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Punch Winery Tasting with winemaker James Lance


Punch wine is a very recent winery established in 2004, but the vineyard has a much longer history. In 1975, after a two-year quest for the perfect Yarra Valley site, David and Catherine Lance ended their search. They had found a beautiful twenty acres of sloping land overlooking the diamond Creek in the hamlet of St Andrews. The soil was poor, thin and riddled with rock. The elevation was high (200m) but the site was a natural amphitheatre, perfect for capturing sunlight without excessive heat. Since 2005 James and Clair Lance began leasing Lance’s vineyard and winery and growing mostly Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, including a 0.25ha block of close-planted pinot noir.

James Lance, the winemaker and owner, will host this event and he will be presenting a few of his wines Friends of Punch. This collaboration with other vineyards and winemakers started when he had a bushfire that destroyed the crop in 2009.

 What the critics have to say:

‘Grown mostly on vines planted in 1976 Terrific wine!’By Campbell Mattinson (Wine Front)

97 point 'Close planted Pinot Noir 2012’ James Halliday

When: Wednesday April 27
Time: 6:15pm to 8:15 pm
Where: The Oak Barrel, 152 Elizabeth St. Sydney CBD
Tickets: Sold Out

 Wine list

Punch Chardonnay “Lance’s Vineyard” 2012
Friends of Punch Rosé Nature 2015
Friends of Punch Syrah Denton Vineyards 2012
Punch Pinot Noir “Lance’s Vineyard” 2012
Punch Pinot Noir “Lance’s Vineyard” 2013
Punch Pinot Noir ‘Close Planted’ 2012
Punch Cabernet Sauvignon “Lance’s Vineyard” 2013
Friends of Punch Noble Riesling “Berry’s Creek” 2013

Wines are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. Tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable.

-Paul Hervy

Paul Hervy