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Latest Beer & Cider News

Garage Project - NZ


Good to see a regular flow from one of NZ's bestest.


Garage Project Hippity Dippity IPA 7.4%

Brewed with a special strain of Brettanomyces, this hoppy IPA carries plenty of mango, tropical fruit as well a nice resinous bitterness from Amarillo, Galaxy and Citra hops.

Garage Project Cereal Milk Stout 4.7%

Cereal Milk Stout evokes the familiar and comforting taste of the last few mouthfuls of a bowl of cereal. It’s a session-strength stout brewed with oats, chocolate wheat malt, a dose of lactose and actual cornflakes.


 Garage Project Bliss Lager 4.5% 

Brewed using NZ malt and Motueka hops, this beer is cold fermented and then stored at below zero temperature to produce a clean, easy drinking and crisp lager.


Garage Project Lil Red Eye Amber Ale 6.5%

Brewed in an amber ale style, using Simcoe and Amarillo hops with Munich and caramel malts. Flavour has a nice hop presence on a caramel/malty base. 


Garage Project Petite Mort Sour/Farmhouse 5.3%

A farmhouse/blonde ale fermented with Brettanomyces and saison yeast before having a generous amount of Wa-iti hops added. Its floral, herbaceous and a little citrusy (easy drinking sour).


Garage Project White Mischief Peach Gose 2.9%

A kettle soured wheat beer flavoured with white peaches and a dash of salt. 
very refreshing gose, clean and refreshing with a soft peach flavour.


PS - Wildflower sale on the Gold and Amber blends until next ThursdayCLICK HERE


Posted: 19/07/2018
Imperial Stout Time - Aussies

They are finally here in the middle of winter.Better late than never.Some are limited so first in !



Murrays Wild Thing Whisky Imp Stout 10% 375ml 

Murrays Wild Thing is a cult favourite and for good reason,
a big and rich imperial stout which this year has the unique feature
of being conditioned on whisky staves to impart a smoky, boozy flavour. 


Holgate Empress 10%

The Big sister of the much-loved temptress (Best porter AIBA 2018). the Empress uses the same great Dutch cocoa and Madagascar vanilla but with the addition of premium coffee (from Moto Bean Coffee Roasters). 

Silky Smooth with dark chocolate, vanilla, roasted coffee (of-course) and a slight bitterness.     


Hawkers Imperial Stout 11.5% 2018

A big, bold and full flavoured stout from Hawkers brewery. Showing a rich, malty palate with dark chocolate, espresso and a boozy warmth.   


 Moon Dog Black Lung VIII 8.1%

The 8th release of the legendary black lung series. 

This year’s edition has spent time in cognac barrels, imparting a delicious juiciness (juicy fortified raisings?), the palate then continues with sweet smoke, plenty of chocolate, dark caramel and roasted nuts.    


Mornington Peninsula Imperial Stout 2018 9.5%

A think, moreish beer with flavours of dark fruit, cocoa and roasted malt. A delicious stout to savour. 

Rated 99/100 on Rate Beer. 


Posted: 12/07/2018
Fair -Special Pricing


I have decided to carry over the special pricing on products tasted at the Fair, through to Tuesday 10th July. These are the  Companies whose products will be on special.
This is instore only.

Akasha - Brekeriet 

Bridge Road - Cheeky Grog Co

Dugges - Exit

Frenchies - Flying Brick

Hop Nation - Mornington

Pioneer - Pomologist

Prancing Pony -  Boon

Sixpoint - Rodenbach

Prancing Pony - Sailors Grave

Shenanigans - Small Acres Cyder

Stockade -  Two Metre Tall

Yulli’s - Wildflower

 Thanks to all those  that where here on Saturday and made it such an enjoyable event

Drink well


PS - FREE TASTING  This Friday 6th July . At the front counter -  4.30 to 7.30pm

        Fixation & New Belgium beers

Posted: 04/07/2018
Good Winter Drinking


This week has been a manic week! In between organising the Craft Beer Fair and volunteering at BrewCon, I feel like I have been a little slack on the new stock front. On the plus side, we have so many special beers arriving in time for the Fair! And by this time tomorrow we'll know the results of the Independent Beer Awards which were judged at the beginning of the week. 

