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 Time for some new ones , some experimental ones and some old favourites.

         NEW ON THE SHELF :

BrewDog Albino Squid Assassin Red Rye IPA 7.4% 
This tentacled terminator packs a punch - ten punches to be precise. Each hop addition adds to the intense layers of depth in this red rye IPA. Toasty caramel & cinder toffee from crystal malts, cacao richness from intensely roasted malt and the spiciness of rye. Zesty pithiness from citra and the robust resin of chinook. This small batch exclusive brew is up-front intensity matched with twisted complexity. RB = 97

The can features awesome custom art from Joe Wilson.


BrewDog Black Eyed King Imp Vietnamese Coffee Edition Imperial Stout 12.7% 330ml 
Black Eyed King Imp returns in this Vietnamese coffee edition of an epic barrel-aged imperial stout.

Oh. And this is the world’s strongest ever canned ale.

At 12.7% ABV, Black Eyed King Imp is a super intense and twistedly complex brew, with intense notes of sweet vanilla, rich espresso, smooth molasses and bitter chocolate barely contained by the metal wrapped around it. We’ve ransacked the barrel store to blend some of our favourite aromas and flavour infusions into this massive monster of a beery beast!    RB = 100 


BrewDog Prototype Milk Stout 4.8% 330ml
You may well have been lucky enough to sample this one already, as we have been trialling a new milk and oatmeal stout on Nitro in some of our bars. Added to the Prototype Series, we want to check whether we are on the right track, and this particular beer has the pedigree to make it into a more regular position within our lineup. The oatmeal yields an extra smoothness to the mouthfeel, with a subtle roastiness from the malt blending into chocolate, dark stone fruit and a touch of smoke on the far aftertaste. It’s the perfect beer for this time of year; but will it be the perfect beer for you?

BrewDog Prototype Black IPA 5.3% 300ml
Can something be black and pale at the same time? Well, yes. When the style typically results in pale malt (IPA) and it is subsequently switched up with dark malt that’s what you get. It may not be semantically correct, but in stylistic terms Black IPA’s are here to stay. And when you layer a massive amount of one of our favourite hops – Simcoe – on top, maybe the third entrant in the Prototype Challenge will also stay. But time will tell on that front. In the meantime, lose yourself in a balance of resinous pine, mango, apricot and a light roasty espresso bitterness.

BrewDog Prototype Hopped-Up Brown Ale 6.3% 330ml
Finally, a style we haven’t made that many of – a hop-forward brown ale. #MashTag 2013 was one that springs to mind, so with few others we decided it was high time to include one in our annual stylistic showdown. Brown ales are perfect foils for resinous C-Hops, as the piney elements of the latter contrast brilliantly with the sweeter, nutty elements of the malt bill. The best of both worlds, our hopped-up brown could be the beer you’ve been waiting for…  RB  = 88

BrewDog Arcade Nation Black IPA 5.2% 330ml
This 5.2% black IPA burns the line between an American IPA and a stout, with malt and hops firing on all cylinders, in psychotic synchronicity. Roasty, chocolate and coffee notes duke it out with citrus, mango and pine. Pithy bitterness plays off roasty dryness. Light bodied, but with the intensity of a beer twice its size.
Hopped with Simcoe, Amarillo and Citra, Arcade Nation showcases the incredible complexity of three of our all-time favourite hops. The twisting flavours change so fast, you’ll need the reactions of a hardened retro gamer to keep up with them. 
RB  =  92

Also Back In Town :

BrewDog Jack Hammer IPA 7.2% 330ml
BrewDog 'Hardcore' IPA 9.2%  330ml
BrewDog Dead Pony Club Pale Ale 3.8% 330ml  Can

 Drink well


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