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Latest Beer & Cider News

New Releases from 3 Ravens


This week we have the new releases from 3 Ravens, a brewery based Thornbury, Victoria. 3 Ravens started out in 2003 as a microbrewery, pumping out European style beers to great success. In 2013, it looked like the brewery might be cactus after some disagreements led to it being put up for sale. In rode the valiant heroes, Mash Brewing of WA, to save the day. Mash was looking for somewhere to begin brewing on the East Coast and 3 Ravens was the perfect oppurtunity. 

There is still a focus on European style beers, as well as some souped up variants and plenty of collabs. All the following notes are from the spectactular guys at The Crafty Pint.

3 Ravens Wild Ravens Industrial Farmhouse 5.7% 750ml
Back in May, a group of brewers and other beer industry folk from Portland headed to Melbourne as the first guests in Good Beer Week's Good Beer Mates program. While here, the brewers from Breakside and The Commons hooked up with local brewers to create a beer. In each case, it was to be an Aussie twist on one of the American brewers' best known beers. The Commons headed to Thornbury to reinvent its Urban Farmhouse Ale, again with local ingredients, as the Industrial Farmhouse Ale.

It appears as beer three of four in the current run of Wild Ravens mixed ferment beers and, despite being one of two in that run that doesn't feature grape juice, it comes with vinous qualities. The initial hit has white grape qualities to it, while there's an apple-tinged acidity amid the peppery, drying, back palate tartness, presumably a result of blending in some of the brewery's barrel aged golden sour. In between, the malt and yeast comes into play – a bready sweetness, spicy aromas – while the beer fires off a little burst of farmhouse funk as a parting gift.

3 Ravens Wild Ravens Sourdough Ale 4.4% 750ml
The fifth in the rapidly growing Wild Ravens series is a beer that came about as an unexpected bonus from some experimentation on the part of head brewer Brendan O'Sullivan and his mates Pippa and Michael at South Yarra's Tivoli Road Bakery (where Brendan's sister has worked for a few years). The latter specialise in sourdough bread, croissants and pastries, have picked up awards galore for their hot cross buns, use 3 Ravens' Druid in their Christmas pudding, have worked with the brewery's spent grain and are now experimenting with its mixed culture too. In short, there's plenty of common ground.

The exchange of goods has been two-way too. More than six months ago, they set out to barrel ferment some Berliner Weisse using wheat levain in one barrel, rye starter in another. Brendan didn't have particularly high hopes, but was delighted with the result – particularly with the rye barrel, where he detected stonefruit and grape characters. So the two barrels were blended and released as the Sourdough Ale. And it's quite delightful: crisp, lightly acidic, subtly complex and wine like with a fine carbonation and fruit characters they define as apple, grape and apricot.

3 Ravens Wild Ravens Riesling Golden Sour 6% 750ml
At the brewery, you'll find rows of barrels with all manner of liquids and combinations of yeasts and bacteria lining the walls (one is titled, simply: "ACID") plus various other containers big and small with cultures and trial batches bubbling away. One of the larger ones is actually a dedicated fruit tank, which is where part of the beer that is the first of four new Wild Ravens took shape. The brewery team travelled to Rochford Wines to collect whole bunch King Valley Riesling pomace (what's left after the winemakers have squeezed out most of the juice) and combined them with a golden sour brewed with rye and oats that had already been aged in oak. After a couple of weeks extracting as much from the grapes and skins as they could, the liquid was extracted, blended back with more of the base beer and put into bottles, where it continues to condition.

Also in there is the house "yeast" (the speech marks indicating it's rather more than a simple yeast – it's now a combination of every commercially available "wild" yeast culture and bacteria they could get their hands on plus various other cultures from previous brews and beers from other breweries). The brewers expect it to continue to develop and become increasingly complex over time. For now, it's fruity, acidic and dry with some tannic qualities too and hints of the funkier elements of the various Brett strains and pediococcus bacteria apparent in the tail.

3 Ravens Little Ravens Tripel 9% 330ml
The Tripel uses the Belgian/Canadian yeast strain that originates at iconic Canadian brewery Unibroue, with the water, malt and hops there in supporting roles to allow the yeast's remarkable character to shine through. When we had a sample from the tank before the beer was finished and low in carbonation, the aromatics were subdued, leaving us totally unprepared for the explosion of flavour on the palate: soft, sweet malts, banana, peppery spice and the like, all carried in a typically fulsome (and 9 percent ABV) Belgian ale body.

