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NEW STUFF - Nogne O - Part 1 - Norway


Nøgne Ø is a Brewery, founded in 2002 by Gunnar Wiig and Kjetil Jikiun in Grimstad(Great name !), Norway. They are considered one of the best Brewery's in the world.



 Nøgne Ø Saison Réserve BA 7% 
This bottle contains a blend of our finest red wine barrel aged Saison. The gentle touch aquired from the red wine barrels takes this saison to another level. rb = 90


Nøgne Ø Quadrupel (Red Wine Barrel Edition) Abt/Quadrupel 15.5% 
We do not have a good desert beer in our portfolio. Why? Well, let’s do something about it! It has got to be sweet. And fruity. And even better; aged in fresh red wine barrels. That’s how this Belgian Quadrupel was conceived, and what you now hold in your hand after a 20 month pregnancy is our new beloved family member. Well aged and ready to enjoy, or keep for further cellaring. It is unpasteurized and unfiltered which over time takes the product in new directions both in taste and carbonation levels. rb = 99

Nøgne Ø God Jul Whisky BA American Strong Ale 9.5% 
From all of us to all of you: a very merry Christmas! This full bodied ale is brewed to celebrate the dark winter season. Aged in fresh whisky barrels for two and a half years it has really become the warming friend that will embrace you and give shelter from the cold. rb = 88

Nøgne Ø Gamle Rygene Brun - Brown Ale 10% 
How do you improve perfection? Imperialize it! That’s the mindset behind this celebration of our historical building and our surroundings. What you are about to consume can probably be described as an imperial old brown.Old tradition with a new perception. Very much like the brewery itself… Cheers ;)  rb   =  94





 Nøgne Ø # 500 Imperial India Pale Ale (Batch 500) 10% 500ml
When Nøgne Ø decided to make it’s 500thbatch of beer, it was quickly established that the key numbers would be 5 malts, 5 hops, 10% alcohol and 100 IBUs. The result is an incredibly rich and hoppy Imperial IPA. Malty enough to be almost a barley wine, but intensely fruity, mainly because it is dry hopped with generous amounts of Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand.      rb  =  98




Nøgne Ø / Bridge Road India Saison 7.5% 500ml
India Saison is the hoppy, crisp and refreshing result of a north south collaboration. Classic Belgian malts and yeast, pungent Australian new hop varieties and clean Norwegian water. Served chilled and enjoy with cheeses and charcuterie. This product is bottle conditioned and has a slight sediment at the bottom of the bottle.  rb    =  97



 Nøgne Ø Imperial Stout (Whisky barrel edition) 12.5% 
Let’s face it; Imperial stout and fresh whisky barrels- A match made in heaven! We have done it before, and we will do it again. There is something about how well balanced and smooth the roasted notes get with ageing.
In this one the whisky really comes through. Complimenting but not overshining the dark chocolate and vanilla notes. All our ales are unpasteurized and unfiltered which may give variations over time that takes the product in new directions both in taste and carbonation levels. Pour gently to not disturb the sediments. rb  = 87


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                 Drink well.


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