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Craft Beer: Growlers

We are pouring the craft beer into 750ml bottles (which are free). If you have a  Growler, feel free to bring in or we have 1.89L  Growlers available for $8 each.

I will update this page as new kegs are tapped , so keep on checking back.

On Tap :

1 - Riverside Brewing 777 DIPA 9.2% 


The beer uses four hop varieties, with particular emphasis on the US hop Mosaic . Those give exactly what you want from any top notch IIPA; citrus notes as ripe as fruit straight from the tree and a whole forest’s worth of pine character.


750ml =  $16.95
1L = $15.93 (Not currently available)
1.89L =   $32.95

           NB : Members get a 10% discount

 2 - Edge Brewing Project OJ Hazy IPL 6.5%


 We have kept the styles characteristic tropical hop aroma, restrained bitterness, hazy appearance & have boosted the juicy flavour with navel oranges from Riverland, SA. It’s no secret we’re big fans of crisp, clean lager yeast here at Edge, so we couldn’t help also changing our version to an IPL.

750ml =  $19.95
1L = $26.60 (Not currently available)
1.89L =  $39.95

NB : Members get a 10% discount

(No order – It’s all random)

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