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  • $68.00
    Kameman Genmai Sake

    Kameman Genmai Sake

    One of only 2 breweries that make a brown rice sake, Kameman Genmaishu has delicious flavours of roast cocoa, brown sugar and christmas cake fruits and spices. A lovely, incredibly rare sake with a balanced sweetness.

    Genmai-Sake literally translates to brown rice sake, instead of polishing off the husk of the grain, the whole rice is crushed to expose the starch inside and begin fermentation; an incredibly time consuming and expensive process that uses more rice than polished sake, though the time element is the real draw back with soaking the rice alone taking 14 hours compared to between 1 minute-1 hour for polished sake  followed by a double steaming process and a complicated series of addition of rice, water and koji.

    Kameman Brewery is the second most southern sake brewery in Japan, found in Kumamoto prefecture and on the coast of the beautiful Kyushu island; it was established in 1916 and with Shuichi Takeda being the 4th generation owner and in another rarity also the head brewer (Toji).

    An incredible sake that can be cellared or if drunk now will continue to drink well for 4 months or more; drink chilled to release more acidity or at room temperature for more richness.

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  • $119.00
    Moriki Shuzo Hanabusa Daiginjo Sake

    Moriki Shuzo Hanabusa Daiginjo Sake

    A light and elegant sake made from organic yamada rice with flavours of fresh apple, almond and a long warming finish.

    Hanabusa brewery is found in Iga, a town known as the land of ninja in central Japan. The area is beautiful and surrounded in nature with 33% devoted as nature reserves.

    Hanabusa brewery is quite unique not only because Rumiko Moriki who along with her husband both own (Kuramoto) the brewery and are the head brewers (Toji), but because Rumiko represents only a handful of female sake Toji’s and is the 4th generation in her family to continue the work at Hanabusa, they have also committed themselves to making only junmai (no added alcohol) sake.

    An interesting note on this sake is that it is also “Arabashiri” a term applied to sake that naturally flows from the large bags it is stored in without any outside force, this method only yields 30% of the total sake in the bags.

    This Sake is:

    Daiginjo (50% polish on organic Yamada rice)
    Genshu (undiluted)
    Nama (unpasteurised),
    Muroka (unfiltered) 
    Arabashiri (free run) 

    A truly elegant sake with finesse and excellent structure.

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  • $84.00
    Chiyo Shuzo Shinomine Kimoto 2017 Sake

    Chiyo Shuzo Shinomine Kimoto 2017 Sake

    An elegant fruity and fragrant sake that we’re lucky to see in Australia.

    Chiyo Shuzo was founded in the Nara basin in 1879 and use the cool climate and mountain water for their small brewery. A producer with a very small output the sakes are sought after not only because of the limited quantities, but also because of the extremely high quality.

    As well as that fragrant fruitiness, there’s a delicate acidity providing a fresh edge to this sake.

    It’s an elegant example of the kimoto style, which employs a traditional – in fact, the original – fermentation process. The yeast starter is mixed with yeast, water, rice and koji using long paddles, creating a starter mash that encourages lactic acid.

    Kimoto sakes are after bold-flavoured and add to the ‘funkiness’.

    The full classification of this sake is junmai kimoto muroka nama genshu – pure rice with no charcoal filtration and both unpasteurised and undiluted. No sulphites or preservatives.

    The rice style is Yamada Nishiki, polished to 60% for the koji (used for making the koji) and 77% for the kake (used in the main fermentation).

    2017 vintage.

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  • $129.00
    Amanoto Junmai Daiginjo 35 Sake

    Amanoto Junmai Daiginjo 35 Sake

    A highly elegant and aromatic sake, with strong floral (cherry blossom?) notes and a light green apple flavour.

    Amanoto was established in 1917 in Akita, a region home to 47 different sake brewery’s with Amanoto being the smallest and a true champion of local ingredients with all rice sourced coming from within 5 kilometres. Amanoto also only makes junmai sake (no added alcohol)   

    Amonoto takes its name from an old poem. The name means Heavens Door and is reflected on the label with the Magatama, a stone used as a necklace in the poem.

    A highly refined daiginjo (polished to 35%) sake with incredible clarity, elegance and a beautiful floral profile. An outstanding daiginjo sake from a fantastic small brewery.

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  • $31.00
    Shinkame Junmai Kassei Nigori (sparkling) Sake 300ml

    Shinkame Junmai Kassei Nigori (sparkling) Sake 300ml

    A sparkling cloudy sake with a slightly funky, fuller bodied grainy flavour.

    Shinkame is famous for being the first Sake brewery to make Junmai Sake after the war,a difficult task given the rice shortages and higher cost. Shinkame is a true Pioneer of Junmai style sake.

