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Chiyo Shuzo Shinomine Kimoto 2017 Sake

Chiyo Shuzo Shinomine Kimoto 2017 Sake



An elegant, slightly creamy, fruity and fragrant sake that we’re lucky to see in Australia.

Chiyo Shuzo was founded in the Nara basin in 1879 and use the cool climate and mountain water for their small brewery. A producer with a very small output the sakes are sought after not only because of the limited quantities, but also because of the extremely high quality.

As well as that fragrant fruitiness, there’s a delicate acidity providing a fresh edge to this sake.

It’s an elegant example of the kimoto style, which employs a traditional – in fact, the original – fermentation process. The yeast starter is mixed with yeast, water, rice and koji using long paddles, creating a starter mash that encourages lactic acid.

Kimoto sakes are often bold-flavoured, creamier and add to the ‘funkiness’.

This sake is:

Junmai (No added alcohol)
Kimoto (traditional method)
Muroka (not charcoal filtered)
Nama (unpasteurized) 
Genshu (undiluted) 

The rice style is Yamada Nishiki, polished to 60% for the koji (used for making the koji) and 77% for the kake (used in the main fermentation).

2017 vintage.

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