry Brothers & Rudd.

    This was aged for 11 years, the colour would indicate in a sherry cask, before being bottled in 2011 at 55.1%, both un-chill filtered and un-coloured.

    In Berry Bros.’ own words in this expression, “Hints of sherry and some citrus aromas are evident. This is a complex, sinewy dram giving flavours of sherry, chocolate and malt with fresh oranges. The finish is long, balanced and very pleasant.”

    Dailuaine is one of the more mysterious distilleries in Scotland, not because it’s inactive or haunted or demolished but because it’s so hard to pin down. The vast majority of what the distillery, located in Speyside near Aberlour, produces is destined for blenders, primarily Diageo’s stable of brands like Johnnie Walker. Given the distillery’s lot in life, it produces quite a versatile spirit and can be any number of things.

    With the discontinued Flora & Fauna 16 Year Old the only real yardstick of an ‘Official Bottling’ we have, Dailuaine’s character is pieced together from independent bottlers who’ve liberated casks over the years.

    Traditionally though, Dailuaine is in the thicker camp – with a meaty spirit that encourages comparisons to Mortlach. It’s even said that up until recently they used stainless steel condensers to purposely chase sulphur in their new make (they’re understood to be copper now). It was, then, a spirit that struggled through youth but revealed something special after a decade or so of maturation.

    Berry Brothers & Rudd has operated out of the same shop in London since 1698, making it Britain’s oldest wine and spirit merchant. The brand also holds warrants for both HM The Queen and HRH The Price Of Wales, to further cement their prestige. 

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  • $220.00
    Westland Distillery Peat Week Single Malt

    Westland Distillery Peat Week Single Malt

    The third annual limited edition release from ‘Peat Week’, the whisky-fuelled party thrown by Washington’s Westland Distillery each year.

    A newcomer to the Australian market, Westland has established themselves as an American single malt leader in just a matter of years. The Peat Week festival was held 10-16 October in 2016 and featured parties, panels and peated whiskies.

    The 2016 commemorative bottling was married from eight “fantastically peaty casks in a most marvelous display of graceful, tangled and dashing peatism.”

    In their own carnivalesque tones: “Round and round, the brash and precocious casks chase the veterans in a daring and delicious dance of smoke. Don’t let the expected first approach – mossy and earthy and filled with iodine – fool you. Move in closer.

    “The smoke juggles funky green peat and medicinal cherry notes. Still closer. Now soot and ash with circling tropical fruits. Not too bitter. Instead a great depth of peat flavor. What a performance!”

    Very limited stocks in Australia.

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  • $215.00
    Whisky Agency 'The Unknown' Islay Single Malt

    Whisky Agency 'The Unknown' Islay Single Malt

    A single cask, cask strength release from an undisclosed Islay distillery.

    Bottled in partnership between Germany’s The Whisky Agency and Belgium’s The Nectar, although the distillery is not disclosed it is understood to be from Lagavulin.

    Distilled in 2007 it matured in an ex-bourbon hogshead before it was bottled in 2015 as an eight-year-old.

    Un-chill filtered and with no added colouring, it is 47.9%.

    The flavour would support the fact that this is Lagavulin as well as it shows the hallmarks of the distillery’s modern style. Elegant and restrained up front, it comes with waves of smoke and ash on the finish.

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  • $349.00
    Spirits Shop' Selection Sansibar Islay Malt 2007 (Lagavulin)

    Spirits Shop' Selection Sansibar Islay Malt 2007 (Lagavulin)

    A 2007 cask strength Lagavulin bottled in a collaboration with the Spirits Shop’ Selection and Sansibar independent bottlers.

    Labelled as an Islay single malt from an undisclosed distillery, we understand this has come from the Lagavulin distillery, making it a very rare example of independently bottled Laga.

    Distilled in 2007, it was matured for eight years before being bottled in 2015. At 51.6% the ex-bourbon cask yielded 323 bottles.

    No colouring or chill-filtration.

    Spirits Shop’ Selection was founded by Eric Huang Pei-chun with the aim of having top quality casks selected for the Asian market by locals. Huang established the Taiwanese chapter of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society and is also involved with Whisky Luxe Taipei and Whisky Magazine Taiwan. The casks selected for Spirits Shop’ Selection are rarely seen outside of Taiwan and China.

    Sansibar is a famous restaurant located on Sylt Island, between the German and Danish coasts. A retreat of worldwide acclaim, they bottle a range of Scotch whiskies and the odd rum for their in-house pouring. Every so often a handful of the releases escapes to the wider market. 

