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Australian Gin Advent Calendar 2017

Australian Gin Advent Calendar 2017




One of the most asked about items in the lead up to Christmas, we’re delighted to be able to offer an Australian Gin Advent Calendar for 2017.

Made by Gintonica, the calendar will help count down to the days to Christmas with 24 unique Australian gins.

There are 24 50ml bottles, with gins sourced from all across Australia.

We can’t reveal what’s in them all (it’s a surprise!) but we do know that Manly Spirits, ApothecaryFour PillarsWest Winds and McHenry are present. There are now 80 distilleries in Australia producing gin, so the remaining secret 19 gins will come from quite an extensive pool.

There are enclosed tasting notes from the distillers and a surprise Christmas treat as well.

This will only be offered via-pre-order, and you must get your order in by Tuesday 14 November! After that, this will no longer be available. It will not be in store.

Deliveries and pick-ups will start from approximately Wednesday 22 November.

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750 mls

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