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Penderyn Peated Single Malt Welsh Whisky

Penderyn Peated Single Malt Welsh Whisky



An interesting peated single malt expression from Wales' Penderyn whereby the whisky is part matured in casks that previously held peated Scotch whisky.

The Penderyn spirit is quite delicate and so to amplify the peat notes a mixture of those ex-Scotch casks are utilised alongside American oak ex-bourbon casks.

The end result is a lightly peated, typically delicate, whisky aided by being bottled at 46%.

Penderyn started production in 2000, revitalising the historic Welsh whisky industry which had been silent for some time.

Their distillery is notable for their unique Faraday still, which was designed by David Faraday exclusively for the distillery. Comprised of a pot still that leads into a coloumn still neck (see a diagram here), it means that their distilling run can be done in one charge - rather than the two required by the Scottish distilleries.

It also means that their spirit runs off the still at 92% alcohol, extraordinarily high for malt whisk. Just like grain whisky, then, once watered down to mature Penderyn's spirit is light, delicate and refined, ready to take on lots that the casks have to offer. 

Tasting notes by whisky lovers at The Oak Barrel at a recent tasting:

"More peat reek than perhaps expected. Banana lollies, iodine, the morning after a cigar, leeks, a rental car that's just been smoked."

(Thanks for everyone helping out with those notes when we were a bit under the weather.)

Tasting notes from industry legend Dr Jim Swan:

"The Penderyn Peated in this bottle has been aged in ex-bourbon barrels and ex-peated Scotch whisky casks to bring out its appealing character. It introduces itself with sweet, aromatic smoke. Under this, there are signature notes of vanilla, green apple and refreshing citrus. An array of gentle flavours tempts even the most sophisticated palate, while smoke and vanilla linger on the attractive medium length finish."

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