Now the beer is finished, we're told to expect "a soft maltiness reminscent of fresh baked bread, spicy and herbal hop notes and a floral yeast character with complex fruit (pear, banana, apricot) and spice (pepper, clove, allspice). A smooth, creamy palate and mousse-y carbonation leading into a dry finish with refreshing acidity, alcohol warmth and a balancing bitterness.

3 Ravens Wild Ravens Pinot Noir Golden Sour 6% 750ml
A sour beer brewed with oats and rye and aged in oak barrels, then matured on Kilmore Pinot Noir pomace courtesy of our friends at Payten & Jones.



Posted: 17/08/2017
Modus Operandi Masterclass with Brewer


Next up in our series of Beer Masterclasses is the hugely successful, Modus Operandi, from Mona Vale. What started up with little fanfare in 2014, has become one of NSW's most awarded and most loved breweries. 

Mona Vale is not always the easiest place to get to, so when my rep, Simon (enthusiastically) suggested getting Brewer, Dennis de Boer, in to do a masterclass... How could I say no?!

Join us in our Cellar Room, as we welcome Dennis to have a chat about what they're up to and where they're headed. We'll be showcasing some of the core range as well as some special brews, fresh from the tanks. 

WHAT: Modus Operandi Masterclass with Brewer, Dennis de Boer
WHERE: The Oak Barrel, 152 Elizabeth St, Sydney 2000
WHEN: Tuesday 19th Sept, 6.15pm for a 6.30pm start
PRICE: Members $25 / Guest $35

Posted: 17/08/2017
Wild Beers from Wild Beer Co.


We've got some weird (in a good way) beers in this week from Wild Beer Co. Having started out in Somerset, brewers Andrew and Brett enjoy experimenting with wild yeasts and fermentations to create interesting flavours and styles. 

Wild Beer Co. Beyond Modus III Sour Red Ale 8% 750ml
After an initial period of ageing, with wild yeasts, we blend a batch of Modus Operandi, we then age this blend for a further 4 months in some exceptional Burgundy red wine barrels, hand-picked to be the perfect vessels for this beer. As this is 'Beyond Modus’ we blend in a couple of select beers from our barrel library. We think these add extra character, depth and complexity to the blend, to make it the finest barrel-aged beer we have achieved so far. We expect this beer to age very well for a number of years. 93 Points on Ratebeer. 


Wild Beer Co. Wildebeest Imperial Stout 11% 330ml
Ideal for contemplation and speculation, this is the liquid equivalent of the lotus position. Our Imperial espresso chocolate vanilla stout, Wildebeest is a judicious selection of pale and dark malts to which is added the highest quality Valrhona cocoa nibs and freshly roasted Columbian coffee.

Best enjoyed sipped from your favourite brandy snifter, while sitting comfortably in a plush armchair, preferably next to a roaring fire.The vanilla pods add something a little special to the character of the beer. Helping produce an elegant, creamy, soothing confection of aromas and flavours. It’s like a rich dessert in a glass. 99 Points on Ratebeer. 


Wild Beer Co. Smoke 'n' Barrels - Winter Smoke Beer 7.4% 330ml
Winter Has Arrived.

Winter is a time for rich, warming and intense flavours and they don’t come much more intense than Wild Sloes. And we’ve gone BIG with this smoke n barrels.
Smoke ‘n’ Barrels is all about encorporating local ingredients and also smoking malts with various varieties of wood. For a true taste of Somerset winter we smoked local sloes with liquorish root. Intense and rich, the base Belgian Dubbel base is packed with date, fig and dried fruit character. It was also finished by filling one of our new red wine foudres straight from California. The vineous wood character increases the decadent delight even further.


Wild Beer Co. Wild Goose Chase Saison 4.5% 330ml
We thought we would be able to make this beer exactly how we wanted...

The "all-day" wild beer, tart and fruity, but well-hopped and drinkable. We have been chasing this beer since we started the brewery and love this combination.
Juicy, tart gooseberries and our own culture of wild yeast from local orchards give this a gentle acidity. Whilst a generous "dry-hop" of complementary hops enhance the fruitiness and give a light but moreish bitterness.


Wild Beer Co. Sourdough Sour/Wild Ale 3.6% 330ml
Beer and Bread have been showing off the magic of yeast for thousands of years, we decided to combine the two. The old and the new, contemporary ideas and historical techniques and ingredients, a very special beer that combines all these things and more.

