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Mukai Shuzo Natsu No Omoide Sake

Mukai Shuzo Natsu No Omoide Sake



A very unique and fascinating 14-year-old sake from the Mukai Shizo brewery which, under the stewardship of female toji Kuniko Mukai, are pioneering interesting sakes.

This Natsu no Omoide has been made with a very rare strain of yeast, dubbed the ‘100 year old’. It was propagated by Kuniko from a strain stored at the Tokyo University of Agriculture, where she studied fermentation and brewing.

After aging for 14 years this has notes of wood shavings and dried apricot, with umami on the palate alongside sweet and sour fruits and vanillas. The finish showcases more wood, a hint of bitterness and caramels.

A sake really unlike any other, the importer has dubbed this a ‘Jura-sake’ as it is reminiscent of the oxidative wines of the famous French region.

The rice type is Gohyakumangoku, polished to 70%.

Best served at room temperature.

The Mukai Shuzo brewery has been producing sake since 1754 and the current toji (master brewer) is Kuniko Mukai. She became of one of the first women toji when she took over the family owned-and-operated brewery and has been pioneering interesting sakes like the ine mankai.

Kuniko Mukai has also experimented with an ancient red rice strain with the Ine Mankai

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Mukai Shuzo




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