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Heaps of new brews from our cousins across the ditch.
Hopefully a cracker on Saturday !


Liberty / Hop Federation / Epic / 8 Wired IPA Four the Better
Delivering evey hop worshippers prayer with this IPA, this beer is the culmination of these four noble minds; Liberty Brewing, Hop Federation, Epic and 8 Wired. This is a potent IPA amalgamated from four hop varieties and four special malts to form one god-like creation.


8 Wired / Modern Times Halfway to Whangarei Grissette
Inspired by the coal miner’s beer of choice in 1800s Wallonia. Fermented with our saison strain followed by a secondary fermentation by Modern Times’ house strain of brettanomycyces. New Zealand Hops elevates it from the coal mines and makes it Modern.


8 Wired Wild Feijoa Sour Ale 6.7%  2015
Al brewed with Feijoa fruit and aged in wine barrels. 
It is a special beer, one we take great pride and care in brewing. We start out by brewing a pretty simple pale beer. We then ferment and age it in barrels with various bug for about a year ad then we add the feijoas. The fejioas are simply cut in half (cutting 800 kg of fruit is a great team building experience!), then pushed through the bunghole of the barrel, skin and all. Depending on how the ferment goes, we plan on leaving the fruit in the barrel for about a year, then we draw the beer of the fruit, blend the barrels and bottle it. The beer is unfiltered and bottle conditioned so some sediment will remain.


8 Wired Palate Trip Sour IPA  6.5%
Brewed for GABS 2016. On the face of it this is a pretty standard IPA. But we have soured it and thereby balanced the fruity sweetness with acidity instead of bitterness, which turns it into something completely different. Sour, fruity, juicy and very, very trippy!


8 Wired Tropidelic American Pale Ale 5%
Our interpretation of a New Zealand hopped pale ale can best be described as Tropidelic. With plenty of exotic fruit flavours from the hops it's an island orchard of fresh fruit salad but with the characteristic 8 Wired touch of balance, as you would imagine.

Epic Eric The Red Imperial Red/Amber  6.5% 500ml
In an age when falling off the edge of the flat earth was a real concern, a horned helmet head and bad tripping berserkers, a mug of ale high in the air, heading to wake the gods over biforst the rainbow bridge. Only let the red rage take hold of you in a fit of battle. Looting and pillaging to fund the next raid? It's a cirrcular argument.* - Epic.

(The Oak Barrel in no way endorses looting and/or pillaging)

Epic Hopdozer Imperial Amber Ale 6.8% 500ml|
Previously on an Epic label, we visited “a shed load of hops”. In this episode the team from Epic visit sunny Nelson, roam amongst the aromatic hop bines, picking and rubbing fat juicy hops. On entering the “hop shed”, they spy the most wonderful vehicle ever seen – #hopbulldozer. All hail the HOPDOZER.

Drink well


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