6 months before we even had a brewery we started talking to Tom Herbert about the Hobbs House Bakery’s 58 year old Sourdough yeast, and whether we could use it to ferment a beer. Tom was excited, we were excited!
After a year of trials we decided to loosely base the beer on a Berliner Weisse style but with a Wild Beer slant to it. We have used the 58 year old sourdough culture and a little brettanomyces and put the beer straight into oak barrels for its primary fermentation.
It has been slowly fermenting, maturing and souring for 4 months in the barrels and will continue to evolve and develop in the bottle. There is a lovely gentle rounded fruity sourness to this beer. It isn’t harsh, and its low alcohol makes it the perfect brunch beer to enjoy with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on some Hobbs House Bakery Sourdough.


Plus, Wild Beer Modus Operandi Sour/Red Ale 7% 330ml is back! 


Upcoming Tastings

Friday 11 August Australian BrewingFree at the front counter 4-7 pm 
Friday 18 August Capital BrewingFree at the front counter 4-7pm
Friday 15 September Akasha BrewingFree at the front counter 4-7pm


Posted: 10/08/2017
New Stuff from Evil Twin, plus Batch Masterclass lineup announced


This week we have some new arrivals from one of the mostist famous gypsy brewers: Evil Twin Brewing. In Denmark in the 90s, after giving up running and teaching, Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø, developed an intense interest in the craft beer scene. Funnily enough so did his twin brother, Mikkel Borg-Bjergsø of Mikkeler fame. From this, a rivalry of Gallagher/Oasis proportions is said to have developed, only to be alleviated once Jeppe made the move to Brooklyn, US to start Evil Twin Brewing. Whether you believe the gossip or not, they both make some damn good beers, 

Jeppe is said to not have much of an interest in the brewing process, but rather what the outcome will be. I think we can all agree that whatever the process, he's set himself apart with his interesting flavours and styles. I've picked my top 5 from our recent shipment.

Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break Imperial Stout 11.5% 473ml Can
Brewed at Westbrook Brewing. The Roman Empire had a certain “je ne sais quoi” festive food culture, extravagant architecture and spectacular live entertainment. Some might argue the Emperors were brutal, mad and hungry for power, and the people vain when taking baths and working out all day. Listen – that’s still all part of the secret Imperial ingredient – keep it cool, clean, confident, arrogant and flamboyant. Forza Imperiale. 100 Points on Ratebeer. 

Evil Twin / Omnipollo Old Fashioned Lemonade IPA 7% 355ml 
Brewed at Dorchester Brewing Company. A refreshing drink often associated with childhood nostalgia to others a pop cultural symbol of emancipation. Whatever the association we teamed up with good old Swedes, Henok and Karl of the fashionable Omnipollo to squeeze out a tasty, tempting and deceivling well balanced IPA with sweet and sour notes of old-fashioned memories. Perhaps you can taste the dishonesty, it's all over your breath - it's Lemonade. 90 Points on Ratebeer. 

Evil Twin / Two Roads Geyser Gose 5.5% 355ml Can
Brewed at Two Roads Brewing Company. Our first ever collaboration brewed with Jeppe from Evil Twin. Two Evil twist on gose with ingredients sourced from Iceland including Icelandic moss, rye, herbs, sea kelp, skyr and birch smoked sea salt. 92 Points on Ratebeer. 

Evil Twin Liquid Double Fudge Imperial Stout 12% 650ml Bottle
Brewed at Two Roads Brewing Co. The seasonal release of Evil Twin Brewing’s, ‘Liquid Double Fudge,’ is one of those
monster beers with big, dark flavours that make this dessert in a bottle something worth remembering. 92 Points on Ratebeer. 

Evil Twin Even More Jesus Imperial Stout 12% 473ml Can 
Brewed at Westbrook Brewing. Few times in the history of craft beer it has happened that a highly praised beer rises beyond mortal stardom into a higher godly league. Usually the recipe to make such heavenly drops is thick fudge-like body, pitch black color, amazingly overwhelming aromas of chocolate, coffee, dark fruits and muscovado sugar, obviously only made in limited amounts and most crucial of all – it must taste rare! 100 Points on Ratebeer. 

