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Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz 2018 Release

Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz 2018 Release



A deep, dark gin from Victoria's Four Pillars distillery which has been steeped in Yarra Valley shiraz grapes.

One of the most anticipated gin releases of the year, this annual release is incredibly highly sought after and a guarantee to sell out.

The grapes, sourced from local wineries, are steeped in gin for eight weeks and then pressed to extract a gin-based, full coloured and full flavoured sweet juice. That has been blended in with some of the distillery's trademark Rare Dry gin to create the Bloody Shiraz Gin.

At higher proof than sloe gins (which are often sub 30%), this is a richer bolder take on sweet aperitif style gins and fantastic cocktail fodder.

Because of the ph in the shiraz grapes, the gin may turn a shade of pink when mixed with some tonics or sodas.

The 2018 release (the third) is being described by the distillery as their best yet and a big step up from the otherwise fantastic 2017.

In their words the 2018 is, “much richer and more vibrant than 2017, carrying really beautiful purples and reds to bottle. Flavour-wise it’s showing dark fruit, red berry and spice.”

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