    This particular Sake is a Junmai (ofcourse) which means no added alcohol, Nigori style (cloudy due to sediment in bottle) and Ginjo grade (polished 60%)

    A tasty sake with a slightly tart, yeastie – grainy flavour.

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  • $72.00
    Gunmaizumi Junmai Ginjo Usumidori Sake 2018

    Gunmaizumi Junmai Ginjo Usumidori Sake 2018

    “One of the longest finishes I’ve tasted in a Sake”-Daniel

    this Sake was one we were particularly excited to get, given the above praise from our sake expert, a creamy Yamahai with an exceptionally long lasting flavour and slightly lactic overtones.

    Gunmaizumi was founded in 1863 and focuses on using tradition techniques such as Yamahai method which takes 4 weeks compared to Sokujo metheod which takes just 2 weeks, this time consuming method (Yamahai) producers a richer sake with much more complex (and pronounced) flavours.

    The brewery also recommended this sake from their line up as their favourite for a customer to try.

    A Junmai (no added Alcohol) Ginjo (polished between 51%-60%), this is a must try for Sake lovers. 

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  • $79.00
    Uzenshiraume Junmai Ginjo Chirori Sake

    Uzenshiraume Junmai Ginjo Chirori Sake

    Nose is incredebly fruity with plenty of papaya and pineapple; The flavour is clean and fruity with a slightly sour fruit finish.  

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  • $59.00
    Asahikiku Junmai Daichi Sake

    Asahikiku Junmai Daichi Sake

    A particularly smooth Sake with rice malt and a slight citrus flavour.

    “Daichi” means earth in Japanese, and the Organic Yamada rice (considered the best Sake rice) adds plenty of earthy and umami rich notes to this wonderful sake. Sake like this (full of umami and richer in flavour) are best tried warm (40C).

    Asahikiku was founded in 1900 and specialised in traditional style Junmai sake, with an emphasis on flavour over aroma and using local ingredients particularly rice.

     Asahikiku has a small output of only 108 000L and brews in winter to allow for a low temperature fermentation creating a mellow sake but one full of flavour.

    A great sake especially one to enjoy with food. 

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  • $95.00
    Uehara Shuzo Soma No Tengu Sake

    Uehara Shuzo Soma No Tengu Sake

    Fresh aroma of jasmine rice and almond with a delicious creamy flavour ending with a long pleasantly dry finish.

    Uehara brewery is a 7th generation family owned sake brewery founded in 1862 and located in Takashima on the north-western side of the beautiful lake Biwa.

    Uehara brewery have revived the tradition of using wooden fermenters as they believe it provides better insulation from heat and cold and also continue to use a wooden press that takes 3 days to gently press the sake instead of the normal 12 hours with a modern press.

    This sake is

    Junmai (No added alcohol)
    Ginjo (59% polish)
    Muroka (No charcoal filtration)
    Nama (Unpasteurised)
    Genshu (Undiluted)
    Usunigori (Lightly cloudy/some sediment)

    A delicate and tasty sake. (when drinking gently turn the sake first to distribute the sediment evenly).

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  • $76.00
    Miyoshikiku Nihonshu Not Dead Sake

    Miyoshikiku Nihonshu Not Dead Sake

    A more savoury Sake with a yeasty (almost cheese like) flavour and a lovely fruity finish.

    Miyoshiku is an unusual brewery partly because the owner (kuramoto) is also the head brewer (Toji) but because Mr Ryoichiro Mamiya is a sake brewer by day and a punk rockstar by night.

    Perhaps thats why they have such interesting labels and a slightly funky taste, Mr Ryoichiro is also rumoured to use wild yeast, adding to his experimental and traditional
    sake making style.

    Classified as Tokubetsu Junmai Ginjo, meaning special (literally something special about this Sake) no added alcohol and polished to atleast 60%.  

    A delightful sake, well worth trying, goes especially well with cheese platters or equally great chilled on its own.

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  • $77.00
    Hourai Irootoko Junmai Daiginjo Sake

    Hourai Irootoko Junmai Daiginjo Sake

    A delicious sake showing soft fruits (creamy pear), nuttiness and light citrus on a light to medium dry.

    Hourai Irootoko (meaning playboy) is a fantastic Daiginjo (Polished to 45%) having a clean palate with creamy fruit undertones, and using Yamada rice which is seen as the king of sake rice.

    A wonderful sake from Gifu, Japan. 

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  • $24.95
    Hourai Tezukuri Junmai Ginjo Sake 300ml

    Hourai Tezukuri Junmai Ginjo Sake 300ml

    Lovely soft fruits including plenty of lychee, nashi pear, rockmelon and papaya on the nose.

    The Palate is fresh and crisp with a slightly grassy flavour but otherwise quite creamy with a hint of black pepper on the finish.

    an excellent easy drinking Sake. 

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