Also available:

Evil Twin Imperial Simcoe Slacker IPA 7.5%
Evil Twin Sanguinem Aurantiaco Sour/Wild Ale 3.5%
Evil Twin Mission Gose 4%


I've been in talks with the Brewers from Batch and we've come up with a bit of a line up:

Tank 6 Imperial Stout
Elsie Other Udder Milk Stout
India Black Ale
The Huge Kahuna

I was asked 'As long as you don't mind going dark...' I think with the recent change in weather, we'd welcome some winter warmers! We have limited tickets still available. Check out the link below!



Posted: 03/08/2017
Batch Masterclass and New Stuff from All Over!


We've got a bit of a mixed bag this week with some exciting new Tassie stuff (as they've had some of the biggest growth in the craft beer sector) as well as the Bucket Boys and Australian Brewery Collab "That's How You Make Porridge" and something a little risque from Little Bang Brewing. Not to mention, we've locked in the Brewers from Batch Brewing Co. (finally!) to come in and a host a masterclass for the release of their seasonal Tank 6 Imperial Stout. As usual, we'll convince them to bring something special. You can grab tickets HERE.  

Now, onto our new stuff. I've picked some of things I'm particularly excited about. 

Bruny Island Beer Co.

Evan Hunter, former brewer at Moo Brew and Seven Sheds (and a former distiller at Lark) has come in to help launch the Bruny Island Beer Co. with Nick Haddow from the Bruny Island Cheese Co. With a shared enthusiam for local produce and fermentation, this pair have continued to put Bruny Island on the map as a must-visit destination.

Oxymoron Dark Pale Ale 5.5% 500ml Oxymoron is our signature dark ale - or is it a pale ale disguised as a dark ale? Does it matter if you drink it with your eyes closed? Either way, Oxymoron straddles the gulf between pale and dark as both a refreshing dark ale for summer and a rich 'pale' ale for winter. Oxymoron is texturally rich, with spice and cocoa notes from a generous addition of malted rye. Malt characters are balanced by hop aromatics from large additions of Tasmanian-grown Willamette, Cascade, Enigma and Galaxy hops late in the brewing process and in dry hopping.

Whey Stout 5.8% 500ml Whey Stout is inspired by the medicinal 'milk' stouts of Victorian England – enriched with lactose, they were prescribed for a wide range of ailments. In our case, getting the lactose involves carrying nearly 400 litres of cow's milk whey left over from making Raw Milk C2 to the brew kettle, 50 metres from the cheesery. Our ale yeast cannot digest the whey's lactose, meaning that it remains in the beer after fermentation and adds texture and sweetness. Whey Stout has a full-bodied, creamy mouthfeel and tastes smooth and roasty, with a slightly sweet, milk chocolate finish and just a hint of bitterness.

Cloudy Bay Raw Wheat IPA 6.6% 500ml Cloudy Bay IPA honours the hop breeders of Hop Products Australia by featuring all six hop varieties currently available  - Ella, Enigma, Galaxy, Helga, HPA-035 and Summer. As proprietary strains, these hops are grown only by HPA at its two Australian farms. Generous amounts of these rare hops are used in seven separate additions during the brewing process, creating a heady blend of citrus, tropical fruit and herbal aromas. A restrained bitterness allows the earthy tartness of the Bruny Island red wheat to shine through, accentuating the tangy hop flavours.

Hobart Brewing Company

Opening its doors in March 2016 with Scott Overdorf and co-founder, Brendan Parnell, at the helm, Hobart Brewing has slowly but surely added more and more beers to its repetoir. In fact, it's here that I found one of the best barrel-aged Saisons I've ever had.

Saison – Barrel-Aged Program #1 ABV: 7% 750ml Aged for 4 months in Forty Spotted winter release Gin barrels and Grant Burges Port barrels. This first release in our Barrel-Aged Program has been brewed and bottled at our Hobart Brewery. Light earthy and spicy flavours highlighted by the characteristics imparted by the barrels.

Little Bang Brewery

Started by a couple of bearded, bespectacled beer nerds (all self-proclaimed), Fil and Ryan. All beers are brewed out of Fil's garden shed, and with the success of Galactopus Barley Wine, I thought we should try their newest brew:

Beard Fiction Slightly Erotic American Pale Ale 5% 330ml A droplet of condensation teased the rim of his glass, the caramel highlights sparkled in the sun, the hop aroma rising, rising... His parched lips parted, and... Beard Fiction. This is an American Pale Ale of borderline-pornographic drinkability. Here at Little Bang, we like our Pales like we like our men: A bit nutty, not too bitter, and pretty damn fruity.