Having spent the better part of my week volunteering at the Indies and BrewCon, I've come away with a whole new appreciation for the Australian craft beer industry. It is such an inclusive, welcoming and fun industry to be a part of. I have met so many wonderful and influential people (including a few of my beer idols) and I encourage anyone to attend or voulnteer next year. You don't need to be industry, you just need to have a healthy (or unhealthy!) love of craft beer. 

As I've been flitting about this week, I've realised it's bloody cold at the moment, so we're going to talk dark beers. Ian and I have selected some of our favourites that we reckon will kick the winter blues. 





Moylan's Ryan Sullivan Imperial Stout 10% 655ml

A monster stout with a warming smooth malty finish and hints of roasted coffee and chocolate.

One of the best value American stouts we have on the shelves at the moment. It's highly rated on rate beer and we rate it here in store too. We also have the Ryan Sullivan Barrel Aged Imperial Stout which is aged in Heaven Hill whisky barrels. 





Two Birds Stout 5.2% 330ml

One of the best seasonal stouts we have in store. I'm trying to petition them to brew it all year round....

In 2017, the Two Birds added a 5th beer to the flock, but one that changes with each season. Enjoy 4 different beers designed by the Two Birds to make the most of what Mother Nature has to offer. Rain, hail or shine.

Dark and brooding, like chilly Winter nights, this Oatmeal Stout uses oats to create a creamy mouthfeel and warm you from the inside out. Delicately roasty with a subtle bitterness and dark berry hop notes.




Batch Elsie the Milk Stout Nitro Can 4.4% 440ml

One of my absolute favourites and then they put it on nitro! Happy Days!

Elsie is made by combining unfermentable lactose with a malt bill so complex the brewers refer to it as their 'kitchen sink beer'. The result is a beer that's sweet and smooth and dark and roasty, with gentle touches of chocolate, coffee and cream. Served on nitrogen at the bar, but conditioned for the bottle, allowing yeast to naturally carbonate the stout for an incredibly thick and smooth texture. She's so tasty, you'll believe cows really can jump over the moon!




Harviestoun Old Engine Oil Porter 6% 330ml

This beer is just the job for anyone who appreciates beautifully engineered stuff that used to be made properly. So undo the top button of your pressed pits overalls, ease into the wingback and roll out a rare taste of a truly great British beer.

Old Engine Oil is a remarkably smooth, creamy brew with a beautiful velvety mouthfeel. Enjoy flavours of coffee, slightly buttered toffee, dark chocolate and earthy hops. You may find some mild cherry fruit within the residual sweetness, neatly accompanying the roasted flavours that ride with you all the way to the finish.

We are only days away from the Craft Beer Fair and I cannot wait! I've been liaising with all the brewers and reps to make sure they bring you something special. 

I will be on holidays in the UK as of Monday, so you won't be hearing from me too much. If you need anything, feel free to reach out to the boys. They'd love to talk hops to you!

Having a bit of fun meeting one of my beer idols, Will Irving, Head Brewer of Feral.


Posted: 28/06/2018
New Prairie Artisan Ales


With just over a week till Sydney Craft Beer & Cider Fair we're flat out like a lizard drinking trying to finalise all the tasty brews that you'll be sampling. We also have some of the new Prairie Artisan Ales in store, including the most delicious looking Bomb! Deconstructed. Prairie was founded in 2012 in Oklahoma and boasts some of the top rated and interesting beers in the world. 


Prairie Artisan Ales Bomb! Deconstructed 11.8%

One Per Member Only. Sold as a 4 Pack.

Imperial Stout Aged on Chili Peppers. Imperial Stout Aged on Cacao Nibs. Imperial Stout Aged on Coffee. Imperial Stout Aged on Vanilla.

The original Bomb! is an imperial stout aged on coffee, chocolate, vanilla beans, and ancho chili peppers. The peppers add just the right amount of heat to complement the intense coffee and chocolate flavors

99 Points on RateBeer.





Prairie Artisan Ales Ace Farmhouse 7.5% 500ml

Ace is a candy sugar Saison dry-hopped with Sorachi Ace hops.

A Belgian ale that is most commonly pale, refreshing, moderately strong and finishes dry.





Stone & Wood Stone Beer 2018 7.5% 330ml

Each year under the night sky, we honour the ancient technique of our brewing ancestors with the ritual of adding wood fired stones to our kettle to caramelise the brew. Brewed for when the days are short and the nights are cold, our 2018 Stone Beer is a decadently dark porter. With aromas and flavours of roast barley, hints of coffee and dark chocolate, this winter release finishes with a firm bitterness from the kettle hops and black malts.

