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Well Aged Cognac and Armagnacs


Everyone wants to drink something old. There's something special about a spirit that's been lying dormant for 10, 20 or 50 years before being bottled, a sensation that’s intensified when you open it.

So much can happen in one year, let alone 50, that there’s a patient reverence that comes with drinking an aged spirit. What were you doing the year this was distilled (if you were even alive)? What was the world like then? They force you to slow down to extract each bit of history from the glass.

Unfortunately, some of these aged spirits are becoming quite cost prohibitive – if only they knew 50 years ago how many drinkers there’d be on the world now! But there are still opportunities for you to enjoy them without having to sell the sheep station.

Here’s a few gorgeous Cognacs and Armagnacs that fit the bill. Elegent French brandies from the two famous regions.

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Francois Voyer

A historic name in cognac, these are rich and elegant from the Grand Champagne Cru.

Francois Voyer XO Gold (20 to 30 year old): $125 / $112.50 for members

Francois Voyer  Napoleon Cognac (12-20 year old): $145 / $130.50 for members

Francois Voyer Terres De Grande Champagne: $95 / $85.50 for members


Let the Scots bottle cognac themselves and you’ll get a 30-year-old at over 50% ABV…

Cadenhead 30-Year-Old Petit Champagne Cognac: $275 / $247.50 for members



An Armagnac house with an amazing warehouse of vintages.

Delord Bas Armagnac 1966 Vintage: $299 / $269.10 for members

Delord Bas Armagnac 1972 Vintage: $219 / $197.10 for members

Delord Bas Armagnac 1985 Vintage: $130 / $117 for members


A cult producer, everything that bares the Darroze name has a level of excellence

Darroze 50 Year Old Grands Assemblages: $599 / $539.10 for members

Darroze 1999 Domaine De Rieston: $199 / $179.10 for members


Scott Fitzsimons