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Latest Beer & Cider News

Sydney Craft Beer and Cider Fair 2017 - Exhibitor Update


13 Breweries confirmed so far including. Grifter(Trying to get them for years), Shenanigans are brewing up something special, Mr Stonedog will be bringing in some of his latest meads,Mr Two metre Tall is going to fly up and then don't forget some of the first timers. Colonial,Sauce and Black brewing to name a few.

Its going to be big as ever !!

Complete list -  CLICK HERE 

Drink Well




 Sydney Craft Beer & Cider Fair 2017 - Tickets available



Posted: 26/04/2017
Yeastie Boys - NZ

Still one of the bestest Brewery names going around. Have picked up a differant distributor in Aus, so a lot more available, also they will be brewing some of there brews in Sydney.


Yeastie Boys Digital IPA 5.7% 330ml
A new world India Pale Ale inspired more by our traditional forefathers than the modern pretenders, Digital IPA is defined by its heavy use of late kettle hopping and very restrained use of dry hopping - a technique, in contrast to our peers, that goes a long way to proving Yeastie Boys’ philosophy of ‘fresh is not best’. IPA as it was originally intended.
93 Points on Rate Beer

Yeastie Boys PKB Remix 6% Black IPA 330ml
We've removed the black from Pot Kettle Black to create a world first Pale Black IPA

Yeastie Boys White Noise Wheat Ale 4.4% 330ml
A quaffable, cloudy white ale that is perfect for those afternoon sessions after a hard day's work or play. Pours a cloudy pale straw colour with a dense mousse-like white head. A perfumy coconut and vanilla note on the nose, with a little citrus and spice, and bready grains from the wheat. The mouthfeel is full for such a pale beer, but still very light and elegant. The beer finishes with a cleansing acidity, a faint spicy note and only the mildest touch of citrus from the virtually non-existent hops.

Yeastie Boys  His Majesty BA Golden Ale 7% 2016 750ml
The first of two results from a Yeastie Boys’ shareholder blending session in September 2016. A freshly conditioned, hoppy golden ale has been brewed to blend with a two year old wine barrel-aged Cherry Ghost. Something old, something new.

Yeastie Boys Her Majesty BA Dark Ale 7% 2016 750ml
The second of two results from a Yeastie Boys’ shareholder blending sessions in September 2016. We’ve blended a fresh young dark ale with a combination of wine barrel-aged vintage ales (three year old wild PKB and two-year old Cherry Ghost).

 Also available:

- Yeastie Boys Gunnamatta Tea Leaf IPA 6.5% 330ml

Yeastie Boys  Big Mouth Session IPA 4.4% Can

- Yeastie Boys Rex Attitude Smoked 7% 330ml

Drink Well


PS - Friday 4 to 7pm - Wolf of the Willows counter tasting - FREE



 Sydney Craft Beer & Cider Fair 2017 - Tickets available


Posted: 20/04/2017
To Ol - Denmark


Yes, yes, its my favourite Brewery. This Brewery always keeps on coming up with the interesting and unusual, plus the return of Stupid.


To Ol My Friend Peat 8% Smoked 375ml
Did we ever tell you about ‘My Friend Peat’? He’s a smoker, loves Peated Malts and heavy ones at that, of course he’s a Wee Heavy from all the Flaked Oats and Dark Brown Sugar he consumes leaving him thick yet crisp. A fan of Galaxy and hangs out with Galena which balances perfectly his smokey body.

To Øl First Frontier IPA 7.1% 330ml Cans
The thing about First Frontier is the hops. Easy… This is an IPA “the American way”, no sticky-sweet malt profile, just the real deal potent and aromatic hops. The result is a refreshingly dry, fresh and bitter IPA, heavily dryhopped with the three American hop varieties warrior, simcoe and centennial, dealing a punch of citrus, peach and grapefruit from the deepest of our hearts directly to ya face. Just added a bit of caramel malt; merely to harness and balance the alcohol.
96 Points on Rate Beer

To Ol Hibiscus Brett Saison 7% 750ml
We have produced ‘Hibiscus Brett Saison’, a name focused on clarity in this time of un-certainty for all. A Saison style ale of 7% ABV, loaded up with the lightly tart, berry-full flavour of Hibiscus, and then rounded out with that funkiest of finishes putting George Clinton to shame, Brettanomyces.