My final brew today is a collaboration between the boys at Bucket Boys and one of the craft beer stalwarts, Australian Brewery.

That's How You Make Porridge Breakfast Brown Ale 6% 375ml The perfect breakfast beer.
It's a little sweet, made with honey, golden oats & a little lactose, so it essentially tastes like breakfast cereal. Perfect for a winters morning.... Or afternoon.. Or evening.

Honestly, we've got so many cracking beers in this week that I could keep going.... OR I could just send you to the usual link of New Stuff below!


Posted: 27/07/2017
Brouhaha Brewing from Queensland plus Upcoming Tastings


Brouhaha Brewing are one of the new guys on the block of craft brewing. It’s an independent brewpub set up by some Queensland locals in mid-2016 in what is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, Maleny in the Queensland Hinterland (I promise I’m not biased…).

They’ve hit the ground running with a variety of styles, all in handy cans, and happily some have made it to the Oak Barrel.

New Zealand Pale Ale 4.5% Brouhaha's New Zealand Pale Ale pack hops and malts exclusively from NZ! It pours a lovely golden orange colour, with a tightly packed white head. The healthy dose of NZ hops at regular intervals throughout the brewing process gives it a very juicy, tropical, citrus nose. A light, smooth palate, aided by the addition of wheat malts ensures the hops are well balanced. A moderate bitterness and juicy hop portfolio make this an extremely sessional pale ale.

IPA (India Pale Ale) 6.7% Our IPA is a freshly hopped American IPA. It is a light caramel, amber colour with a nose to die for! Huge passionfruit and stone fruit notes come from generous late hopping with Amarillo, Chinook and Centennial. But this IPA is all about balance. A predominantly English ale malt backbone ensure this beer is juicy, smooth and well- rounded. This takes the best parts of East and West Coast IPA’s and blends them into a beautifully balanced IPA that is far too smooth for 6.7%.

Strawberry Rhubarb Sour 4.2% It's a kettle sour beer made using Maleny Dairies natural yoghurt as the souring culture. Then stewed rhubarb and strawberries were added into the fermenter during secondary fermentation. The resulting beer is light pink in colour and has strawberries on the nose but the taste is anything but sweet. Strong berry flavours develop into sour rhubarb and finish nice and dry.

Double IPA (India Pale Ale) 8.5% This is essentially an IPA on steroids. Increased alcohol. Increased hops. But far too easy to drink! A pale malt bill allows these huge American hops to shine! We have double dry-hopped this beast with Amarillo, Chinook and Centennial and then left it for an extended period of cold-conditioning to balance it all out. Patience has made sure this beer drinks far too smoothly for its 8.5%. But beware, these won’t just sneak up on you...

Milk Stout 4.8% Our milk stout pours beautifully dark with a burnt caramel coloured head. The aroma has distinct roast malt notes with hints of smoke. Lactose is added to ensure a smooth medium body to balance the roasted malt. And a clean sweet finish ensures this is an easy drinker and a stout for all seasons at 4.8%.

The Glasshouse Mountains as seen from my Aunt Beryl's back yard!

Upcoming Beer Events

Hairyman Brewing will be joining us for a FREE counter tasting on Friday 28 July, 4-7pm. 

Australian Brewery will also be doing a FREE counter tasting on Friday 11 August, 4-7pm.

Craft Beer Appreciation is back! If you're new to craft beer or want to come and chat about it (not to mention drink it), join me on August 16. See the link bellow for tickets and details.

Batch Brewing Co. will be joining us soon (sometime in August) for a sit down masterclass with their brewers for the release of Tank 6 Imperial Stout. They're bound to bring some goodies along so keep an eye out for further info. 



Posted: 20/07/2017
Batch Masterclass with Brewers and Tank Samples!


I’d hazard a guess that you’re (almost all) familiar with our friends at Batch Brewing Co. After all, they’ve been permanent fixtures in Marrickville since 2013 when Andrew and Chris got the ball rolling after two years of planning. However, this is the first time we’ve had a Batch brewer through our Cellar Room for a sit-down masterclass. We’ll be having a look at the newly bottled, seasonal release of Tank 6 Imperial Stout, as well as some special goodies.

I've been in talks with the Brewers from Batch and we've come up with a bit of a line up:

Tank 6 Imperial Stout
Elsie Other Udder Milk Stout
India Black Ale
The Huge Kahuna

I was asked 'As long as you don't mind going dark...' I think with the recent change in weather, we'd welcome some winter warmers! We have limited tickets still available.

