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Elements Of Islay Peat Full Proof

Elements Of Islay Peat Full Proof



An intense peated all-malt blended whisky sources from distilleries around the famous Islay.

Single malts from the undisclosed distillery come together to provide big smoke and coastal salt and brine notes, with citrus peel underneath.

This is part of the lauded ‘Elements Of Islay’ series, bottled by The Whisky Exchange in London – one of the world’s best know and highest regarded whisky retailers.

Tasting notes from Serge Valentin of

Nose: Possibly less of an infanticide. I mean, it does not feel ultra-young – but young, for sure. Crisp peat and lemon and ‘a working kiln’ and, wait, some church incenses. In London! Cigar ashes. Does what it says on the tin, so far. With water: hospitals and smokehouses.

Palate: Neat: Perfect. It is ‘one’ – I know, whisky and philosophy – and it’s here (same comments). More Dasein than Sein. Oh forget, this is some mega-smoky, almost pleasantly brutal peated whisky. Green apples, smoked salmon, lemon oil, ashes. With water: more fruits. Grapefruits.

Finish: Long, sharp, well chiselled, millimetric, almost surgical.

Comments: It reminded me of those 3-cylindre Kawazakis, circa 1972. Great, dangerous stuff. 

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Elements Of Islay


Blended Malt






500 mls



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