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Craft Beer: Growlers

We are pouring the craft beer into 750ml bottles (which are free). If you have a  Growler, feel free to bring in or we have 1.89L  Growlers available for $8 each.

I will update this page as new kegs are tapped , so keep on checking back.


On Tap :

1 Shenanigans Winston  -   Pale Ale 5.6%

This pale, aromatic ale doesn’t fit squarely into any style guidelines. It’s just something we like to brew and drink. A light malt base combined with oats gives it a pale colour and pleasing body. Bucket loads of Kiwi, US and Australian hops burst out of the glass with notes of tropical fruit, freshly bruised citrus and notes of white grapes. Modestly bitter, the finish is full, refreshing and crisp.

750ml =  $9.95
1L = $ 13.26 (Not currently available)
1.89L =   $19.95

                  NB : Members get a 10% discount



750ml =  $11.00
1L = $ 14.33 (Not currently available)
1.89L =   $22.95


NB : Members get a 10% discount

(No order – It’s all random)

Its a surprise !!!