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Tis The Gin Season


'Tis the season for gin - and we're not just talking about Christmas. It's been a remarkable year for gin in Australia and if the winter was big, the summer is going to be even bigger.

More distilleries, more varieties, and more botancials from local and international producers have provided with gin and spirit drinkers with unprecedented choice.

What's been behind it? There's a number of factors (turn around time from distillation to bottling is a key one) but in our opinion there's something special about adding botanicals directly into the spirit. 

When you pick up local river mint, Dorrigo pepperleaf or lemon myrtle in an Aussie gin you know that it's a flavour unique to Australia - those elements have consciously been harvested and added.

Likewise, when you experience the complex Black Forest botanicals of Germany's Monkey 47 or the African-inspired exotics of Whitley Neill these are creations of their environment. Does that make gin, then, the ultimate spirit of its surrounding?

There's only one way to decide, here's a few of our favourites for the season. Expect more in the coming weeks...

Applewood Distillery Gin


A brand new gin from the Applewood distillery in South Australia, run by the team behind Unico Zelo wines. Floral and citrus, the aromatics are designed to be fresh and fragrant. 

Ink Dry Gin


There's a fair chance you've already heard about this - the Ink Dry Gin comes from the northern rivers of NSW and thanks to a butterfly pea flower infusion is bright purple. Very floral - like flowers pressed between pages of a book - this is much more than a show pony.

Colonel Fox London Dry


Based on a 1859 recipe developed by Lieutenant Colonel Fox, a (perhaps fictional) famous soldier of the time, this English gin has quirks to match its interesting back story. Prominent juniper leads citrus, spice and aniseed.

Archie Rose/Oak Barrel Tailored Gin


We've spoken about this before, but as way of a public service announcement stocks of our very limited gin collaboration with Archie Rose are starting to run low. Fresh and minty for summer with pepperleaf spice and citrus for negronis and other cocktails, we're still pretty happy with it as well. Only 60 bottles in the run.

Whitley Neil


Truly mouthwatering, this soft, silky gin is made in England inspired by African botanicals. Exotic botanicals like Baobab Tree, Cape gooseberry and Physalis give this extremely well balanced gin its unique touch.

Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin

An exceptionally complex and layered gin from Germany with a Black Forest and Scandanavian influence. Not a newcomer to the market, it remains the benchmark for many gin producers around the world.

Scott Fitzsimons