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Wolfburn 3 Year Old Single Malt

Wolfburn 3 Year Old Single Malt



A very exciting release from the Wolfburn distillery, a brand new player on the Scotch whisky scene from the (very) highlands of the country.

We've tried progress reports before, but finally here is a single malt - bottled soon after its third birthday after maturation in ex-bourbon casks.

Wolfburn is located in Thurso and was originally founded in 1821. Details are scarce but its production is believed to have been intermittent at best and likely non-existent during the period from 1850s-1870s. 

Reduced to ruins, a private company revealed plans to rebuilt the distillery in 2012 and spirit ran off the stills at Wolfburn once again in January 2013 after some 150-odd years of silence.

The rebirth of Wolfburn has been guided largely by Shane Fraser. Prior to Wolfburn he was the production manager at one of whisky’s most famous independent distilleries Glenfarclas. He also spent time at Oban and Royal Lochnagar and his name now adorns every Wolfburn bottle.

Also at the distillery is Iain Kerr, who’s previously worked at Glenlivet, Balmenach and Allt a Bhainne.

This three-year-old is very smooth given its age, creamy and nitty in particular. There’s young, fresh grass and citrus notes here as well. A distillery to watch!

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