WHAT: Batch Brewing Co. Masterclass
WHERE: The Oak Barrel, 152 Elizabeth St, Sydney 2000
WHEN: Tuesday 8th August, 6.15pm for a 6.30pm start
PRICE: Members $15 / Guest $25


Posted: 20/07/2017
New Belgium and Hop Nation - Cans, Cans, Cans.

Continuing my love affair with cans we have some great offering in beer & artwork.Drink & admire.


Hop Nation  Black Rhino Cherry Lips Smoked Black Gose 5.5% 375ml
Born out of a collab session with our mates from Big Shed and Exit Brewing, we've brought this popular brew back in cans for round two!
Black in the glass, with aromas of cherry, chocolate and a hint of smoke.
The first sip is deceiving.... with a sour tang hit to start before the complexity of black cherries and peaty smoke characters linger on the palate.

Hop Nation The Heart Pale Ale 4.6% 375ml
At the heart of our Footscray brewery is definitely this Pale Ale. Pouring a golden straw colour with a lacing head. Floral and citrus hop aromas make of an inviting and crisp take on this infamous style.

New Belgium Voodoo Ranger 8 Hop Pale Ale 5.5% 355ml Can
Brilliantly balanced for easy drinking, this pale ale is packed with citrus and tropical fruit flavors from eight different hop varieties.

New Belgium Citradelic Tangerine IPA 6% 355ml Can
Tune in and hop out with New Belgium Citradelic. Set adrift on a kaleidoscopic wave of hoppiness brought to you by a mystical marriage of Citra hops and tangerine peel, which elevates each sip onto a plane of pure tropical, fruity pleasure. Citradelic’s namesake hop and fruit combine to jam with visions of additional hops like citrusy Mandarina Bavaria, tropical Azzaca, and fruity Galaxy for a colorful explosion that’s grounded by just a touch of malty sweetness. Bored by the status quo? Expand your palate with a pour of Citradelic.

New Belgium Voodoo Ranger IPA 7% 355ml Can
Bursting with tropical aromas and juicy fruit flavors from Mosaic and Amarillo hops, this golden IPA is perfectly bitter with a refreshing, sublime finish.
Pine and citrus in the fore, the citrus comprised of orange and grapefruit. Tropical fruit with lesser grassy and floral geraniol. Faint toasted bread malt note.

New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale 5.2% 355ml Can
Named in honor of our co-founder's bike trip through Europe, Fat Tire Amber Ale marks a turning point in the young electrical engineer's home brewing. Belgian beers use a far broader palette of ingredients (fruits, spices, esoteric yeast strains) than German or English styles. Together with co-founder Kim Jordan, they traveled around sampling their homebrews to the public. Fat Tire won fans with its sense of balance: toasty, biscuit-like malt flavors coasting in equilibrium with hoppy freshness. Fat Tire: Pairs well with people.

Drink well



Posted: 13/07/2017
Prairie Artisan Ales - USA

"Prairie Artisan Ales is small third wave brewery from Oklahoma. Since our founding in 2012, we have brought a unique perspective to brewing.  Sometimes that means big bold barrel aged stouts and other times it means super crisp and funky farmhouse ales.  Every beer we brew is wrapped in unique, expressive, and interesting art.  The experience is unlike any other you can find in beer."


Prairie Phantasmagoria Double IPA 8% 355ml
Phantasmagoria is an IPA that is low in malt flavors, but high in hops. We brew this beer as a nod to the big hoppy beers of the west coast. We use loads of citrusy and piney hops at the end of the boil and in the fermenter to make this beer a hop experience.
97 Points on Rate Beer

Prairie 4th Anniversary Ale Sour Ale with Ginger 6.5% 500ml
We are releasing our 4th Anniversary beer, a sour ale aged on ginger. This brew is refreshing with a lemon citrus aroma. The ginger is just enough to give this lightly sour ale an added dimension of flavor that keeps you coming back for more. When you get your hands on a bottle of the ginger goodness, you’ll likely ask yourself how we got all that flavor into that bottle. Well, it wasn’t easy. There was plenty of slicing and blending. Then the puréed ginger was added to our sour base and allowed to age until it reached the right balance.

