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Baker Williams Wildcard

Baker Williams Wildcard



A bizarre, unique spirit from the Baker Williams distillery in Mudgee.

A mixture of wine spirits and malt barley spirit, this is neither brandy nor whisky but the result is fantastic.

The Baker Williams distillery was established in 2011 by Helen Baker and Nathan Williams. Located in Mudgee in New South Wales’ Central West, they have been making craft spirits and liqueurs in the otherwise wine-dominated region.

As well as distilling spirit to be laid down in casks to eventually become things like whisky, they are producing gin, liqueurs and schnapps immediately.

This Wildcard is the result of a barrel that was something of an ugly duckling. An experiment that ended up paying dividends, the mixture of brandy and whisky new make was filled 11 May 2016 and bottled 15 November 2017.

This is the 50% version, of which there are just 288 bottles.

The juice has taken on a remarkable amount of flavour and colour from its year-and-a-half maturation – an effect typical of New South Wales’ greater west. Softer that the cask strength version of the same name, the sweeter brandy-esque nose is prominent with the length and finish coming from the malt component.

A fascinating and delicious creation from one of New South Wales’ most promising new distilleries.

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Baker Williams




New South Wales


500 mls



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