Tickets to the Beer Fair are selling fast so I would recommend getting in quick! Just hit the button below. As usual, you can find all the new beers via the link below too. 


Posted: 21/06/2018
Help! So much new beer!


I need help everyone. I have too much beer and too little space! Though I imagine it's not a bad problem to have, the beer department having too much beer...

We have a bunch of GABS beers coming through plus the first ever shipment of High Water Brewing to hit Australia and old favourites return from Moylans and Drakes. 




High Water Aphotic Imperial Porter 9.3% 650ml

Aphotic [ā-fō’-tic] Greek: without light.

Formally defined as the depths in water beyond which less than one percent of sunlight penetrates. Aphotic is a beer with a very dark side. Just one sip and you will understand the true depths of its darkness as the deep, luxurious layers of malt rich-ness tantalize and tease your taste buds.

97 Points of RateBeer.




Drakes Hopocalypse DIPA 9.3% 650ml

This deep orange monster is loosely filtered to keep the integrity of the malt & hops intact. Equal amounts of American 2-row malt and English pale malt are combined with Vienna and Rye malts, then balanced with Citra, Simcoe and Chinook hops for flavor. We then dry hop it with Cascade, Simcoe and Chinook hops for an intense hoppy aroma. Enjoy the massive aromatic Revelation and prophetic flavor of this beer now and forever after.

98 Points on RateBeer. 




Moylans BA Ryan Sullivan Imperial Stout 10% 650ml

This particular incarnation of the Ryan Sullivan Imperial Stout spends 6 months in Heaven Hill whisky barrels. 

Originally brewed to withstand the long voyage from London to Czarist Russia, Imperial Stouts are rich, thick and intense. Named in honor of St. Patrick's Day Piper, Ryan Sullivan's Imperial Stout brings chocolate truffles, espresso coffee, burnt currants and the sweetness of sherry to mind. This is the classic "Cigar Stout".

95 Points on RateBeer.




High Water Calambic Central Valley Breakfast Sour 6.2% 500ml

The first release in our new Calambic Series, "California Lambic", beers inspired by and paying homage to the masterful artisans of the Lambic region of Belgium and their unique spontaneously fermented beers. Our Central Valley Breakfast Sour is a beer adventurer's dream come true. Aged in used wine barrels for one year with the finest fruit added from our very own San Joaquin Valley.

It is a bright and beautiful golden sour with an abundance of fresh pressed white grapefruit juice. The tart beginnings are rounded by the lusciousness from the pears and the delicate, exotic perfume of the lychee fruit. A pleasurable ale to enjoy with brunch or anytime of the day.

96 Points on RateBeer.

We're moving full steam ahead towards Sydney Craft Beer & Cider Fair being a sell-out event. Hit the button below to secure the last few tickets. I was a bit slack last week with the New Beer List but it is up for this week or you can click the new beer button below. 


Posted: 14/06/2018
Winter Warmers


Winter is well and truly here and so are the winter beers. We have stouts, porters and barelywines galore not to mention all the packaged GABS beers that are becoming available in limited quantities. 




Six String Gothic Imperial Stout 9.4% 500ml

It's now time to take a seat in your most comfortable arm chair in front of a warm and cozy fire as you get ready to be embraced by our Gothic Stout. Pitch black in colour with a long standing tan head. The aroma boasts a deep and rich roasted malt sweetness with layers of coffee, chocolate, caramel and toffee. The morishly complex flavours are brought together by the high alcohol sweetness that is balanced by its lingering espresso bitterness.




Bruny Island Cetenary Blackberry Stout 7% 500ml

Brew number #100 for Bruny Island Beer Co. Inspired by the Autumn seasonal harvests with blackberries from Westerway (Tasmania). It's a rich Stout with a lovely smooth underlying berry character. Brewed for #GABS2018. 

This is a double whammy, being both a delectable stout and a GABS beer. We also recieved a New England India Saison which is their take on a NEIPA. It has a huge mango and citrus hop presence complemented by an undercurrent of pepper and fruit from a special Belgian yeast strain.




Sailors Grave Drunken sailor Breakfast Stout 5% 500ml

Coffee Breakfast Stout brewed with micro roasted beans by Genovese, vanilla beans, cinnamon and a little Karl whiskey barrel oak aging to boost the coffee notes.