To Ol Black Bauble 8% Dark Ale 330ml
“What’s round, festive and omits no light? Why, it’s a “Black Bauble” of course! Yes we have decided that Christmas isn’t Christmas without a spiced dark ale, and have whipped up a festive 8% beer just for you! A rich dark ale with orange peel and cardamom, with a touch of smoked malt to remind you of chestnuts roasting on an open fire. For those unsure a ‘bauble’ is the (usually) colourful balls you hang on your Christmas tree’s!”
93 Points on Rate Beer

To Ol Brett&Butter 3.6% Belgian Ale 330ml
We have taken a traditional Belgian Table Beer at 3,6%, and banged around as much Mosaic hops as we possible could in both the kettle and dry hopping, then fermented it with Brettanomyces Custersianus.
This yeast together with the Mosaic hop has produced a much ‘fruitier’ characteristic than your traditional ‘funky’ Brett beers, all in all giving a refreshing, tropical fruit table beer fit for breakfast, lunch and dinner! “

Also back in :  TO Øl 'Dangerously Close To Stupid' Imperial IPA 9.3% 330ml 

Drink well



 Sydney Craft Beer & Cider Fair 2017 - Tickets available


Posted: 12/04/2017
Siren/Wild Beer/Omnipollo

Mixed bag this week from the EU. The Ice Cream is members only due to the extremly limited availability.


Siren V.I.P.A Fruit Beer 8.5% 330ml
Raspberry, Blackcurrant, Hibiscus and Oak Spirals all contribute to creating a complex flavour and taste. We've brewed using a Belgian Ardennes yeast strain which compliments everything with delicate fruit esters, subtle spicy notes and a dry finish.

Siren Squealer Sour/Wild Ale 6.5% 330ml
A 100% Brettanomyces Drei fermented, dry hopped with Amarillo, Simcoe and Citra. On top of this is added a whole heap of raspberries. 
Expect a tart and refreshing rasberry sorbet effect with some interesting and delicious brett phenolics in the background.
90 Points on Rate Beer

Siren Agua de Sapo Brown Ale 5.8% 330ml
This beer is the creation of Allan in our brew team, who is originally from Costa Rica. Agua de Sapo is a traditional soft drink which originated in the Limón province on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast. This beer takes inspiration from all the ingredients of the sweet, flavoursome and refreshing beverage - lemon, ginger and unrefined sugar cane. Pura vida!

Wild Beer/8 Wired Black & Blue Sour/Wild Ale 5% 330ml
A raw sour ale brewed with green, black and white peppercorns in the mash, this black and blue brew has zero hops and wasn’t boiled. However, it did find its way into re-charred bourbon barrels for 6 months.
The abstract take on a classic French black & blue steak packs a good amount of acidity from fermentation with Wild Beer Co’s house cultures. For a final finishing touch, or a ‘steak sauce’, the peppercorns were added. A beer that you definitely sink your teeth into.

Omnipollo/Buxton Ice Cream Pale - American Pale Ale 5.6% 330ml
This is the Original Ice Cream. Brewed with heaps of malted oats and conditioned on one vanilla bean in two liters of beer the sensation of vanilla ice cream is unmistakable. Never stop dreaming.
Collaboration with our family at Buxton Brewery.
92 Points on Rate Beer

Drink well



       Sydney Craft Beer & Cider Fair 2017 - Tickets available


Posted: 06/04/2017
An Intimate Two Metre Tall Beer and Cider Masterclass


We're very excited to annouce our very first beer and cider masterclass for 2017: Two Metre Tall with owner/brewer Ashley Huntington. We know we haven't given you much notice (Wednesday 5th April), but we can guarantee that it's one not to be missed. If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting Ashley, he is (a part from being two metres tall, literally) one of the biggest personalities in the industry, meaning we're going to have one hell of an evening!

In the picturesque Derwent Valley, alongside the Derwent River, sits Charlemont, a farm owned and operated by Ashley and Jane Huntington. It was on this farm that Two Metres Tall was born.

