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Four Pillars Sherry Cask Gin

Four Pillars Sherry Cask Gin



A brand new barrel aged gin from Yarra Valley’s Four Pillars.

One of Australia’s most iconic craft gin producers, Four Pillars introduce a sherry cask-aged gin.

A new release, but not a new idea, this has been drawn from a 42-cask strong solera system of Spanish sherry and Australian apera casks. A little dash of Amontillado sherry has been added just prior to bottling, to highlight the sweetness.

The solera barrels were filled over a year ago, and this initial gin was drawn from the bottom row of barrels.

The result is a rich gin, with layers of dried fruits and nuttiness. Great neat or on ice.

Offered at the house strength 43.8%, it is available in very limited quantities.

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500 mls

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