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Highland Park Fire 15-Year-Old Single Malt

Highland Park Fire 15-Year-Old Single Malt



Highland Park Fire is one half of a limited edition duo, presented in one of the most dramatic and impressive bottles and displays Scotch whisky has ever seen.

The Fire edition of the Fire-Ice duo is a cask strength (45.2%) 15-year-old matured exclusively in re-fill port casks. Such wood management is a first for Highland Park.

An expression with subtle smoke, rich red fruits, citrus peel and vanilla spices, this is one of the most collectable Highland Parks ever.

The series celebrates one of the great sagas of the Viking age which was recorded in the oldest of Norse poems, the Poetic Edda.

Located on Orkney off the north of the Scottish mainland, Highland Park is one of Scotland’s most famous distilleries. One of the few remaining distilleries to malt a proportion of their own barley, they use local heathery peat from the wind-swept island. It often gives Highland Park expressions a unique, subtle smoke. 

As the demand for Highland Park grows, so has the collectability and prominence of limited edition releases – particularly the viking-themed. Expressions with age statements remain are the most highly sought-after.

The official story behind the Fire-Ice series is as follows:

“The Poetic Edda tells the tale of the apocalyptic battle between the Gods and the Fire and Ice Giants, where the old world perished in a blazing ball of fire and the new world was born from its ashes. Celebrating this re-birth, or Ragnarok, we released 28,000 bottles of Fire Edition, encased in specially commissioned crimson glass.

“Matured in 100% refill Port seasoned casks – a first for Highland Park – the result is a vibrant single malt with the natural hue of glowing flames. Here, damsons, cinnamon, dried fruit and chocolate dance on the tongue, before sizzling to an intense fruity finish.”

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Highland Park


Single Malt








750 mls



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