With degrees in organic chemistry and winemaking, plus decades of experience in the wine industry in France and Australia, Ashley turned to making farmhouse cider and beer. Not without its hurdles (it’s what happens when you teach yourself to brew), Ashley’s experimentation and ingenuity has made him one of the most interesting brewers out of Tassie.

In our first beer and cider masterclass of the year, we’ll have the opportunity to sit down with Ashley and run through most of his core range as well as some of his more special brews including the new Snakebite, tank samples from some ready (and not-so-ready) brews and the original Seven Years at Sea Oyster Stout (hay shed dust included).

Included in the tasting will be:
Huon Dark Ale
Huon Pear Cider
Forrester Ale
Cleansing Ale
Snakebite Blend #2
Sour Cherry Ale Barrel Sample
Wild Plum Ale Barrel Sample
Seven Years at Sea (hayshed-aged dark Oyster Ale)
And some 'other stuff'!

This event will be an intimate and informative one with easily one of our most intriguing brewers. An event not to be missed!

WHAT: Two Metres Tall Masterclass
WHEN: Wednesday, 5th April 2017
TIME: 6.30pm – 8pm
WHERE: The Oak Barrel, 152 Elizabeth St, Sydney CBD
PRICE: $20 Members / $30 Guests

 Tickets are available for our annual Beer and Cider Fair. Click the image below for more info. 

Posted: 28/03/2017
Sydney Craft Beer and Cider Fair 2017


The Oak Barrel will be hosting the Sixth annual Sydney Craft Beer and Cider Fair on Saturday June 24, 2017. This is an indoor event showcasing the very best of Australian and International craft beer and cider.

This year’s fair will host 22 stallholders and each will showcase a variety of labels. There will be over 120 craft beers and ciders available to sample, offering you the chance to taste and connect with the brewers, brand ambassadors and other passionate folks alike.

As always, there will be an emphasis on local craft producers. There has been a revolution in local craft production over the last few years and we aim to highlight the great stuff being achieved in our own backyard.

The last 5 years we have sold out well in advance so to avoid disappointment we suggest purchasing your tickets early.

“Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza.” – Dave Berry


Date: Saturday June 24, 2017

Session Times :

Session 1 – 12pm to 3pm

Session 2 – 4pm to 7pm

Location:  The Oak Barrel , 152 Elizabeth St , Sydney(CBD)
Tickets :
Advance – $45 members or $55 non members
(The ticket price will include a $10 food voucher to be spent at the OB Canteen on the day.)

To Purchase:   ONLINE CLICK HERE   or  (02) 9264 3022  

Sydney Craft Beer and Cider Fair 2017

Licensed Event: Must be over 18 years – Responsible Service of Alcohol applies at all times

Posted: 22/03/2017
Kereru (NZ)


Kereru Brewery started around 2010 and is based in the Upper Hutt, North Island, NZ.


Kereru Resonator IPA 6.5% 500ml
A pale golden India Pale Ale that showcases Nelson Sauvin and Motueka hops, with notes of aromatic resin & passion fruit. This beer was originally made for the 2015 West Coast IPA Challenge at the Malthouse.

Kereru  Imperial Nibs 8.5% Imperial Porter 500ml
A delicious dark imperial porter made with cacao nibs from the Wellington Chocolate Factory, vanilla pods, and coconut toasted over manuka wood and manuka bark.
Imperial Nibs is bursting with intense chewy flavours of bitter chocolate, wood-fired toasted coconut, burnt toffee, & mellow maltiness.

Kereru Black Ruby 11.1% Imperial Stout 500ml
A rich dark imperial stout infused with Dominican cacao nibs, roast coffee beans, and raspberries, bursting with intense roasted coffee and bitter chocolate flavours, rich velvety mouthfeel and lingering raspberry notes.

Kereru Auro Gluton Free 5% 330ml
A golden, gluten-free ale made with sorghum, rice, and New Zealand Goldings hops. Auro is clean, very clear, light and refreshing, with full malty flavour and body.

Kereru AT - AT Imperial Pilsner 10.2% 330ml
A huge beer and dangerously smooth drinking. Perfectly balanced between malt and hops, with intense notes of bitter and sweet. 

