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Husk Distillers Pure Cane Spirit

Husk Distillers Pure Cane Spirit



A clean, crisp un-aged cane spirit from New South Wales distillery Husk.

The distillery behind the Ink Gin and the very highly sought-after rum, this white spirit is the unaged new make spirit that is used to make their aged rums.

Based in the state's Northern Rivers region, this is the first release in the 'North Coast Bar Series', a collaboration between the distillery and local bartenders.

The first batch is limited to 895 bottles.

This was double-distilled in a pot still from cane variety Q200.

Resfreshing neat, over ice or with a dash of soda, this is also recommended by the bartenders for use in a Caipirinha or Ti Punch cocktails.

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Husk Distillers




New South Wales


700 mls



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