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Boatrocker are becoming infamous for their  barrel aging , use of funky yeasts and of course the Ramjet.


Boatrocker Dark Saison 7.3% 330ml
A spiced winter farmhouse ale. Dark and malty with a very pleasant, but slight spice profile.

"Theyre getting quite the collection of saison style beers under their belt at Boatrocker, from the now core range Saison Bateau to some sour varieties and now this end of Winter / start of Spring bridging release. Its something of a rarity for the Braeside experimentalists these days too: no barrel was harmed in the making of the Dark Saison.

Instead, what we have here is a delicate saison yeast going to work with dark malts, topped off with the addition of some mystery spices. And its the spices that are the key character. Sure, the dark malts add cacao and mocha to the mix and there is some yeast derived spiciness and dark, cherry like fruits poking through too. But the perfumey, floral and Christmas cake like spices lead the way from start to finish in what is a surprisingly light-bodied beer for its size. As for what the spices are: trade secret, apparently." Crafty Pint

Boatrocker Yvonne Saison 6.5% 2016 500ml
Brewed using classic Belgian Saison yeast, then aged in French Oak Barriques with Brettanomyces Bruxellensis cultures.

"What that means is a beer with aromas of lemon citrus and soft, bready, honey malts and flavours of subtle and changing complexity: bitter orange flavours give way to a Riesling like dry, minerally, vinous, lemon-lime acidity – an acidity that is more pronounced than in the fuller Gaston – with a peppery spiciness arriving late on. Taken together with her brother (the Gaston beer), Yvonne makes for a lovely pair." Crafty Pint

Boatrocker Coffee Ramjet Imperial Stout 10.6% 2016
Starward Whisky barrel aged Russian Imperial Stout with the addition of whole bean coffee. Approximately one espresso shot per standard drink.

"As with straight Ramjet, the beer spent time in Starward whisky barrels before the coffee was added - whole beans were infused into the beer directly – the equivalent of an espresso shot per 330ml bottle. That might sound a lot but, if youve been following Boatrocker for the past few years, youll be well aware that founder Matt Houghton and his brewers tend to deal in subtleties, so while the coffee adds a roasty espresso lift to the aroma rising from its pillowy, crema-coloured head it doesnt dominate.

Indeed, throughout the coffee acts as a decorative twirl – alongside the impact of the Starward barrels – atop the dense, chocolatey lusciousness thats helped Ramjet gain the reputation is has in recent years, making it a welcome companion piece for fans of the original rather than a radical departure." Craft Pint

Boatrocker Saison du Bateau 6.4% 330ml 
Traditional Belgian style Farmhouse Ale. Light, refreshing, effervescent and fruity with a hint of spice and a dry funky finish.

"Given their growing popularity with Australian brewers and drinkers – and Boatrockers love of all things Belgian – it is perhaps a little surprising that, two and a half years after installing his brewery in Braeside, Matt Houghton and his team still had not released a saison. There had been some teasers along the way – we seem to recall a brettanomyces saison making an appearance at a Good Beer Week event – but nothing on any grand scale. So now they are rectifying things with two takes on the style released at pretty much the same time.

One is this Saison du Bateau, a pretty straightforward take on the French / Belgian farmhouse style that is on fairly wide release, the other being the Gaston. Du Bateau is a pale golden, slightly hazy affair that offers up an array of pilsner malt sweetness, some citrus aromas and plenty of spicy characters from the yeast – both of the peppery and clove varieties – before finishing with a prickly dryness. Or, as the brewery puts it: A line and length saison." - Craft Pint

Boatrocker L.A.B Sour Red/Brown Ale 7.2% 500ml
A blended Red Ale showcasing different acid and Brettanomyces characters; Lactic Acid, Acetic Acid, Brett. Lambics and Brett. Bruxellensis.

"Even before he started brewing in Braeside, Matt Houghton had started amassing barrels. The intention was to develop the largest and most diverse barrel-ageing program in Australia, predominantly to create Belgian inspired ales. Thus, while the Starward barrel-aged Ramjet imperial stout has garnered most attention from beer lovers, it is the barrels containing all manner of strains of bacteria and Brettanomyces that are his real passion as he looks to create lambic style ales, funky saisons, Oud Bruins and Flanders style red ales.

Boatrocker Mitte Berliner Weisse 3.5% 500ml
Traditionally brewed Berliner Weisse style sour beer aged in Chardonnay barrels. Big, complex ester profile with delicate notes of Brettanomyces and Chardonnay.

"One of the first and now most frequently appearing of the beers from the Boatrocker barrel beer program is this take on the Berliner Weisse style. The beer begins with a sour mash whereby the grains are left in the mash tun over a day or more to allow natural lactic acids to develop before the brewing process recommences. When its then been through the kettle, the wort is put into former Chardonnay barrels where it is inoculated with more bugs so that more sour characteristics can develop.

Once finished, Boatrockers take on the rare German style pours a cloudy, pale straw colour and has the gentlest of carbonation. The aromas and flavours hint at the original occupant of the barrel, while the lactic sourness is present but not overbearing. The result is a light and refreshing drink with a touch of acidic lemon about it and a soft mouthfeel." Craft Pint

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