Drink well


       Sydney Craft Beer & Cider Fair 2017
               Tickets on sale next week




Last time I will bore you all with some of my holiday snaps !    Promise.

Little fella                                                                                                            Big angry fella

Posted: 16/03/2017
De Molen and Kees (Dutch)

Asante Claire, Its good to be back. This week its a Dutch feature. some new,some returned and others you might not have tried yet but worth a taste.

De Molen Mooi & Meedogenloos(Bourbon Barrel Aged) 11.2%
Mooi & Meedogenloos combines both Belgian style Quadruple and Imperial Stout. Sweet and spicy like the first but roasted and full bodied like the second. Flavour indication: chocolate, plums, brown sugar. Translates as Beautiful & Ruthless.
Aged in Bourbon Barrels for added goodness. Richer and more intensly flavoured then even before. Gasp.
100 Points on Rate Beer

Stewart/De Molen Problem Solved DIPA 7.5%
We had a 'First World Problem'...De Molen hopped across from Amsterdam and solved it. We are proud to present to you 'Problem Solved', our Belgian Double IPA with hints of Grapefruit and Citrus.
94 Points on Rate Beer



Kees Caramel Fudge Stout 11.5%
One per customer as this beer is very rare and bloody yummy.
Sweet caramel flavours balanced by the bitterness of the roasted malts. 
100 Points on Rate Beer

Kees Peated Imperial Stout 11.2%
An Imperial Russian Stout, such as the Export Porter 1750. But now a part replaced by the malt whiskey malt. This gives the beer a slight smoky flavor. Hops: Fuggles, Sorachi Ace. Malt: Pale Ale, Caramel, Carafa 1 Carafa 2. (Google Translate)
99 Points on Rate Beer

Kees Strawberryfields Oatmeal Stout 6%
Chocolate Oatmeal Stout with lots of strawberries!
Ingredients: water, barley malt, strawberries, milk sugar, hops, yeast. Motueka, Kohatu. Pale, Caramel, Chocolade mout


Drink well


(Holiday snap)

Posted: 09/03/2017
Get Sauce(d)


This will be my last newsletter before Ian returns (If he got down the mountain ok) so I thought I would find something that he'd requested I get in whilst he was away. The following was left in my inbox for me to follow up on (as well as an empty can):

Contact these guys
Worth getting in

So contact them I did. After doing a bit of reading, I'm excited to introduce Sauce Brewing to the store. 

Sauce Brewing is the brainchild of Mike Clarke, a former IT guy turned Gypsy Brewer (a brewer who moves around borrowing equipment to make their own). Mike spent a fair bit of time searching around for the perfect place to settle with Sauce and decided on Marrickville, the mecca of all things craft (think Batch, Poor Toms, Cornersmiths etc). Still in the planning process, Mike continues to move around making his beers. 

Below are the ones I've managed to get my hands on for the store, with more on the way over the next few months I imagine. 

Sauce Hop Sauce Pale Ale
4.5% 375ml

Our flagship Pale Ale. A lovely golden colour, citrusy with hints of tropical and stone fruits. Made with US & Aussie hops. An easy drinking sessionable pale ale at 4.5%.

Sauce Extra Hop Sauce IPA
6.2% 375ml

 American West-coast IPA, light-bodied and golden in colour with a tropical fruitbowl of aromas created using a combination of three amazing US hop varieties. Seriously smashable at 6.2%.

Sauce Mega Hop Sauce Double IPA 
8.9% 375ml

This was the first beer we brewed commercially and is a big favourite. Vienna and crystal malts for colour and balance, with a special mix of Calypso, Melba and Topaz hops, this is a big, resinous fruitilicious beer.



Posted: 02/03/2017
From Colorado to Scotland to the Counter

This week yielded some unexpected (but very welcome) arrivals in store. It seems that even from the top of Mt Kilimanjaro, Ian can still organise beer deliveries... 

We have some new New Belgiums (Colorado) and some limited release BrewDogs (Scotland) plus a Counter Tasting with Lionel to showcase the new New Belgiums (and to revisit some old favourites). Friday 3rd March 4 - 7pm on the front counter. 

