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Cantillon Iris - Lambic Style - Unblended 6% 
The Cantillon brewery is closely linked to Brussels, a city which has the iris as its symbol. As the name indicates, the "marsh iris" is a plant growing in humid areas. The historical center of Brussels is built on swamps where this flower used to grow abundantly.
In 1998, the Brussels Museum of the Gueuze celebrated its 20th anniversary. The Cantillon brewery decided to make a new spontaneous fermentation beer for this occasion, named after this symbolic flower.
It is a completely original beer which, contrary to the other products of the Brewery, is not brewed with 35% of wheat. The Iris, which is only made with malt of the pale ale type (giving a more amber colour to the beer) conserves the typical flavour of the spontaneous fermentation, the complex aromas and the vinous taste.
The hopping is different too. Lambic is made with 100% dried hops, for the Iris we use 50% of dried hops and 50% of fresh hops. The latter cause a superb acidity, the former, due to their tannins, enable to conserve the beer while preserving all its qualities.
After two years in the barrel, the Iris undergoes a second fresh hopping two weeks before the bottling. A linen bag, filled with hops, is soaked in the beer for two weeks. This technique, called "cold hopping", gives the beer a more intense savour and makes the smell and the taste more bitter.  rb  =  99

Cantillon Cuvée Saint-Gilloise - Lambic Style - Unblended 5%  
The name of the beer refers to the local football club ‘Union Saint-Gilloise’, one of Belgium’s oldest football teams, whose stadium is only 2 km away from the brewery. When it was first launched in 2004, the beer was called ‘Cuvee de Champions’ (Cuvee of the Champions), to celebrate the team’s promotion to Belgium’s second division. However, since then the team’s results have gone downwards, and the beers name has been changed to a more general ‘Cuvee Saint-Gilloise

Cantillon Cuvée Saint-Gilloise is not a traditional ‘gueuze,’ in that it is made from un-blended two year-old lambic (spontaneously fermented), not from a blend of older and younger lambics.
This   two year old lambic  is dry-hopped and bottled with a small amount of sugar-liquor to begin refermentation in the bottle. The dry-hopping happens in a stainless steal tank prior to bottling. 

Saint Gilloise is widely believed to be dry-hopped with Hallertau hops however Jean Van Roy confirmed that the hop varieties change based on availability and as they have sourced hops from different providers.  rb  =  100



Cantillon Gueuze 100% Lambic Bio - Lambic Style Gueuze 5%
The Gueuze is the result of a well-considered blending of Lambics of different ages and with different tastes.

The Lambic beers from the Cantillon brewery, which are conserved in oakwood barrels, are called "young" after one year, but they will reach their full maturity after three years. The young beers contain the sugars which are necessary for the second fermentation in the bottle. The three years old beers will contribute their taste and their flavour.

The main task for the brewer, however, is tasting. He will taste about ten Lambics from different barrels in order to select five or six which will be used for the Gueuze 100% Lambic presenting the typical characteristics of the beers from the Cantillon brewery.
Every blending will produce a different Gueuze. Since we work according to a natural process, it is impossible to make a standard beer.   rb  =  99

Cantillon Rosé De Gambrinus - Lambic Style Fruit 5%
"It has the colour of onion skin", said a voice behind me. It was Raymond Coumans. He was admiring the colour of the raspberry lambic reflecting in the red copper of the buckets used to empty the barrels. At that time (1986), "Raspberry-Lambic" already was synonymous with a sweet, artificially flavoured beer. This is why we decided to distinguish our beer from the other raspberry beers. Raymond proposed to call it a rosé, dedicated not to Bacchus but to Gambrinus.

The process to make this beer is identical to the one to make Kriek. When young, the Rosé de Gambrinus will still present its full fruity taste. Later on, the lambic taste will become dominant at the expense of the fruit taste.  rb  =  98

Cantillon Grand Cru Bruocsella - Lambic Style Unblended 5% 2012
The beer is unique in the world. Its fermentation is spontaneous, without the addition of yeast, and is the result of the action of micro-organisms.

After maturing for three years in oakwood barrels, it looks more like wine and its fine taste and flavours nearly make one forget that the Grand Cru Bruocsella Cantillon is a beer. This old lambic is bottled without any addition.  rb  = 96

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