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Vin Jaune Through The Decades Masterclass


The Oak Barrel always been a big lover and supporter of the famous French wine region Jura, a love evident by our collection of bottles from the region.

As part of the Jura range, we have source a particularly nice collection of Vin Jaune, which includes some very old vintages. Vin Jaune is a style of white wine from the region which is barrel aged for six or seven years under a film of yeast called the voile. It is sometimes compared to dry sherry, although it is not a fortified.

We have been watching and picking up these bottles for a long time for the store and we’ve always enjoyed introducing them: there’s such a great story behind each of these bottles. They have all some specific character and every producer has this own touch, it’s part of what makes Vin Jaune such an interesting, unique drink.

So, in true Oak Barrel style, we figured: why not open a bunch of them to share? And so we are, in a massive Vin Jaune masterclass that will include vintages back to 1959 (!). It happens as part of our World Wine Project series of international wine discovery.

We’ll discover first hand difference between producers and how they’ve aged over through the decades.

For such an event, we’ve roped in Australia’s own Jura expert and renowned wine writer Mike Bennie. A walking ambassador for the region Bennie has spent time every year for the last past seven years in Jura and has met all the producers.
Bennie has written for most of Australia’s best publications – wine specific or otherwise – and is also a freelance presenter, wine judge and event promoter.  We’re stoked to have him host the night and share his wine knowledge with us.

WHEN: Thursday 27 April
TIME: 6:30pm to 8:15pm
WHERE: The Oak Barrel, 152 Elizabeth St. Sydney CBD
TICKETS:Sold Out (Click a link to purchase)

What we’ll be opening to taste:

Jean Bourdy Chateau-Chalon Vin Jaune 1959 ($1200)
La Pinte Vin Jaune 1986 ($310)
Didier Grappe Vin Jaune 2005 ($150)
Tissot Chateau-Chalon Vin Jaune 2008 ($220)
Michel Gahier Vin Jaune 2008 ($120)
Domaine Marne Blanche Vin Jaune 2008 ($130)
Octavin Foutre dEscampette Sparkling 2015 ($70)

Wines are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. Tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable.


Paul Hervy