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Japhet White Dry Gin

Japhet White Dry Gin



Another unique modern Aussie gin from the Stone Pine distillery in Bathurst, the Japhet White uses local saltbush and lemon myrtle in its botanical list.

Distiller Ian Glen is best known for the Stone Pine gin, one of the catalyst Aussie craft gins for the recent boom, and he has since been experimenting with limited editions, including the Truffle Gin.

A herbal and earthy gin, there’s a touch of salinity balanced out by juniper and citrus. At a healthy 46% ABV, it has a great structure and mouthfeel. Dry martini fodder.

This gin takes its name from a pioneering Australian distiller, with a strong nod to the Bathurst region.

Japhet White was born in 1783 and after he was found guilty of fraud in Dublin he was sent to the colony, arriving in New South Wales aboard the ship Surry in 1846 (members of his family came aboard the same ship of free will).

He soon started the The Beehive Inn in Sydney and then in the late 1820s set up the Bathurst Distillery, making him the first inland distiller. He died in 1866. White Street in West Bathurst is likely named after the family.

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Stone Pine




New South Wales


700 mls



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