Prairie Paradise Imperial Stout 13% 355ml
Coconut Vanilla Stout. It’s about to get really hot outside. How about a cold glass of refreshing Imperial Stout. Yep, you heard that right. Brand new to our line up is Prairie Paradise. We took a stout, gave it a hint of vanilla and a good deal of toasted coconut and created one season defying, genre bending brew. Imperial stouts are usually thought of as a cold weather beer, but here the coconut and vanilla blend push the image of the stout into a year round, all season style. Prairie Paradise will be available exclusively on tap and in kegs.
99 Points on Rate Beer

Prairie Funky Gold Mosaic Dry Hopped Sour Ale 6.5% 500ml
Funky Gold Mosaic is a dry-hopped sour ale. We took Prairie Gold and dry-hopped it with a huge amount of Mosaic hops. The end results are tropical, sour, and an all around new beer drinking experience! This beer is great fresh, but will continue to develop as the wild yeast continues to work in the beer.
99 Points on Rate Beer

Prairie Funky Gold Citra Dry Hopped Sour Ale 7.5% 500ml
Funky Gold Citra is a dry-hopped sour ale. We took Prairie Gold and dry-hopped it with a huge amount of Citra hops. The end results are tropical, sour, and an all around new beer drinking experience! This beer is great fresh, but will continue to develop as the wild yeast continues to work in the beer.
98 Points on Rate Beer

Prairie Ale Saison 8.2% 500ml
Prairie Ale is our classic saison. We brew this beer with pilsner malt, wheat malt, flaked wheat, and cane sugar. A healthy dose of saaz hops are used to add a spicy element to the beer. Prairie Ale is fermented with a mix of ale yeast, wine yeast, and brettanomyces. Notes of black pepper and pineapple can be found in this beer.
97 Points on Rate Beer

Prairie  Standard Saison 5.6% 355ml
Standard is our everyday beer. It is a light, crisp farmhouse ale with a hoppy finish. This beer is dry hopped with Motueka hops, a lovely New Zealand hop with a spicy lime like flavor and aroma.

Prairie Bomb !!!!!!!!!!!
Bomb! is an imperial stout aged on espresso beans, chocolate, vanilla beans, and ancho chile peppers. All the flavors meld to create a truly unique beer. The peppers add just the right amount of heat to compliment the intense coffee and chocolate flavors.The BOMB !!!!
100 Points on Rate Beer

Drink well



PS - Free tasting this Friday 4 to 7pm - Front Counter

Black Brewing Bao Bao Milk Stout 
3 Variations - 2 Not released yet on the East Coast

Posted: 06/07/2017
Danish Craft Beer Week

Strange how quickly each year this week comes around(Danish Craft Beer Week) .To help celebrate this great concept of the Danes to promote their Craft Beer Industry we have two of their best (Beer Here & Amager)with new stuff.


Amager/Cigar City Game of Arms Imperial Liqorice Porter 8.2% 500ml
Should anybody ever ask us which two breweries in the craft beer world are the two manliest, we wouldn’t hesitate for a second before naming Tampa’s Cigar City and our very own Amager Bryghus. Whenever the two breweries meet, their main brass will engage in the manly sport of arm wrestling - be it in the brewhouse, in the tap room or in a random bar. All friendly playing around of course, and always with the same outcome: a humiliating defeat for the Tampa boys. Not only will our big man, head brewer Jacob Storm, beat them but so will fellow founder and CEO Morten Lundsbak - and both with right and left hand. Last time we met the Tampa boys, they pulled out saying they didn’t really care much for arm wrestling anymore. Nevertheless this beer was originally brewed and released by Cigar City under the name "Top Roll", apparently the name of a secret arm wrestling technique all employees at Cigar City must now learn to keep their job. All in the faint hope that maybe, just maybe one day one of them will beat an Amager boy. At Amager we shrug, and smile politely and wish them nothing but the best of luck. 

96 Points on Rate Beer

Amager/Lervig Brown Boobies Falling  7.5% 500ml
It is said that that the first Europeans to experience the impact of a falling coconut were a group of Portuguese sailors. Under the command of Duarte Barbosa, captain of the Victoria on a voyage more than 500 years ago, a landing party was sent to investigate a small coral island in what is thought to be the present day Maldives. The crewmen however got utterly lost on the Island and decided to rest under an unknown palm tree. Sliding into an exhausted sleep they were quickly woken by what they first thought to be giant droppings from the infamous Brown Boobies, a giant seabird known to be a constant nuisance to sailors when out of a sudden they would fall from the sky in a Stuka-like attack fashion. Relieved they were, the poor sailors, when they realized they were under no booby attack, but simply the victims of falling coconuts. And ever since that day coconuts have been a very popular ingredient in foods as diverse as chocolate bars and Imperial Porters. Actually it’s on that very Maldive island the first Coconut Porter is said to have been brewed. And that dear friends is a true story. 

