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NEW STUFF - To Øl - Denmark



Only esablished in 2010 and already considered in the top 10 of craft brewerys in the Universe




To Øl Fuck Art - This is Architecture  - Belgian Ale 5% 
Fuck Art – This is Architecture is a Table beer or Belgian Pale Ale. It is a massively hopped 5% Pale Ale fermented with brettanomyces, that gives a fat funky ending to this quaffable beer.  rb  =   93

(Not the Actual Bottle Size)

To Øl Sur Yule Sour/Wild Ale 5.3%
Recreate those sour moments over the festive season. Everyone knows that point around Christmas when the mood turns sour, forced to eat the vegetables you don’t like or when there is no cold meat left for sandwiches (or vegetarian alternative if that’s your thing). We thought that the best way to re-create this was to create a Sour Winter Pale Ale, that uses a pounding of Vic Secret and then finishes it off with cherries, reminiscent of puddings at Christmas. at 5,4%, share your sour feelings with the whole family!



To Øl Jule Mælk Imperial Stout 15%
Xmas is here (Gone really ! ) & Santa has brought some of his evil black Xmas milk. Watch out for this puppy vicious puppy - A 15% SUPERTANKER IMPERIAL STOUT !!!     rb   =   96


 To Øl/Buxton Carol Sea  Grodziskie/Gose/Lichtenhainer 5.4%
To Øl returned to Buxton to brew once more. This time, inspired by the period when the whole Buxton area was submerged under warm coral seas. So this is The Coral Seas, a Gose brewed with seaweed. Salty with a hint of sea breeze. Taste like sour in the old days.

To Øl No ReGrätze Sour Smoked Wheat Ale 4%
Based on the traditional Polish style ale “Grodziskie”, which is traditionally a low alcohol smoked wheat ale. We have done things slightly different, as we have created a sour mash that uses Wheat and Rye Malt, offering slightly more complexity and a hint of spice to the smokeyness. Hopped with Vic Secret, Amarillo and Hallertauer Blanc, this beer is just 7 EBC and 33 IBU. Who even remembers what a berliner weisse is now?!

To Øl Sur Simcoe Sour/Wilde Ale 4.5%
Single Hopped Sour Mashed Session IPA. At 4,5% this is sure to be a winner, a low pH means the beer stays fresher for longer and offers everyone the chance to knock back glass after glass of session sour IPA.

Drink well.

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