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Silver Seal Whisky Masterclass: 22 Years and Older!


An independent whisky bottler with a near-mythical reputation but with very little Australian presence, we’re delighted to announce an upcoming masterclass with Italy’s Silver Seal.

Silver Seal has always been a bottler catering to the European connoisseurs, releasing well aged whiskies when they get access to them – not when the market demand is present.

The Italian-based company has been bottling top-end whiskies since 1979 and they’ve forged an unwavering reputation and calibre of expressions. Silver Seal isn’t spoken about too much though, in part because there’s not a lot of it do go around and also because there’s an unwritten sense of ‘let’s keep this one to ourselves’.

Virtually unobtainable in Australia until recently, we’d like you to join us as we open five of these truly stunning drops. These are whiskies which demand patience and appreciation, so we’ll be taking our time and exploring the history of these distilleries while we taste.

From ‘The Wildlife Collection’ – we’ll be trying a 25-year-old Mortlach, a distillery famous for their ‘Wee Witchie’ still and meaty complexity. Also a 30-year-old Benrinnes, distilled in 1984 – the year they removed their own floor maltings.

From their ‘Whisky Is Classical Collection’ we have a 22-year-old Clynelish, a whisky dripping in complexity, a 1987 from Okney’s historic Highland Park distillery and a stunning 1977 ‘Pluscarden Valley’ from an undisclosed distillery (we have a couple of guesses). Either way, the latter is a whisky that thrives under the care of sherry casks.

Even though we’re not huge fans of talking about pricing when it comes to whiskies we’re opening (everything should be tasted on its own merits, we reckon) it is worth noting that there’s not a lot under about $900 at the event.

We’ll be trying:

From The Wildlife Collection

Mortlach 1989 25-Year-Old, 52.4%, ex-bourbon cask
Benrinnes 1984 30-Year-Old, 56.6%, ex-bourbon cask

From The Whisky Is Classical Collection

Clynelish 1993 22-Year-Old, 51.7%, ex-bourbon cask
Highland Park 1987 28-Year-Old, 47.7%, ex-sherry cask
‘Pluscarden Valley’ (What could it be…?) 1977 38-Year-Old, 46.7%, ex-sherry cask

Combined value of the bottles? Somewhere around $4,000. Special pricing on the night.

WHAT: Silver Seal Whisky Masterclass
WHERE: The Oak Barrel, 152 Elizabeth St, Sydney 2000
WHEN: Wednesday 24 May, 6.15pm for a 6.30pm start
PRICE: Members $95 / Guest $105

Tickets are non-refundable or exchangeable, so please make sure to check your dates before booking. Whiskies subject to change without notice due to unforeseen cincumstances.

Scott Fitzsimons