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Imada Fukucho Junmai Ginjo Sake

Imada Fukucho Junmai Ginjo Sake



A staff favourite! A crisp sake with tonnes of pineapple flavour and light acidity. A refreshingly clean and fruity sake.

This sake is made by Imada brewery, located in the famous sake producing region of Akitsu, Hiroshima. Founded in 1868, a prefecture consistently producing high quality sake and placing as one of the top six sake producing regions in Japan. Imada brewery is also one of only a few producers with a female Toji (head brewer) who is also the Kuramoto (owner) -Ms Miho Imada. 

The Imada Brewery have chosen an unsual, difficult to grow sake rice, Hattanso. This ancient rice variety is difficult to grow because of its larger size and specific techniques required to cultivate premium sake rice.

Imada Hattanso is a Junmai, meaning no alcohol has been added, as well as Ginjo, meaning it is polished between 51%-60%. This is also Muroka, meaning not charcoal filtered, and is a Genshu meaning natural strength (undiluted).

An excellent sake from a brewery staying true to local rice and sake making. 

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Hiroshima Prefecture


720 mls





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