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Rare and Elusive Whiskies (October Edition)


The whisky shelves are looking quite good with some stunning bottles at the moment, but as all good things must come to an end these rare, special edition and elusive bottlings are not going to last too long. 

We've chosen a few picks from the current collection to highlight for you before they're long gone.

Speaking of rarities, next week's 'around the world' whisky tasting features a host of expressions never seen before in Australia.

Blackadder Blairfindy 16 Year Old

16-year-old, single cask, cask strength Glenfarclas for under $200. A pretty rare occurance, this hogshead yielded just 332 bottles.

Glenfarclas 2007 Wonder & Whisky Single Cask

Speaking of Glenfarclas, the 9-year-old single cask bottled by Australian Glenfarclas fanatic Andrew Derbidge. Chosen during a visit to the distillery, one of the cleanest, cask strength, sherry cask noses you'll enjoy this year (or next).

ALSO: We have the very first bottles in the country of the new 30 and 40 year olds from Glenfarclas. New packaging is awesome.

Laphroaig 25 Year Old

An expression that comes and goes, so not as rare as some of the others here. We've got it at a great price though, which we're happy to offer it at. 25 year old Laphroaig speaks for itself.

Talisker 25 Year Old (2007 Release)

After tasting a bottle of this earlier in the year in our Cellar Room, we had to go find more. Bottled at true cask strength, unlike recent releases, this is 1982 and earlier distillate and one of the best Talisker's we've ever tried. 

Brora 30 Year Old (2010 Release)

We've fished out this specifc Brora release as its considered one of the best modern bottlings from the closed distillery. Historic liquid.

GlenDronach 1968 Single Cask

Understood to be the oldest GlenDronach ever released. Just the one bottle.

Black Gate Cask 007

Last remaining stocks of cask #7 from cult country New South Wales distillery Black Gate. We've found a handful of bottles, it's sold out everywhere but our price has remained the same. 

It's not whisky but...

Stone Pine Truffle Gin

Would you like mushrooms with that gin? Very limited quantity available after our first batch sold out in a day a couple of months ago. Maybe shouldn't work on paper, but the result is crazy. We're drinking it neat, there's enough going on there.


Scott Fitzsimons