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Black Gate Port Cask BG021 Single Malt

Black Gate Port Cask BG021 Single Malt



Black Gate BG021 is the first whisky release from the country New South Wales distillery in 12 months, and their first ever port cask matured whisky.

A single cask expression, this was matured in a 100 litre ex-port cask. Bottled at 49.3% it yielded 213 individually numbered bottles.

This release carries all the sweetness and treacle of the distillery’s house style, but initial impressions are finding it a bit smoother that their previous sherry releases, with a little less spice as well.

Limited quantities.

Located in Mendooran, not far from Dubbo in New South Wales' Greater West, Black Gate have earned themselves cult status amongst drinkers with their single malt and rum expressions.

Often single cask, Brian and Genise Hollingworth are currently managing to fill just 15 casks a year - that's well up on the original three-or-so they were managing – hence the demand for their releases.

The small town of about 300 people has a unique climate for whisky and wide temperature variations ensure lots of interaction between the whisky and the cask. That intensity is matched by Black Gate's heavy spirits which is achieved by late spirits cuts. The inspiration comes from the Hollingworth's penchant for big, smoky Scottish whiskies and Black Gate's releases have so far been on the heavier side of the Australian whisky spectrum.

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Black Gate


Single Cask




New South Wales


500 mls



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