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NEW STUFF – Mikkeller – Denmark


Great brews, funky artwork, cans,  stubs and magnums.
Another impressive release from de man.


Mikkeller American Dream 4.6% 500ml Can

Danish Dream (AKA American Dream) is a lager which is packed with American hops. This beer is meant to be drunk directly out of the can, on a hot summer day. rb = 95

Mikkeller Green Gold IPA 7% 500ml Cans 
Mikkeller is ready with yet an IPA that is not afraid to live up to the name . The hops is as it should be : aromatic , American and aggressive , so you do not have any doubts about what you enjoy . To enjoy is what Green Gold is up to . Karamelmaltens sweetness and body forms a delicious base that hits the taste buds before hops explosion sets in and clears up again , and balance the overall impression , so you only want one thing: even a sip . The delicious American hops simcoe , amarillo and cascade provides plenty of citrus notes, but also caress your tongue with peach and pine shades and plenty of freshness. rb = 98

Mikkeller Nuclear Hop Assault 8%
Nuclear Hop Assault is brewed by Mikkeller in tribute to the New York thrash metal group Nuclear Assault which started out in the 1980s and marked an entire generation of fans all over the world, including a couple of Danish craft brewers!

This Double IPA pours a cloudy gold topped with a lasting head of white and exudes an aroma of citrus, peach and freshly cut grass.

An explosion of flavours lights up the palate with a ton of citrus and grapefruit and heaps of hybrid hops rounded off with notes of sweet caramel leading to a hoppy, bittersweet finish.

rb = 97

Mikkeller SpontanDoubleBlueberry 7.7% 375ml
Spontandoubleblueberry comes highly sought after because of its sour intensity and the exploding blueberry landscape. In fact, the mass amount of ingredients in this one will send you right into oblivion.
– Spontaneous fermented beer
– BA in oak barrels
– Brewed at D’Proef in Belgium
rb = 98

Mikkeller Mastodon Mother Puncher Farmhouse IPA 6.6% 

With help from our buddy Brann Dailor from the metal band Mastodon, we are releasing Mother Puncher. Mastodon Mother Puncher is a farmhouse IPA, ​which basically means its packed with tons of funky flavors from the brettanomyces (used in brewing to heighten sensory reflexes) and mashed up with sweet and tart notes from passion fruit creating a deliciously funky IPA. For the release on Tuesday, we’ll have the band and the beer at Warpigs, so if you’re in Copenhagen, come by and check it out, starts at 5pm. Maybe a little late !!

rb = 88

Mikkeller Festival Special Edition 2015 – Stella 6 Sour/Wilde Ale 8.3% 1500ml 
Stella 6. Best big sister in town.
Sour ale brewed with white grapes and aged in white wine barrels.
Only 564 bottles made. rb = 97

Mikkeller Polly 1 Sour/Wilde Ale 8.8% 1500ml
Polly gets bigger!
Sour ale brewed with red grapes and aged in red wine barrels. Only 600 bottles made.
rb = 95

Drink well

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