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Craft Beer: Growlers

We are pouring the craft beer into 750ml bottles (which are free). If you have a  Growler, feel free to bring in or we have 1.89L  Growlers available for $8 each.

I will update this page as new kegs are tapped , so keep on checking back.

On Tap :

1 - Rocket Science Mad Hatter  6.4% (By Dennis Beer Co)

Mad Hatter is an American Style IPA with a twist. In the glass it displays a bright golden colour with slight hues of green. Aromas are reminiscent of childhood bubble gum and sweet citrus and pear. Crystal malts add texture and mouth feel to the mid palate, for a while masking the underlying bitterness, which then rears its head late in the piece.

Dennis’ secret ingredient(?) is added at two stages in the brewing process and is sure to make the taste buds dance with intrigue.

Another ‘curiously quaffable’ brew from the Dennis boys... 

750ml =  $11.95
1L = $15.93 (Not currently available)
1.89L =   $19.95

           NB : Members get a 10% discount

 2 - Eden Brewery Vanilla Extra Stout 8.1%

Jacob kegged 20L of this delicious stout just for us. Roasty, vanilla, chocolate-y nose. Light on the palate for an 8%-er but with a lovely roasty, slightly bitter finish. Super limited!





750ml =  $12.95
1L = $17.60 (Not currently available)
1.89L =  $22.95

NB : Members get a 10% discount

(No order – It’s all random)

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