This is the second release of Chris's Breakfast Stout which sees the addition of a little bit of whiskey barrel ageing (hence the Drunken Sailor). We also see the return of the Oyster Stout, Law of the Tongue. 

We have events galore coming up as well. We have IPA AppreciationBeer Quiz Night and last but not least, Sydney Craft Beer & Cider Fair which is close to selling out. Hit the images below to learn more!

No one mention Cantillon to me. You'll know when I know :)


Posted: 07/06/2018
Countdown to Beer Fair begins!


The countdown is on for Sydney Craft Beer and Cider Fair with one month to go! We're going to let the brewers, breweries and reps recover from GABS Sydney this weekend before we start pestering them for some wierd and wonderful brews for our own fair. 

I've been a busy little bee locking down some awesome brews that we'll see as of June 1st (including some GABS beers) so this newsletter will be a little bit light on actual products however I do have an exciting little side project going on in beer alley - a Lucky Dip! Drop in store to find some cool Aussie beers that have never been on our shelves. Stocks are limited!

 Am I excited to mention that we've managed to secure some stock from BrewDog so as of Friday Dog B, C, D, E and Abstrakt 17, 19, 23 & 24 will be available online and instore from midday. 


Posted: 31/05/2018
Woolshed Brewery and new Imperial Puft


On the banks of the Murray River in the Riverland region of SA, you'll find a brewery with a stunning outlook. Woolshed Brewery is located in an old shearing shed and not only offers a "Brew with a view" but also onsite accommodation. 

We've been seeing more and more Woolshed beers available to us of late and they land on the shelf right along side an old favourite of ours, the Hard Lemonade. 

Last year I wrote about what I thought was one of the best beers I'd had in a long time (and I stand by that) and last week I received a case of their Imperial version. I'm talking about Tiny Rebel's Stay Puft Marshmallow Porter (you can read my little review here) and I'm giddy with excitement to try Imperial Puft Marshmallow Porter. 



Woolshed Brewery The Big Orange Kettle Sour 4.1% 375ml

A collab brew with Left Barrel Brewing, the Big Orange is a Barrel Fermented Kettle sour, dry hopped with Citra hops and fermented with Riverlands Orange Juice.

Kette souring is an interesting process where lactobacillus is added during the brew process. For those of you who want to know a little more, this is a great article. 




Woolshed Brewery Chocolate Breakfast Stout 5.5% 375ml

This single batch limited edition is created with rolled oats, roast barley, milk sugar, sweet caramel malts and pure liquid cacao for that big chocolate hit, this stout will give you a reason to wake up in the morning!




Tiny Rebel Imperial Puft Marshmallow Porter 9% 330ml

We've taken everything great about Stay Puft and gone bigger. We've imperialised our delectable marshmallow porter up to 9% ABV with rich roasty notes, a sticky sweetness and rich dried fruit flavours from the massive amounts of malt working to a higher strength.

I'm literally drinking this as I write this newsletter and it hasn't disappointed (yet again!). Marshmallow nose but not too sweet on the palate. It's just such a good beer. Definitely my favourite porter. 

We have a bunch of events coming up and you can check them all out here and as usual, you can check out all the new products via the button below. 

Posted: 24/05/2018
Fair Exhibitors Finalised


We have the final line up for our seventh Sydney Craft Beer & Cider Fair! There  will be 24 breweries and cideries. Each has been pushed to have something new on their table. Love the new.

Here is a little of what will be happening.

This year we have Pete from Pioneer with his farmed and brewed brews, the Shenanigans crew are working on something special (chillis again, I hope!), Ashley from Two Metres will be pouring some of his limited (and tanks samples, If I push him hard enough), Frenchies is back and promising something special, Stockade will be pouring their limited release brews and then you have first timers Hop Nation, Prancing Pony, Bridge Road and Wildflower.

The International is a lot stronger than previous years, we have Brekeriet (Sweden), Boon (Belgium), Dugges (Sweden) and Sixpoint (States),

If you are coming along for the ciders, Pomologist Cider will be launching their new  range, James from the multi award winning Small Acres Cyder pouring all the big boys, Flying Brick from Western Aus will be pouring growlers of ciders not currently available over here and then we have The Cheeky Grog Co participating for the first time.

Can’t mention everyone in this,  as would go on forever. Let’s just say that it will be another outstanding day drinking and talking craft with the people behind the brands.

Full list of Exhibitors - CLICK HERE

Drink well

Posted: 14/05/2018