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Plantation Guyana 2005 Vintage Rum

Plantation Guyana 2005 Vintage Rum



A powerful single vintage rum from Guyana, bottled by Plantation.

This has been distilled from raw cane syrup – which is rare for Plantation – although it carries the robustness of many of its molasses-based peers.

Distilled in 2005 through a pot still, it was fermented for a week prior. It then spent seven years maturing in an ex-bourbon cask in Guyana, before it was transferred to a Pierre Ferrand ex-cognac cask for two years in France.

Renowned American spirits journalist Paul Pacult provides the tasting notes for this expression, writing, “I like the toastiness of the initial aroma as well as the saline/see breeze quality of it; secondary whiffs pick up faint hints of dried sage, new leather, dried flowers, sea salt, dark caramel.

“Entry is lusciously sweet, honeyed, brown sugar-like, intense; mid-palate turns spicy, tangy, rich in texture, more bittersweet than sweet, beany (cocoa). Extra-long finish, a touch grapy/raisiny, dark chocolate-like.”

We largely agree, but would like to add a delightful grassy and earthy straw note on the finish.

In 1989 the Maison Ferrand cognac house was taken over by Alexandre Gabriel, who planned to return one of the region’s oldest spirit brands to the height of its powers. Starting with cognac and then moving into other fine spirits, Gabriel scoured the Caribbean throughout the 1990s in source of rum.

From those trips the Plantation brand was born. Rums are transferred to France, where they undergo final maturations in a variety of casks.

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