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Thank you to all those that where here on Saturday & helped to make it such a success. Planning for next year begins.

Below is a listing of some of the new Brews that where at the Fair & are available instore & online


Aspall Suffolk Cyder 500ml
Granite Belt Treehouse Apple cider 330ml
Batch Brewing Co  The Big Kahuna  4.9%  640ml
Batch Withnail & IPA 6.2% 640ml
Cecillon Cidre Divona 750ml
HopDog BeerWorks  Electrostatic 7.6% 330ml
Hop Nation The Damned Pilsner 4.8% 330ml
Hop Nation The Sturm 5% 500ml
Merchant When Sloths Cry Golden Ale 5.2% 330ml
Merchant Three Toe Pale Ale 5.6% 330ml
Merchant Hasselsloth IPA 7.2% 330ml

Mornington Peninsula Russian Imperial Stout 2016 330ml
Odyssey Beach Ale 330ml
Odyssey Calypso Pale Ale 330ml
Small Acres  Pomona Ice Dessert (Cider) 375ml
Small Acres Pommeau Aged Cider 17% 375ml
Stockade Fallen Angel 330ml
Stockade Red Light Robot 330ml
Stockade 8Bit 330ml
Stockade Hopzilla Hoppy Weizen 6% 330ml

Santorini Yellow Donkey Pale Ale 5% 330ml
Santorini White Donkey  Weissbier - Hefeweizen 4.1% 330ml
Santorini Crazy Donkey IPA 6.5% 330ml
Shenanigans Malt Assault Amber Ale 6.2% 640ml

Stone Dog Apple & Blackberry Cider 330ml
Stone Dog Whiskey Barrel Cider 330ml
Stone Dog Stolen Goods Mead 375ml
Stone Dog Nectar Of The Gods - Mead 375ml
Stone Dog Oranz is the New Vlad - Braggart
Sydney Brewery Lovedale Lager 330ml
Yullis Fat Nerd Vanilla Porter 6% 640ml
Yullis Slick Rick Red Ale 6.4% 640ml

Drink well


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PS - All Craft Beers & Ciders are available on our website to purchase & MEMBERS can get their discount, same as instore.