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Craft Beer: Growlers

We are pouring the craft beer into 750ml bottles (which are free). If you have a  Growler, feel free to bring in or we have 1.89L  Growlers available for $8 each.

I will update this page as new kegs are tapped , so keep on checking back.

On Tap :

1 - Pirate Life x Tomfoolery Black & Blue BA Stout 11% 

A stout aged in Black & Blue Shiraz barrels from Tomfoolery. Booze forward, roasty notes followed by subtle dark fruits and a warm finish.

750ml =  $14.00
1L = $18.66 (Not currently available)
1.89L =   $39.95

           NB : Members get a 10% discount

 2 - TBA


750ml =  
1L =  (Not currently available)
1.89L =  

NB : Members get a 10% discount

(No order – It’s all random)

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