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Mars Whisky Iwai Blended Whisky

Mars Whisky Iwai Blended Whisky



A lesser-known whisky distillery in Japan, the Shinshu Mars Distillery is currently experiencing a revival as the Japanese whisky sector booms.

The Shinshu Distillery was founded by Japanese shochu producer Hombo Shuzo in the Nagano Prefecture and it distilled both whisky and brandy - the whisky being labelled Mars Whisky. A drop of in demand for distilled spirits saw whisky production cancelled in 1985 - and it stayed offline until 2011/12 when the demand for whisky had grown considerably.

This Iwai blend is part of the new-age of Mars whisky. Full bodied and perfumed despite its apparent youth and grain content, there are strong woodchip, toffee and vanilla notes.

It is understood to be 75% grain (corn) spirit and 25% malt.

The Iwai name comes from Kiichiro Iwai, who designed the distillery's stills based on designs drafted by Masataka Taketsuru - the founder of Japanese whisky. Whisky Magazine attest the still design does in fact resemble those at Yoichi.

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Blended Whisky




750 mls



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