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Husk Rum Agricole First Release

Husk Rum Agricole First Release



The first rum release from Husk Distillery in the northern rivers region of New South Wales.

While making a name with their colourful Ink gin, the focus of the distillery was originally rum and the first barrel was released in late 2015. A delivery issue meant we only recieved our very limited allocation in mid-February.

Produced from first press sugar cane juice, the cane the North Tumbukum variety Q124. It was hand-cut.

Distilled in 2012 this was aged in newly charred American oak for nine months and ex-Bourbon casks for two years and three months. There are just 271 bottles to have come from the barrel.


The sugar cane is grown on Husk Distillers' own farm. Fermentation occurs in a closed, jacketed fermenter to allow control over the temperature - fermentation occurs over five-to-six dats, which is slower than most traditional rums.

The rum is double distilled in a copper pot (single malt whisky style), but the still has an added chamber above the pot with 10 rectification plates. The column head rums at about 5 degress Celcius below the pot, encouraging reflux within the still. They believe that this helps make the rum more elegant and highlight the caramel, vanilla and aniseed notes in the finished product.

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Husk Distillers


Agricole Rum




New South Wales


700 mls



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