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  • $99.00
    Wilson & Morgan Islay House Single Malt

    Wilson & Morgan Islay House Single Malt

    A young, smoky Islay single malt whisky bottled by Italian company Wilson & Morgan.

    Wilson & Morgan was founded by Fabio Rossi in the early ‘90s and it exists alongside his father’s wine business, which dates back to the 1920s. A lot of their whisky operation is run out of their Edinburgh office.

    The ‘House Malt’ series is a semi-regular release from W&M, providing affordable examples of styles – in this case peated whisky from Islay.

    This is a single malt, but the distillery is not disclosed. Packing quite a fair bit of smoke, this 2011 vintage is a more intense release than previous House Malt Islay expressions.

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  • $45.00
    Nevis Dew Blue Label Blended Scotch

    Nevis Dew Blue Label Blended Scotch

    The blended Scotch whisky formally known as Dew Of Ben Nevis, this has changed its name to Nevis Dew due to a regulation change and to avoid confusion with the single malt of the same name.

    Indeed, this iconic Scottich blend is produced at the Ben Nevis distillery in Fort William. In 2008, a change in Scotch regulations meant that they were unable to use the name Dew Of Ben Nevis unless all the whisky was produced at the Ben Nevis distillery.

    The Blue Label does contain malt whisky from Ben Nevis, but also grain and malt whiskies from elsewhere.

    Apart from that, the whisky is exactly the same as it was pre-2008. A regular on small-town back bars around Scotland, but rarely seen in Australia.

    This is a tasty, enjoyable dram for the price. Strong woody and oak notes, slightly herbal as well.

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  • $145.00
    Sonoma County 2nd Chance Wheat Whiskey

    Sonoma County 2nd Chance Wheat Whiskey

    A Californian wheat whisky that is very much a Scotch-lover’s American whiskey.

    This comes from the Sonoma County Distilling Co, located north of San Francisco on the west coast.

    Breaking with traditional American distilling practises, this is double distilled in a direct-fired pot still with the primary grain of unmalted wheat and secondary grain of malted rye.

    The spirit is then aged in ex-rye whisky barrels, a process at odds with the American norm of utilising virgin oak.

    Soft and approachable with butterscotch, toffee, vanilla beans, citrus peel and ginger-driven spice, this is still quite rich and creamy.

    The current expression is at 47% from Batch 2.

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  • $95.00
    Compass Box 'Whisky De Table' Vatted Scotch Whisky

    Compass Box 'Whisky De Table' Vatted Scotch Whisky

    A blended malt whisky from the hive mind that is Compass Box, this is a whisky designed to replicate a table wine.

    Whisky from four distilleries have been matured in ex-Buffalo Trace barrels and vatted together for an approachable and agreeable young whisky.

    Dubbed ‘Whisky De Table’, it’s designed to be opened and enjoyed and not thought too seriously about.

    There’s barley notes here with honey and citrus peel, with tropical fruits and a gentle spiciness. Fresh and oily.

    Best enjoyed with friends, can be served chilled.

    Renowned for their outstanding blended Scotch creations, Compass Box's campaign for transparency means we know exactly what went into this vatting.

    Clynelish (48.1%)
    Linkwood (21.4%)
    Benrinnes (20.6%)
    Caol Ila (9.9%)

    John Glazer has at times run afoul of the strict Scotch Whisky Association regulations, sometimes by giving away too much information.

    We think this expression is a lot of fun, and shouldn't be taken too seriously. But if you must have tasting notes, here's the official ones:

    Nose: Refreshing, refined. Notes of freshly cut grass and smoke take centre stage in the nose, equally characterised by lemony and vanilla-scented notes. It becomes aniseed and mentholated upon airing. The smoke is left to linger at the bottom of the aromatic palette like a signature. The more it opens up, the more it gains in complexity, becoming floral and spicy.

    Palate: Generous, smooth. The attack on the palate is incredibly refreshing, simultaneously milky (almond), oily (walnut), herbaceous (chlorophyll) and fruity (pear, melon). The mid-palate is spiced (star anise), with a subtle hint of liquorice and chocolate. The overall effect is one of intense cohesiveness. It then gradually becomes headier and warmer.

    Overall: Smooth, well-balanced. This spring-like concoction is evocative of a field of barley gently swaying in a refreshing breeze. Infused with a gentle, malted mellowness, a delicately fruity side emerges (raspberry, strawberry). The retro-nasal olfaction is characterised by notes of undergrowth (moss, lichen). The empty glass pays homage to the malted barley.

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