96 Points on Rate Beer

Amager/ Fonta Flora The Lady of Cofitachequi 7% 500ml
Morganton in Western North Carolina, today home of the Fonta Flora Brewery led by its creative mastermind Todd Boera, who gives emphasis to using local Appalachian ingredients in his beers whenever possible. Todd’s vision that ”fermentation is yet another medium for creating art” is much more than just a phrase, it’s the actual ideology behind the brewery. However, what few people outside the US know, is that this area plays an important role in American history. 500 years ago it was a proud mainstay of several native American chiefdoms. Joara being one of them, neigbouring Cofitachequi being another. This beer is named after the mythical chieftainness “The Lady of Cofitachequi” who is believed to be one of few – if not the only – female native American rulers. Taken prisoner by invading Spanish conquistadores, on an insatiable hunt for gold, this proud lady managed to escape and rejoin with her people. The invaders built several forts in an attempt to control the area, only to see them all destroyed and burned down by local warriors months later. Only one out of 120 Spaniards is said to have survived. The defeat effectively ended all Spanish attempts to colonize the area. The Lady and her fellow chieftains were again rulers of their own land. 

96 Points on Rate Beer

Amager La Santa Muerte Imperial Honey Stout 10% 500ml
A dark and brooding Imperial Stout to give you courage, and even protect, on the night of La Santa Muerte. A rich stout thick with notes of dark malt, chocolate and honey.

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Amager/Nogne O The Gay Gondolier Imperial Caffe Latte Brown 8% 500ml
Her name was Gunnvor. His name was Giacomo. Giacomo first met Gunnvor when she and her dad entered his gondola one summer morning in Venice. How far he paddled and for how long he doesn’t remember. He only had eyes for the beauty of this fair, young Norwegian lady. When Gunnvor and her dad returned to her hometown of Grimstad, Giacomo tagged along leaving behind his beloved Venice and his craving for excellent coffee. He was in a trance with no will of his own. And although he serenaded in front of Gunnvor’s house all through summer he was rewarded by nothing but a slammed door from her dad. Gunnvor left her hometown, presumably marrying a fair fishing millionaire in Ålesund. Giacomo stayed behind in Grimstad, rowing tourists across the fiord. In spite of his broken heart he would be known as The Gay Gondolier for his high pitched beautiful serenading, that left no woman untouched on the fiord, in his gondola, in the sunshine – serving the best Latte in town. But one day Giacomo was gone. An old lady on the island of Håkallene was the last to see him, staggering west towards the setting sun. The Gay Gondolier had left for good.

 Amager The Bastard Princess Double Dry Hopped New England Style IPA 6% 500ml
Throughout history Danish kings have been known for two things: 1. A strange desire to declare war on far superior enemies. 2. A libido even exceeding their lust for powder and cannonballs. One king had such success in the crown canopy bed that his many sons and daughters at one point were happily installed as kings, princes and princesses at royal courts all over Europe. however this particular king couldn't keep his royal pecker in his pants, so he continued to spread his royal seed with court servants and kitchen maids.
Every so often this royal fornication would lead to the birth of a bastard child with half royal genes. The mother would then be secretly expelled from the court for being a shrewd temptress!
This beer, The Bastard Princess, is named after just such a fourth generation royal bastard whose noble ancestry was a well kept family secret for many years. But why hide the fact that you have royal blood in your veins - even if you are indeed just a bastard?

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Beer Here Yeasiality 7% 750ml
The frothing lovechild of those days and nights of fermentation is what is now clenched in your damp fist. Add in the ambrosial odor and blissful bitterness of fruity hops and what you may soon put to your lips is nothing short of ecstasy.

Beer Here Black Luck 10.5% Imperial Stout 750ml
Imperial stout brewed with lots of roasted grain and molasses. Spiced with Ethiopian coffee and our own vanilla tincture. 
Thick and luscious mouthfeel and notes of chocolate, milk and toasted hazelnuts.

97 Points on Rate Beer

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Posted: 29/06/2017