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Sami-Odi 'Little Wine' #6 Syrah

Sami-Odi 'Little Wine' #6 Syrah


Sami-Odi returns with a rich, dark, and seductive wine. Blackberries and violets dominate the nose along with Chai spices (star anise in particular) and a striking savoury earthiness.

The palate is dry and spicy, and those Chai spices return (this time dominated by cinnamon) along with cherries and plums. This wine has a lot of depth. It’s warming, structured, and leathery, with a robust tannic grip. It’s deftly well balanced, medium bodied, perfect length and very lean.

We really enjoyed this wine, but it is still a bit tight (it has only just been released after all), so it would benefit from decanting or ageing. It has the potential for long term cellaring (7-10 years) though we would probably recommend it for short term (3-5 years) because the appeal of a well-made Barossa Syrah is that heady, rich robustness.

Technical details: LW #6 is an unvintaged ‘assemblage’ of Shiraz casks from 2016 (47%), 2015 (44%), 2013 (5%) & 2012 (4%), sourced exclusively from the Hoffmann’s ‘Dallwitz’ vineyard, from vines planted in 1912, 1960, and the 1990s. The ‘Little Wine #6’ is the little sibling to the Sami-Odi ‘Mahé & Ribo’. 6155 bottles produced.

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Additional Information


Shiraz / Syrah




Barossa Valley


750 mls

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