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Santis Sigel Beer Cask Swiss Single Malt Whisky

Santis Sigel Beer Cask Swiss Single Malt Whisky



The small-cask matured single malt from Santis Malt, a whisky producer from the northern Switzerland alps.

Creamy with a little more vanilla than the rest of the range – thanks to the oak contact – this has been matured exclusively in ex-beer casks. Some of the casks have been in use for 120 years by the sister brewery.

It’s malt forward, with hints of the beer influence here and there and at 43% probably the purest representation of the distillery’s style.

Santis Malt is produced by Bauerei Locher, in the north-eastern Swiss town of Appenzell. The picturesque town is by the Alpstein mountains and is known for its cableways that connect the foothills to the summit, including the famous Santis peak – where the whiskies get their name. The Locher family have been brewing beer in Appenzell since 1886, but only in 1999 did they start to experiment with whisky and only since 2005 have they been distilling any amounts of consequence.

Given their history and provenance, it is both fitting and sensible that their whiskies have been matured in their own ex-beer casks.

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