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A Little Bit About Us...

The Oak Barrel is one of Australia’s oldest bottle shops and having been independent and family owned since it was founded in 1956 it is also one of Australia's top indies.

Specialists in boutique wine - particuarly organic and natural styles - whisky, gin, craft beer and craft cider amongst others, The Oak Barrel is an institution of the Sydney CBD.

As well as having one of the best ranges in the country, the store also plays host education classes for wine, whisky and/or beer throughout the year. Nationally renowned events such as the Sydney Whisky Fair, Sydney Craft Beer & Cider Fair and the Sydney Craft Spirits Fair also call The Oak Barrel home.

With a new website launched late 2015, more and more in-store products will be be appearing online throughout 2016 and beyond as more and more people from around Australia discover The Oak Barrel.