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NEW STUFF – Bach Brewing(NZ)



Craig Cooper born & bred in Hawkes Bay and has also been fortunate to have lived in many cities around the world pursuing a career in what he loves – beer and spirits. Growing up in New Zealand also gave him a great appreciation for its coastal lifestyle – early years spent at his grandparents bach on the Mahia Peninsula, and following years staying with mates in baches at Waimarama and other iconic kiwi locales. These experiences created a deep passion for craft beer along with the lifestyle associated with the sea, lakes, beaches and coastline.

In 2013, Craig moved with his young family back to New Zealand to fulfill his dreams of combining his passion for craft beer and his homeland in a new craft beer venture – Bach Brewing.


Bach Brewing Kingtide Pacific IPA 7% 500ml
Kingtide is loaded with a caravan full of five character hops from the NZ and USA coasts of the Pacific Ocean.
True to its Pacific genre, Kingtide weaves a balance between the tropical fruit of the NZ hops and the citrus-pine of the US hops. At 7 per cent, its sweet, mellow, with a broad pillowy mouthfeel. It delivers a multi-layered experience of floral, fruity and charmingly rugged bitterness. rb = 96

Gold Medal 2014 NW Beer & Cider Awards.
Silver Medal, 2014 Brewers Guild of New Zealand Awards.
Silver Medal, 2015 Dublin Craft Beer Cup

Bach Brewing Duskrider Red IPA 6% 500ml

Duskrider is a finely balanced Red India Pale Ale – a young love marriage between a half dozen specialty malts and the NZ and American hops.
Duskrider has a ruby-red hue and throws a bouncy aroma of pine and orange peel. The smooth and creamy body has notes of caramel and even a touch or sherbet before a moderately bitter finish. rb = 90

Gold Medal & Best in Class, 2014 NW Beer & Cider Awards.
Silver Medal, 2014 Brewers Guild of New Zealand Awards.

Bach Brewing All Day Extra Session Ale(IPA) 3.7% 500ml
At Bach Brewing we think life’s too short to drink low alcohol beer, so we’ve made a mid-strength ale brewed with NZ Fuggles, Centennial and Chinook hops, and Canterbury malts from Gladfield. 

Bach Brewing Beachstone Pilsner 4.8% 
Beachstone is plied with punchy NZ hops: Pacific Jade,Pacifica, Riwaka, Motueka, Nelson Sauvin, and a solid and juicy malt base – obvious when you smell and taste the beer. The bitterness is for grown ups, and might make regular “green bottled” lager drinkers cry a little, and cower in the corner.

Drink well