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Overproof Aussie Spirits To Fight The Cold


Sydney did its best ‘welcome to winter’ impression earlier this week and according to the weather channel a lot of places around the rest of the country are following suit.

Perfect weather for spirits then.

As the temperature gauge drops and the scarves come out, we’ve chosen a handful of our favourite over-proof Aussie spirits (50% ABV and up) that’ll do the job in keeping you warm even in the crispest of cold snaps.

Pour a good glass and sip gently over an extended period in your favourite armchair in front of your favourite lounge room heater.


Hoochery Ord River Rum Overproof 56.4%

Solera vatted molasses based rum from outback WA bottled overproof to retain as much flavour as possible. Charcoal filtered to carry through the smooth finish

Hoochery Ord River Single Barrel Rum 64.9%

Single cask release from Hoochery, bottled at full strength 64.9%. The casks – previously used for red wine – are chosen for their rich aromatics and complex finishes. Barrel #183 is the current release.


What? Gin in winter? We’ve found that an overproof gin in a gin 50-50 with tonic and a bit of ice provides a nice refreshing contrast between inner warmth and tasty chill this week.

Sud Polaire Expedition Strength 57%

New cask strength gin from the team behind the Domaine Simha wines in Tassie. Incredibly pure. Use it in whatever drink you desire, let it cut through the cold.

McHenry Navy Strength 57%

From Port Arthur in Tasmania, very perfumed and fresh with more lime than the standard expression at this strength.

Four Pillars Navy Strength 58.8%

Previously called Gunpowder Proof, finger lime and lemon myrtle plays with the vanilla and pine on this powerful, versatile Victorian gin.


Bakery Hill Peated Cask Strength 60.2%

Aussie peat tends to give structure and length rather than big smoke, expect spice and leather from this single cask release.

Nant Port Wood Single Cask 63%

Normally destined for the Nant bars, we’ve just got this baby back in – one of the most sought after and flavourful whiskies in the Tassie distillery’s range.

Belgrove Rye Pinot Noir Cask 63.4%

Very limited pinot noir-matured rye whisky from Belgrove in Tassie. Not as sweet or spicy as you’d think from the label, a nice complex sipper with plenty going on.

Next week... Whisky Fair tickets go on sale!

Scott Fitzsimons