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Craft Beer: Growlers

We are pouring the craft beer into 750ml bottles (which are free). If you have a  Growler, feel free to bring in or we have 1.89L  Growlers available for $8 each.

I will update this page as new kegs are tapped , so keep on checking back.

On Tap :

1 - Shenanigans Squeak & Bubble West Coast IPA 7.2%

Part of their Stunt beer series, where Sam and Dan cobble together ingredients to make an interesting beer. Using Australian Topaz, US Chinook and Simcoe lupulin powder, this is punchy IPA is balanced out by a rich, malty backbone. 

750ml =  $9.95
1L = $ 14.66 (Not currently available)
1.89L =   $21.95

                  NB : Members get a 10% discount

 2 - Pirate Life/ Ballast Point  Trans Pacific Pale Ale 6%

 The Pirate Life/Ballast Point Trans Pacific Partnership. A 6.0% American Strong Pale Ale liberally hopped with US, NZ and Australian hops and finished with Finger Limes and Coriander in the Whirlpool.

750ml =  $11.95
1L = $ 15.93 (Not currently available)
1.89L =   $24.95

NB : Members get a 10% discount

(No order – It’s all random)

Its a surprise !!!