New Belgium Brewery
 was opened in Colorado in 1991 and is the 4th largest Craft brewery in the US. Their Fat Tire Amber Ale (which has returned to the store) is their flagship brew, but it's some of their new IPA's that have piqued our interest. 

New Belgium Citradelic Tangerine IPA
6% 355ml

A real devisive beer here at the Oak Barrel. Daniel wasn't sold, I loved it. We'd love to hear your thoughts! Below is what the brewery has to say about this delicious brew:

Tune in and hop out with New Belgium Citradelic. Set adrift on a kaleidoscopic wave of hoppiness brought to you by a mystical marriage of Citra hops and tangerine peel, which elevates each sip onto a plane of pure tropical, fruity pleasure. Citradelic’s namesake hop and fruit combine to jam with visions of additional hops like citrusy Mandarina Bavaria, tropical Azzaca, and fruity Galaxy for a colorful explosion that’s grounded by just a touch of malty sweetness.

New Belgium Voodoo Ranger IPA
7% 355ml

The Voodoo Ranger is coming in to replace the original Ranger IPA (so get it while you can). New Belgium are set to release a range of new beers under the Voodoo labelling, so keep an eye out. The Voodoo Ranger IPA has a completely new recipe to its predeccesor.

Bursting with tropical aromas and juicy fruit flavors from Mosaic and Amarillo hops, this golden IPA is perfectly bitter with a refreshing, sublime finish.

was founded in 2007 by James and Martin and has been causing controversy with their provocative marketing and high ABVs ever since (Beer in a taxidermied animal at 55% anyone?!). It actually brightened my day to see these surprise beers roll through my door. 

BrewDog Ship Wreck American Strong Ale
13.8% 330ml 

It wouldn't be a BrewDog beer without a bit of controversy! Ship Wreck was originally a collaboration with Ballast Point until they sold out. BrewDog decided to release the beer anyway with Ballast Point redacted from the front label. 

Brewed to encapsulate the flavours of mezcal, this bright golden beer smoulders with smoky notes, as well as intense fruit character. A strong ale brewed with smoked malt and smoked agave syrup, aged in both Islay and Speyside casks, some loaded with Sal de Gusano. The resultant barrel-aged beer swings wildly between the intense Islay notes, crackling with peat smoke and toasted marshmallow, and the rich, fruity Speyside bringing peach, apricot and mango.

BrewDog Abstrakt AB:20 American Strong Ale 
14.2% 375ml

It’s time for our interpretation of the classic Italian tiramisu dessert - AB:20. A blend of an epic English barley wine brewed with coffee, oats and milk.

AB:20 has a deep and alluring nose of molasses, brandy and a spicy hit from the rum cask. On the palate are rich, decadent flavours of coffee bean, chocolate and vanilla. Expect a full bodied and chewy brew with notes of caramel and biscuit. This beer gains complexity as it warms in the glass. Enjoy! 97 Points on Rate Beer

BrewDog Paradox Islay Imperial Stout
15% 300ml

Paradox Islay is the latest of our whisky cask aged imperial stouts to be released from its smoky, shadowy cocoon. We have kept our Paradox locked away for 178 days in Islay whisky barrels before bottling.

Roasty malt flavours of coffee and chocolate combine with smoky molasses. Spicy hop bitterness balances the malt, before layers and layers of rich, peaty Islay whisky character build to epic proportions. 99 Points on Rate Beer

BrewDog Dog E Imperial Stout
15% 330ml

Dog E is an extra special brew, marking 9 years of BrewDog. Like dogs A to D before it, Dog E is an imperial stout with speciality ingredients, then barrel-aged. Dog E pours like dark matter into your glass, with a deep tan head. The nose is subtle but powerful, and on the palate, there’s a treacle toffee backbone, supporting the spicy hop flavour and naga chilli heat. Dog E is like eating chocolate ice cream and drinking cognac in a leather armchair. It’s also perfect for cellaring, or for a vertical tasting with Dog A, B, C & D. Dog C and Dog D are still available in store. 99 Points on Rate Beer


For those wondering what Ian, our adventurous Kiwi, has been up to the past few weeks - below is a photo of Proof of Life.


Posted: 23/02/2017