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Ardnamurchan Spirit 2016/AD

Ardnamurchan Spirit 2016/AD



The very first release from the Ardnamurchan distillery in the Scottish highlands, limited to one per customer.

Ardnamurchan is the distillery built by internationally renowned independent bottlers Adelphi and the first spirit ran off their stills in July 2014. Designed and built for quality and versatility, Ardnamurchan distil unpeated spirit for six months and peated for the other six.

This first release is ‘spirit’ rather than whisky, as it is not yet three years old.

It is a vatting of 29 ex-Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez sherry casks which had been filled in 2014 and 2015 with both peated and unpeated spirit. Matured in 55-litre octaves, the casks were married together in sherry butts for an additional three months.

The distillery has a capacity of approximately 500,000 litres per year, although actual output is currently around half of that. They have four wooden (ex-cognac vats) and three stainless washbacks and a single pair of wash/spirit stills.

The distillery’s heat source is generated from a biomass boiler, run on wood chips from a local forestry, making them a pioneer in the Scottish industry for using renewable energy sources.

The distillery produced 2,500 bottles for this inaugural release, despite receiving pre-orders in excess of 7,000. Sold out around the world, only a handful of the bottles made it to Australia and our allocation is understandably tiny.

Nutty, creamy and rich with hints of sweetness, this is undeniably a young spirit but a nonetheless tasty piece of liquid history.

As such, this is strictly one-per-customer. (Any orders processed with more than one bottle will be refunded.)

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