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NEW STUFF - Garage Project - Part VI


Continuing with our Kiwi theme - The funky Brewstars are back.


Garage Project Grinderman Coffee Milk Stout 6% 640ml

Coffee milk stout. Something dark stirs down at the carnival grounds. The Old Grinderman sits and begins to crank out his bitter-sweet tune to the shrieks of his simian companion. There’s darkness within. Grinderman, strong milk stout, brewed with oats, chocolate wheat and roast barley, fortified with lactose and infused with a charge of dark roasted Acme & Co coffee. These ingredients combine to create a bitter-sweet coffee hit that’s strong enough to satisfy the monkey on anyone’s back.

Garage Project Rosé de la Vallee Imperial Pilsner 9% 650ml
Rosé of the Valley, the third of our trilogy of beers celebrating each year’s grape harvest. At its heart is a crisp pale pilsner infused with freshly crushed Pinot juice from Martinborough’s award winning Escarpment Winery. The beer was then rested on the red Pinot skins for 48 hours, just enough time to lend the brew what in Rosé parlance is described as ’onion skin’ orange with a light blush of pink and delightful crisp citrus and strawberry notes.

Garage Project Los Lobos Imperial IPA 8% 440ml
Los Lobos, 'the wolves' in Spanish, a California road trip inspired tribute to America's finest varieties of humulus lupulus. Simcoe, Amarillo and Citra, the holy hop trinity, shine through in a Golden State IPA of lush aroma and beguiling balance.
RB  =  94


Garage Project Lack of Faith Black IPA 7.5% 330ml
Give yourself to the dark side. Lack Of Faith Black IPA - the colour of space with all the bitterness and powerful hop aroma of its lighter sibling. Only at the end do you notice the power of the dark side as it finishes clean and dry without the heavy roast character of a stout or porter. Do you doubt us? We find your lack of faith disturbing.

Garage Project Madam Mahvash Belgian Ale 9.6% 640ml
Are you prepared for the wonders of ancient Persia? Mahvash awaits with her cup of divination, filled to the brim with the mysteries of the seven heavens. Marvellous Madame Mahvash, a powerful, strong blonde ale, brewed with Persian Pashmak in place of the usual candy sugar, infused with rose water, dried omani limes and tinted candy floss pink with a touch of natural magic. Come, gaze into the cup if you dare. Perisan Fairy Floss Belgian style golden ale with a sweet, spiced rose twist and a touch of citrus.

Garage Project Lupus the Wolf Man Imperial IPA 9% 640ml
Roll up, roll up, ladies and gentlemen. Experience first hand the thrill and terror of the Wolfman. A freak of nature, some say he was conceived in a hop field, others that he was transformed by his own lust for Humulus lupulus. The result is the untamed creature you see before you, powerful, bitter and infused to his very core with the resinous essence of the hop bine. Be warned, this is not a beer for those who suffer from a delicate disposition.

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