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Paul John Indian Single Malt Tasting



We've previously spoken about the exciting new whiskies coming out of Goa, India, from the Paul John distillery and we're delighted to confirm that master distiller Michael John will be joining the Oak Barrel to take us through the range.

Although India drinks a lot of whisky and have done for some time, the concept of world class single malts is a relatively new one for India. Aimed at the export markets, the same quality controls that you see in the Scottish whisky industry are applied at all stages of production. This is whilst the team maintains a distinctly ‘new world’ approach – getting the best product they can as efficiently as they can.

The biggest difference Indian whiskies have to most of the world’s production is something they have in common with Australian distilleries – the climate. Goa is not highland Scotland and the heat and humidity differences speed up the maturation process inside oak casks. What you get is richly flavoured whiskies in a fraction of the time. There’s also a necessity to bottle earlier thanks to an increased angel’s share – there might not be anything left in the barrel after ten years if you’re losing up to 13 percent of volume per annum.

As part of the masterclass we'll be trying the distillery's current line-up: 

Paul John Brilliance 46%
Paul John Edited 46% (lightly peated)
Paul John Bold 46% (peated)
Paul John Select Cask 55.2%
Paul John Select Cask Peated 55.5% (peated)

Tickets are strictly limited and it's a rare chance to have an intimate hearing with the fantastic Michael John.

Read more about the distillery here.

WHAT: Paul John Indian Single Malt Masterclass
WHEN: Tuesday 17 May, 6.15pm fpr a 6.30pm start
PRICE: $25 for members / $35 for non-members

Please note, whiskies are subject to change without notice due to unforeseen circumstances. Tickets are non-transferrable and non-refundable. 

Scott Fitzsimons